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Gardeners can do a lot with a small growing area with a little time, a few great plants, and a little creativity to beautify the smallest of out-door areas. The first step is to look at the potential Small Gardens & Small Spaces Susan Mora Loyko, Master Gardener January -March 2019 ontinued on pg. 15 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Small Gardens 1

A quarterly online magazine published for Master Gardeners in support of the educational mission of UF/IFAS Extension Service. October 2019 Issue 19 Adaptive Gardeninglimitations keep some fo Quarryhill Botanical Garden Frightening Foliage A Poem: Banal Sojourn Photos from a Quilt Garden Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau

carbohydrate portion of a honey bee’s diet. The pollen, also stored in the combs, is a bee’s source of protein. Just like people are healthier when they eat a varied diet, the same holds true with honey bees. Our part as gardeners is to plant floweri

A bestseller since its debut in 1990, Botany for Gardeners has now been expanded and updated, and includes an appendix on plant taxonomy and a comprehensive index. Two dozen new photos and illustrations make this new edition even more attractive than its predecessor. Brian Capon received a ph.d. in b

Botany for Gardeners, Revised Edition (Brian Capon); Timber Press (2005) (This easy-to-understand, highly illustrated introduction to botany is especially useful if you’ ve shied away from taking a botany course.) Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, Br

Land that is cultivated by members of a common community to provide plant produce to the gardener, for charitable donation, and/or for on-site sales to the local community. This includes gardens composed of individual plots rented by different gardeners and for communal gardens tended by multiple gardeners. 4

An NGC Standard Flower Show FLORAL HALL Carson Park Fairgrounds, 300 Joe Clifton Drive Paducah, Kentucky June 21-25, 2022 Sponsored by: McCracken County Extension Master Gardeners Open Gate Garden Club* Perennial Gardeners Garden Club* Homemakers' Garden lub Open to public Monday through Saturday, 5:15 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Getting started To start, you might discuss how we, as gardeners, try to create the ideal environment for our plants to ensure that they grow well. Revisit the basic needs of plants: sunshine for energy, water for hydration, soil for nutrients. Our own experiences Discuss how smart gardeners recognise these different needs and .

The 2019 Edition of the GreenThumb Gardeners' Handbook answers frequently asked questions regarding a variety of topics, including accepting donations, selling garden produce, tree pruning, and garden bylaws. The handbook is a one-stop-shop for all GreenThumb, NYC Parks, NYC, and NY State policies and laws that govern community gardens in the

summer months, SOL Gardeners care for the garden, bring food home to their families, donate 25 bags of produce a week to low income elders, and transform their harvest into "Food for the SOL" cuisine sold at our Garlic and Arts Festival. In the fall months, SOL Gardeners continue on as community leaders, speaking at events, organizing a

Window on the World God Speaks Numanggang Geography Children’s Atlas of God’s World Classroom Atlas, 13th Edition Wall Map of the World Maps and Globes Geography from A to Z A Trip Around the World Another Trip Around the World Exploring World Geography (purchase one per 3rd-8th grader or photocopy) Flags of the World (sticker book)

spp.), especially when large, serves as a focal point for birds in the Southwest,” says van Riper. He suggests that gardeners retain GETTING INVOLVED IN BIRD CONSERVATION Count the birds in your own backyard and take part in bird conservation world-wide. The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), a joint project of the Cornell Lab of