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Fashion Industry 101: How to start a fashion line in today’s market. . fashion trends Planning of line concept Development of collection (Flats) Order sample fabrics . Collection of pre-payments Distribution Collection of term accounts.

Figure-2 Show the Inspiration For Fashion From Traditional Architecture (Reference: 3. The concept of design in fashion and architecture Nowadays the relationship between architecture and fashion design is not something out of the mind and imaginary. In the past century, the bond between these two industries has gotten

Fashion Illustrations The key to great illustrations for fashion design lies in a good knowledge of the hu-man physique and the mastery of various drawing techniques. The observation and study of the human body is vital to every fashion designer , the delicate curves and structures are the origin of all apparel and the perfect setting and

what is known as Fashion Month, which occurs twice per year, when every participating brand unveils its latest collections in a runway fashion show as part of either New York, Paris, London, or Milan Fashion Week. Each designer is responsible for producing two shows per year, a Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear collection and a

Fashion Marketing Basics Key Terms: Marketing Marketing Concept Target Marketing Market Segmentation Demographics Psychographics Geographics Behavioristics Fashion Merchandising. . Retail segment- includes stores and outlets that sell directly to customers Fashion & Distribution. All business conduct marketing

LUXURY BUSINESS MODELS . A multitude of business models are now embraced by the fashion industry: the luxury business model, the fashion business model, and the premium or super premium business model. Fashion houses that dominate worldwide, such as Lois Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and Ferrari share a common

QQ textile artist Fashion marketing and merchandising professionals are responsible for identifying and creating fashion trends to sell the products created by fashion designers. Drawing on their knowledge of consumer psych

APPAREL AND TEXTILE SCIENCE PROGRAMMES 1. B.Sc.(Hons) - Fashion Designing 2. M. Sc. Fashion Designing 3. M.Sc. 4. Ph.D COURSE REQUIREMENT M. Sc. Fashion Designing Field of specialization Fashion Designing Required courses FD 501, FD 502, FD 503, FD 504, FD 505, FD 506 Supporting courses St

Fashion Design is an applied knowledge course intended to help students explore different aspects of careers in the fashion design industry. Students will study the history of the fashion industry, elements and principles of design, textil

1.2.3 Analyze the future employment outlook in fashion, textile, and/or design industries 1.2.4 Develop personal professional goals 1.2.5 Perform different jobs or tasks in fashion, textile, and design industries 1.2.6 Determine preparation requirements for various levels of employment in a variety of fashion

Fashion, Design and Construction I L1 Fashion, Design and Construction II L2 Fashion, Design and Construction III L3C The core course sequencing with the complementary courses provided in the following table serves as a guide to schools for their programs of study. Each course is

Fashion Design is an applied-knowledge course intended to prepare students to pursue careers in the fashion industry. Building on the knowledge acquired in Foundations of Fashion Design, this course places special emphasis on apparel manufac