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Digital labor markets have the potential to radically alter this picture. These Internet-based platforms connect workers worldwide with companies seeking to have tasks completed. This chapter describes digital labor markets, evaluating their dramatic rise and global span, and re-views academic studies of how these markets function.

accomplish this, wholesale markets signal and value system needs and identify the most efficient way to meet them across the system. Furthermore, because MISO's markets cover only a portion of the power grid, reliably operating markets entails coordination across interconnected bulk and distribution system boundaries, or "seams."

China capital markets Be prepared to seize the investment opportunities 5 Investing in China's capital markets With the further opening up of the onshore capital market, offshore investors can now access China's equity and bond markets via a variety of schemes. The schemes are designed for different types of investors and products.

Mobile Phones and †Agricultural Markets in Niger By Jenny C. Aker* Price dispersion across markets is common in developing countries. Using novel market and trader-level data, this paper provides esti-mates of the impact of mobile phones on price dispersion across grain markets in Niger. The introduction of mobile phone service

emerging markets, companies will have to under-Winning strategies for emerging markets in Asia This article marks the second installment of a three-part series by McKinsey & Company on managing supply chains in emerging markets. Part 1 discussed Latin America, Part 2 (the current article) looks at Asia, and the final installment, Part

moderating price levels and price volatility in Nepal's rice and wheat markets, explaining roughly half of the spatial and temporal variation in price mark-ups between regional and local markets. Key words: bridges, food prices, markets, rice, roads, wheat, Nepal . JEL codes: Q02; Q11; R40 . Authors are listed alphabetically.

cDuke University, Durham, NC 27708, USA Abstract Emerging markets have long posed a challenge for finance. Standard models are often ill suited to deal with the specific circumstances arising in these markets. However, the interest in emerging markets has provided impetus for both the adaptation of current models to new circumstances in

We found angel networks in emerging markets face a number of economic context challenges specific to their emerging economies, and business model challenges that all angel networks face, but that may be exacerbated in emerging markets. This guide details a host of strategies angel networks in these markets are utilizing to surmount

2 Infrastructure Spending Spurs Construction Boom in Emerging Markets; Risks Persist Construction industry growth Infrastructure development in emerging markets brings huge potential rewards for global E&C companies. Emerging markets will see an acceleration of growth in 2018 to 5.4% compared to 5.3% in 2017, according to Fitch

to farmers selling at farmers markets or other local outlets. This publication illustrates the main characteristics of farmers markets, the benefits of selling directly to consumers, and the main price trends of specialty crops sold at farmers markets. Since January 2017, the Horticulture Business Extension Program at Purdue University has been

capital markets are crucial to the efficient allocation of credit and investment. To be most beneficial, capital markets must be able to function freely, rewarding strong performers and penalising those who are unable to deploy capital effectively. Looking forward to 2020, capital markets will play an increasingly important role in providing

nber working paper series how eu markets became more competitive than us markets: a study of institutional drift germán gutiérrez thomas philippon