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Keywords: Exchange Rate Regimes Estimation, Exchange Rate Regimes Classification, Exchange Rate Regimes, Exchange Rate Policies, and Exchange Market Pressure. 1. Introduction In order to make a sound recommendation for a country exchange rate policy, it is valuable to evaluate how well its exchange rate policies have operated in the past.

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Exchange Rate Systems (continued) In a fixed-exchange-rate system exchange rates are set at officially determined levels. The official rates are maintained by the commitment of nations' central banks to buy and sell their own currencies at the fixed exchange rate. Real Exchange Rate The real exchange rate is the number of

changes on the exchange rate. However, changes on exchange rate cause changes in the local interest rate while changes on the foreign interest rates do not cause changes in the local interest rate. In addition, changes on both the exchange rate and foreign interest rate jointly do cause changes on the local interest rate. Finally changes on

exchange rate fluctuations and their volatility.2 Egert et al. analyzed the direct and indirect impact of exchange rate volatility via changes in exchange rate regimes on the export performance.3 Lourenco analyzed the global picture of exchange rate regimes of 33 advanced and emerging economics.4 Hussain et al. investigated

showed that the determinants factors of foreign exchange rate through foreign exchange reserve, export and import is capable of influencing which has an direct relationship and statistically significant to the foreign exchange rate. However, result shown insignificant relationship between lending interest rate and foreign exchange rate.

EXCHANGE RATE AND FOREIGN TRADE IN CHINA 107 When China abolished the dual exchange rate system in 1994 (Table 2), the initial value of yuan was 8.70 yuan to the dollar. Between 1994 and 1996 China implemented a managed floating exchange rate regime. During this period the nominal exchange rate appreciated by 4.8%. From 1997 to July 2005 China's

Finally, the purchasing power parity approach calculates the equilibrium real exchange rate based on the law of one price. Like the equilibrium real exchange rate approach, the sign and the magnitude of the gap between the equilibrium and the underlying level of exchange rate shows the sign and the size of exchange rate under- or overvaluation.

fixed to floating exchange rate system in 1983 caused a spike in exchange rate volatility in SA and this had marked effects on economic growth, capital movements and international trade. Fixed and floating exchange rate systems are identified by literature as the types of exchange rate as highlighted in Mohr et al. (2008).

of foreign exchange revers will lead to much appreciation of local currency exchange rate. For example, Pan (2006) found foreign exchange reserves have significant influence on exchange rate, and Hoshikawa (2012 ) declare d a long -term relationship existing between foreign reserves and exchange rate .

monitor and report on those outcomes. Relevant Exchange products include performance contracts, land tenure agreements, and financial . CENTRAL VALLEY HABITAT EXCHANGE USER'S MANUAL 1. THE EXCHANGE: AN INTRODUCTION The Central Valley Habitat Exchange The Central Valley Habitat Exchange (Exchange) is a program that facilitates effective and .

impact of RMB exchange rate fluctuation on the mechanical and electrical industry of China's major export commodities II. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OF THE STUDY "As of March 7, 2018, the middle exchange rate of the RMB exchange rate in the inter-bank foreign exchange market was US 1 to RMB6.3294." .