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themselves in society. Kim Brooks Mata is a dance artist, educator, and collaborator serving as the Head and Artistic Director of the Dance Program at UVA and as guest faculty in the Integrated Movement Studies Certification program. She studied dance at The Rotterdam Dance Academy (now Codarts) in

Costume - 11 & Under Solo 1 Costume - 12 & Over Solo 1. 2. Place. Routine Name Studio. Teach Me Studio Bleu Dance Center. Kissing You Studio Bleu Dance Center. Ghost Studio Bleu Dance Center. Big Love Studio Bleu Dance Center. Ready Studio Bleu Dance Center. Move On Studio Bleu Dance Center. I'll Ne

WEDNESDAY Country Western Line Dance & Party 7:00 – 9:00 pm 9 THURSDAY Ballroom Class/Dance 7:15 – 10:00 pm 15 FRIDAY Singles Dance 7:00 – 10:00 15 SATURDAY Ballroom Dance 7:00 – 10:00 15 4TH SATURDAY All Latin Dinner Dance 7:30 Dinner, 8 Dance 20* *Tuesday

DANCE 106 — BALLET II 1 credit. Emphasizes the study and practice of the fundamental principles of Ballet technique and exploration of the body as a creative and expressive instrument. Movement based experiential learning. Enroll Info: None Requisites: DANCE 105 Repeatable for Credit: No Last Taught: Spring 2020 DANCE 107 — CONTEMPORARY DANCE I

In this unit learners will develop dance skills working in a jazz style with the emphasis on practical work and performance. Unit introduction Jazz dance is the title given to dance used in shows, cabaret, dance routines and popular music videos. Like jazz music, jazz dance was born in bars and nightclubs with its main purpose being to entertain.

DETAILS: Elegantly dance your face off! This is a social dance event. From 7 to 9, we'll go for waltz and other dance lessons. From 9pm until the night ends, there's a social dance, featuring swing, ballroom, tango, salsa, and more dances. Price is 12 dollars for the lesson plus social dance, and 8 if you're only going for the social dance at .

3 58 RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES Creative Force Dance Center 2 32 PINK PANTHER Showcase Dance Studio Inc 1 36 SHOWSTOPPER Showcase Dance Studio Inc Teen Solos Novice Place Entry # Routine Name Studio 2 98 FANCY St. Mary's Dance Academy, Inc. 1 141 POWER St. Mary's Dance Aca

"Dr. Funky" Prestige Dance Company "Dump Him" Prestige Dance Company . "Neverland" Just Dance Studio "Uptown Girl" Turning Pointe Dance Academy Large Group Encore! Petite "Minions" Broadway Dance Company . "The Walking Dust" Mill

2 FUNKY FARM 366 Showbiz Kidz Dance Center 1 I'M A LADY 325 Showbiz Kidz Dance Center Novice / Line Place Routine Name Entry # Studio 4 MR. POSTMAN 372 Broadway Bound Dance Center 3 A MOTHER'S PRAYER 137 Broadway Bound Dance Center 2 SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING 100 Broadway Bound Dance Center 2 VAN

Funky Monkey Dance Conservatory of Southern Minnesota 5 Ruby 1 Polka Dot Bikini Summit Dance Shoppe . 6 New Ms Rhythm Northern Force Dance Company Line . 1 I Just Wanna Be Happy Summit Dance Shoppe 2 Uptown Funk Summit Dance Shop

Red Door Dance Academy DEBUT MINI DUET/TRIO 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Candy Girls It’s Too Darn Hot Ooh La La Mambo Magic Glitchy Glitchy Goo Dance Integrity Dance Integrity Dance Prodigy Studios Pure Movement Dance and Fitness Fantasia Dance Company ! ! !!! PREMIER

XD2 Dance Studio XD2 Dance Studio XD2 Dance Studio Red Door Dance Academy DEBUT MINI SOLO 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Salute- Willa Rock Crazy In Love- Rae’dence Grant Mama I’m A Big Girl Now- Tinleigh Puckett Wild Side- Fiona Kapllaj Note- Deya Williams Pure Movement Dance and Fitness DreamCatcher’s Dance Co. Red Door