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5. Allow your dog to wear the collar for several minutes, then recheck the fit. Check the fit again as your dog becomes more comfortable with the Bark Control Collar. 6. Trim the collar as follows: (D) a. Mark the desired length of the collar with a pen. Allow for growth if your dog is young or

dog is young or grows a thick winter coat. b. Remove the Bark Control Collar from your dog and cut off the excess. c. Before placing the Bark Control Collar back onto your dog, seal the edge of the cut collar by applying a flame along the frayed edge. The Bark Control Collar should not be

a dog wears the bark collar. If this does occur, remain consistent and do not alter your use of the bark collar. You must place the bark collar on your dog in every situation when you expect him to be quiet. If your dog is not wearing the bark collar, he may resume

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Mil 810E Shock Summary Report Mil 810E Shock Summary Report NV175 Mil 810E Shock Report Page 1 of 6 Date Issued: 17/11/05 A.Irwin Lambda UK Confidential Procedure I – Functional Shock i Objective Designed to represent a shock condition typical of that in operational use. The following conditions are taken

to dog training WELCOME Congratulations on taking a lifelong adventure with your dog! Whether you’re new to having a dog, about to get a dog, or want to refresh your memory, this eBook is a quick guide to having a safe and caring home with your

25. Game you play with a dog 26. Cat’s nails 28. Common cat sound 30. Goes around a pet’s neck 31. “Make biscuits” to a cat, for example 33. Another word for a dog’s bark 34. To have a dog run after you 36. To bathe a pet, for example 37. Activity a dog spends most of day doing 39. Knick-knack paddywhack give a dog a _ 40.

Get Ready - 12 Bring Your Dog Home - 15 Keep Your Dog Healthy - 18 Keep Your Dog Safe - 24 Be a Friend - 28 Train Your Dog - 33 Breed Responsibly - 36 Get Involved - 38 Be a Canine Ambassador - 40 Who We Are and What We Do - 44. INTRODUCTION Among companion animals, dog

M Show Information M ENTRY FEES Members First Class 17.00 per dog Each subsequent entry with the same dog 2.50 Non-Members First Class 19.00 per dog Each subsequent entry with the same dog 3.00 Veteran Class 5.00 per dog Puppy Stakes 3.50 per dog Not for Competition 2.50

MANITOU SWINGER REAR SHOCK This Manitou Swinger SPV (Stable Platform Valve) shock is fully assembled and ready to be installed onto your bicycle. Special mounting hardware and a specific shock length is needed for each bicycle. Before riding, take the time to read this manual on set-up, use and service of your shock. SWINGER COIL SPV 6-WAY ADJUST

utilizing high power pulsed lasers to generate shock waves in solid targets, the laser shock technique has led to many investigations, including laser peen-forming (LPF) and laser shock peening (LSP), shown as in Fig. 1. Laser-generated shock waves result from the expansion of a high pressure plasma caused by a pulsed laser.

Before you can use the Pro 550 Plus system, you must set up the devices. 1. Charge the handheld device (Charging the Handheld Device, page 1). 2. Charge the dog collar device (Charging the Dog Collar Device, page 2 ). 3. Turn on the devices (Turning On the Device, page 2). 4. Select a lan