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The Portal Admin is the primary user for each Client Axcess portal. The Portal Admin may perform all portal-related functions, create other Portal Users and control access for other Portal Users. The Portal Admin user will be the only user that exists initially when a portal is created.

In the three volumes of the IBM WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook, we cover WebSphere Portal Enable and Extend. The IBM WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook will help you to understand the WebSphere Portal architecture, how to install and configure WebSphere Portal, how to administer portal pages using WebSphere Portal; it will also discuss the

mint payments - virtual terminal & merchant portal user guide 1.0 2 contents chapter 1: merchant portal - logging in 3 chapter 2: merchant portal - home page 6 chapter 3: merchant portal - setting up your company 7 chapter 4: merchant portal - user registration 10 chapter 5: merchant portal - mpos device setup 14 chapter 6: merchant portal - transaction, exporting data, refunds 15

Sep 07, 2020 · Table of Contents Portals 4 Workspaces Portal 7 Perspectives Portal 9 Windows Portal 10 Extend Portal 13 Execute Portal 14 Guidebook Portal 17 Learning Portal 18. User Guide - Portals 7 September, 2020 Portals The Portals provide a high level, logical grouping of Enterprise Architec

This guide outlines the necessary steps to set up and use Customer Portal. The guide is divided into the following major sections: Customer Portal Preparation Make sure your organization is ready for a Customer Portal. Customer Portal Setup Configure Salesforce to allow your customers to use the Customer Portal. Setting Up Customer Portal Users

PeopleSoft Portal Solutions product family. PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal feature overview. PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal and PeopleTools. PeopleSoft Portal Solutions Product Family This section discusses the products that are part of the PeopleSoft Portal Solutions product family: PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal.

A guide to IBM WebSphere Portal, Version 5.1 Page 2 A guide to IBM WebSphere Portal, Version 5.1 Page 3 This white paper is intended to help IBM clients, independent software vendors (ISVs) and application architects plan their use of WebSphere Portal. It explains a range of WebSphere Portal features, including portal application and

properly manage staff access to individual's records inside and outside of the portal, just as they did prior to portal implementation. Security authorities are responsible for managing their staff access to the portal. B. Portal Overview The IDD Operations Portal is an online submission system that replaces paper

The portal administrator’s toolkit includes administrative portlets, the XML configuration interface, ReleaseBuilder, and the Portal Scripting Interface. IBM’s administrative portlets provided for IBM WebSphere Portal are a collection of graphical user interface (GUI) tools available for a wide variety of portal administration tasks.

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Preparing to implement a portal c. Implemented a portal but still learning d. Already skilled at using a portal . PATIENT PORTAL REQUIREMENTS OF MEANINGFUL USE . Brux McClellan, Project Coordinator, HealthInsight. Po

1 offsets between both must be kept minimal. Consequently, after a careful investigation, a pitch 2 of 9-degrees has been adopted for all portal frame designs, while the portal truss espoused a 3 top chord inclination of 3-degrees. Additionally, due to the haunch design, the clear internal 4 height for the portal frames as depicted in Figure 2