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SilverSneakers Steps for members who can’t get to a fitness location, with a choice of general fitness, strength, walking or yoga kit for fitness at home or on the go . (The ratings flier will be inserted into sales kits.) Page 3 of 5 . † SilverSneakers is a registered mark of Healthways, Inc. Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness

SilverSneakers Steps is a personalized fitness program for members who can't get to a SilverSneakers location. Once you enroll in Steps, you may select one of the four kits that best fits your lifestyle and fitness level-general fitness, strength, walking or yoga. The Steps wellness tools can help you be active at home or on the go. Fitness program

SilverSneakers 0 membership fee. Monthly basic membership for SilverSneakers through network fitness centers. If you live 15 miles or more from a SilverSneakers fitness center you may participate in the SilverSneakers Steps Program and select one of four kits that best fits your lifestyle and fitness level - general fitness, strength, walking .

SPIRITUAL FITNESS INVENTORY USER GUIDE 1. Purpose and Scope. The Spiritual Fitness Inventory (SFI) shown at Appendix B is a tool to assist screeners in assessing Soldiers’ spiritual fitness as a component of their resilience and readiness. The results of the SFI can be used t

Reconvene the entire class and arran ge the students in a circle. Call out a number and a fitness sym - bol. The student holding that card demonstrates a fitness activity related to that area or answers a simple question about the component. Complete the lesson with a review of the components. [CCWR: 3.8/3.9/4.9] STANDARD 2.6: FITNESS 4 6 9

Zumba , and started with DVD’s and infomercials. As demand increased, the Zumba Academy arose in 2005 to certify and license Zumba instructors to teach classes at fitness facilities. In addition, Zumba launched the vibrant and chic Zumba wear fitness clothing and accessories to dance fitness lovers

Build a Rock-Hard Midsection in Four Weeks Muscle & Fitness Intended for anyone who wants rock-hard abs but needs help getting motivated, the editors of fitness authority Muscle & Fitness magazine have created a four-week plan that incorporates invaluable take-away strategies to get a

Healthy Fitness Zones (HFZ) are not based on the performance of your child’s peers. The standards are set specifically for boys and girls of different ages using the best available research. The FITNESSGRAM report defines the recommended range of fitness for each test measure and calls this range the Healthy Fitness Zone.

Presidential Youth Fitness Award Cadets who score in the Healthy Fitness Zone on at least five test categories of the FITNESSGRAM assessment are eligible to receive the Presidential Youth Fitness Award. This will include assessments that are not included in the CPFT. Go to to learn more. Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA )

Virtual Fitness is a video based system that provides Les Mills group fitness classest via a large display screen in the group fitness room. This helps cater for busy people by increasing access to classes outside of

Personal Fitness - Merit Badge Workbook Page. 7 of 14 c. The need to have a balance in all four components of physical fitness d. How the components of personal fitness relate to the Scout Laws and Scout Oath 5. Explain the following about nutrition: a. The importa

Dec 02, 2009 · Chapter 6—Work Capacity Assessments _ 25 Work Capacity _ 25 . Enhanced quality of life Activity and fitness contribute to a longer life and a shorter period of . the relationship of physical activity to fitness, the index estimates aerobic fitness based on the intens