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celebrity gossip to gallery openings or checking out video content on bbc.com, Entertainment and Art . gossip and in-depth analysis. Football news coverage has a massive following and accounts for nearly 20% of all traffic to bbc.com. This male dominated group is passionate, influential, and will pay more for luxury.

Celebrity Cruises (Celebrity), operator of the marine vessels Celebrity Century and Celebrity Millennium. Details: The Respondent entered into a COBC settlement Agreement February 2017 based on eight (8) counts of noncompliance by exceeding the visible emission standards while operating in Alaskan waters spanning the 2010, 2013, and 2014 seasons.

Celebrity Cruises Overview 24 Celebrity Eclipse 26 Celebrity Millennium 28 Celebrity Infinity30 Disney Cruise Line Overview 32 . and pre-book plenty of action-packed shore excursions. Myth No.3 The cabins will be cramped Busted

celebrity because he, or history, kept adding new chapters to it. Of course you don't need a great story to be a celebrity any more than a movie needs a great script to be a film. Occasionally even the sugges-tion of a narrative is enough to create celebrity if the suggestion hints at such durable narrative crowd-pleasers as sex or violence.

with celebrity gossip . It provides the definitive . News "This extraordinarily revealing diary paints a more. . "Gossip lovers will revel in the roster of names parading through Warhol's life—Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson and Mick Jagger only head the list—while

From Tabloids to Twitter: The Galvanisation of Gossip The Journal of Publishing Culture The Journal of Publishing Culture Vol. 7, April 2017 1 From Tabloids to Twitter: The Galvanisation of Gossip Emily Noxon Abstract Tabloid journalism has been met with misunderstanding and disdain with regard to false reporting and sensational story lines.

platform . Daily news editors are divided between units focused on soft news—entertainment, science, celebrity gossip, sport—and those on hard news—crime, politics, the economy . They must produce news articles at a fast pace, often several each per day . Twitter provides them an efficient means of monitoring other journalists

ing that news departments produce double-digit profits. As a result, government and foreign news coverage was slashed and often replaced by cheaper-to-produce celeb-rity gossip, media critics say. The squeeze on news departments became even more intense when online news outlets began to produce even . more competition for viewers' attention. 1

high interest in hard news topics like international news and politics. Less than a quarter favoured categories like 'weird news', lifestyle, or entertainment/celebrity - the kind of news that often tops lists of 'Most Read' or 'Most Shared' stories. Figure 1 Interest in news content categories News content category % Region, town 63

His celebrity status, first as a fixture of tabloid gossip columns in the 1980s and 1990s, and later as the star of the reality TV series 'The Apprentice' (and 'The Celebrity Apprentice') helped boost him to an initial polling lead, even as news sites like the Huffington Post chose to cover him as part of the 'entertainment' beat.

pleasure I received from popular culture news and celebrity gossip, it also exposed me to discussions of feminism and thus helped to shape my newfound feminist values. From Jezebel, I found my way across a multitude of online feminist resources as well as other feminist media websites. I also quickly found myself more engaged

18 3. Cross-platform news consumption 23 4. News consumption via television 29 5. News consumption via radio 32 6. News consumption via newspapers 39 7. News consumption via social media 52 8. News consumption via websites or apps 61 9. News consumption via magazines 64 10. Multi-sourcing 68 11. Importance of sources and attitudes towards news .