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Espresso coffee brewing is defined by the four 'M's: the Macinatura is the correct grinding of a coffee blend, Miscela is the coffee blend, Macchina is the espresso machine, and Mano is the skilled hand of the barista. Once each factor of the four M's is precisely controlled, you will

espresso buttons lights flash white (6). The machine is pre-heating. When the temperature reaches pre-set value, espresso buttons white light will keep on. 4. Add the ground coffee to the 1 cup or 2 cups filter (F1, F2) using the measuring spoon (K, 1 spoon 1 measure 1 espresso) (15, 16), then pack it using the tamper (17),

QUALITY ESPRESSO S.A.U. Motores, 1-9, 08040 Barcelona, Spain Tel. : 93 223 12 00 - Tel. Export: 34 933 946 305 - Quality Espresso offers products approved by independent laboratories and backed by 60 years of experience. The activities and systems of Quality Espresso comply with standard ISO 9001:15

You can choose between Espresso and Caffe crema. "Preparing drinks with milk" on page 13 The appliance is switched on. The water tank and bean container have been filled. 1. Place a cup under the outlet system. 2. Touch % repeatedly to select the required coffee strength. 3. Touch the espresso or caffe crema button. espresso or :

best possible espresso experience with this new machine. Since each version of firmware can have significant impacts on the User Interface, this document solely covers the operation of the Dream Espresso Machine with firmware version 1.23 installed. Any current Dream user whose machine is on an earlier version is strongly

scale detects the espresso ow, the timer starts. The timer will stop when the espresso ow stops. 8 This mode is designed to measure the time of the shot starting from the m rst few drops of espresso. The scale will perform the auto-tare function. Place a stable weight on the scale. When the scale detects the espresso n ow, the timer will start .

Espresso algorithm Espresso phases Tautology checking Logic minimization methods For difficult and large functions, solve by heuristic search Multi-level logic minimization is also best solved by search The general search problem can be introduced via two-level minimization Examine simplified version of the algorithms in Espresso

-When the espresso preheating indicator light (D2.1) switches on, turn the thumb wheel (D.3) to the left, to espresso preparation (D.3.2) (12-13) - The espresso function indicator lights up. The flow will start after approximately ten seconds. - Let approximately 300 ml of water trickle out (change the receptacle if necessary) (14),

Espresso Cappuccino Latte Iced espresso, cappuccino, or latte Mocha Brew one or two cups at a time following directions. Optional: Add sugar to taste. Mix 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 frothed milk. Top with ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, powdered chocolate, or vanilla to taste. Mix 1/2 espresso with 1/2 steamed milk.

6 Place the espresso maker on the heat source. The espresso maker is suitable for use on ceramic stove tops and electric hobs. The 10617 model is also suit-able for use on induction stoves. WARNING: Not for gas stove use. 7 Take the espresso maker from the stove as soon as the brewing procedure is completed and all

When your H3 espresso is paired with an FVP recorder over the same net-work you can watch live TV without an aerial (no need to switch inputs). Not only that all your recorded programmes can also be viewed via H3 espresso! How to Watch Live TV on H3 espresso From the HOME screen select LiveTV and press the OK button.

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