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Espresso and Decaffeinated. BLENDS: Caffè Vergnano blends satisfy every taste: from the light and pleasant taste of 100% Arabica to the blends with a high percentage of Robusta, with a rich and full bodied aroma. ESPRESSO CASA: Espresso Casa, for consumers who appreciate a slightly stronger coffee. With its chocolaty and

Antique Popcorn Machine . Gourmet Espresso/Cappuccino Machine –Gourmet Espresso/Cappuccino Machine ––– one day rentalone day rentalone day rental Additional day Additional barista labor - per hour Offer your guests a hot freshly-made espresso, cappuccino, l

espresso machine. The Café Latte espresso machine is designed with quality die-cast metal components and includes many features that make producing delicious coffee at home even easier. We hope you enjoy your new espresso machine and should you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Sunbeam Coffee Hotline on free call

Features of your Sunbeam Mini Barista 2 - 4 Before First Use of the Mini Barista Espresso Machine 5 Coffee Making Guide for the Mini Barista Espresso Machine 6 - 9 Tips for Making the Perfect Cup be high when the appliance is operating. Even 10 - 11 Tips for Milk Texturing 12 - 13 Coffee Styles to Try 14 - 15 Shot Volume Programming 16 - 17

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and take the espresso maker out directly from the top. 4. After the espresso maker has been removed, place the box and the side pulp-molded inserts out of the way. 5. Remove all packing materials, tape, etc. We suggest you save all packing materials in the event that future shipping of the machine is needed. Keep all plastic bags away from .

Manual Espresso Machine / User Manual 11 / EN 3 Tips for Brewing To extract the fullest flavor from your coffee beans, we recommend using whole coffee beans that have been freshly ground each time espresso is prepared. In addition to the coffee used, using fresh cold water that is free of chlorine, odors and other

Your Espresso Coffee Machine uses ground coffee or Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods and comes with three suitable Filters. The smaller cup Filter (19) is for single-shot use and the larger two-cup Filter (20) is for double shot use. Use the E.S.E. Pod Filter (18) when using E.S.E. pods - a compact coffee pod with a paper filter covering.

Table 2. Breville Espresso Machine Market Share in units Year 2013 Year 2014 Growth BRG Manual Espresso Share 39.4% 42.3% 7.2% Source. GfK December 2014 AU and Breville Data 1.2 Product The Oracle (Figure 4) is the world‟s first automatic manual espresso machine that brings true café quality coffee without a barista.

espresso coffee machine - instructions for technician R English 9 2. PREPARATION OF THE MACHINE 2.1 UNPACKING Open the packaging, taking care not to damage it. Remove the machine protections and the equipment contained in the package. Take the machine out. If there is an external motor pump, the motor and the pump are provided in separate .

An espresso machine is used to extract co ffee powder under high pressure. The machine works instantly as the coffee powder will be extracted through hot sprayed water. Small coffee shops who just started their business use simple machines with small capacities. In this research, the machine used is a small machine with a 1.7-liter water capacity.