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Traditional news was recognised by Tribes as 'proper news' which has a reputation for providing trusted providing factual news such as BBC News, The Times and The Guardian and 'celebrity gossip news' such as The Mirror and The Daily Mail that brands themselves as sources of celebrity gossip type news. "The Daily Mail - I like to know the

Weekly news clip Class 5 - June 26 Gossip Gossip is no longer relegated to the back pages of newspapers, now its an industry devoted to covering every whisper about some of the worlds biggest stars. Well discuss the world of gossip, the tricky ethical issues a gossip columnist faces, how gossip items can snowball into

the characteristics of gossip. Gluckman wrote an exploratory paper on 'Gossip and scandal' (Gluckman 1963) in which he describes the social function of gossip. He quotes Elisabeth Colson, who states that among the Makah Indians gossip and slander reassure norms and values which cannot be expressed in any other way (Colson 1953: 228).

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translated into gossip about the star's private life when discussed by users on a celebrity site. Keywords: celebrification, celebrity . Hence, whether represented as humanitarians in the news media or debated on a celebrity site, celebrities are formed and transformed through "processes of celebrifica-tion" (Gamson 1994, Couldry 2004 .

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celebrity endorsers are more attractive and credible compared to non-celebrity endorsers. Moreover, according to Lee and Thorson (2008), when there is a moderate mismatch between celebrity endorser and the endorsed product, the celebrity endorsement is appraised more favorably in regards to purchase intention.

2.2.1 Effect of Celebrity Brand Ambassador on Purchase Intention The use of celebrity as brand ambassador aims at expanding the coverage of target market as well as increasing the popularity of the product through the celebrity's image known by the public. In other words, the image of the celebrity brand ambassador affects the

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provides some theoretical background on gossip in general and celebrity gossip in par-ticular. Chapter 3 sums up the analysis of BlindGossip.com that I conducted. In Chapter 4, I dig deeper into the question of privacy and publicity in a celebritys life with re-gard to the findings from blind gossip. Chapter 5 gives a short conclusion.

Celebrity: T he 'familiar stranger' (Gitlin): a celebrity is simultaneously a text and an industry. Celebrity culture: A culture based around the individual and individual identity; for example, news that consists mainly of gossip, scandal or snippets from celebrities' PR handouts, or where social issues are constantly reframed as personal .