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The following topics in the Introduction to Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning Programs training manual were covered: § New York State Green Cleaning Product Mandates and products currently covered under the mandates; § Reasons for creating the green cleaning mandates; § A description of green cleaning;

1. Green space type and scale: What types of green space are associated with heat and air pollution mitigation (e.g., small green roof, large park, urban forest)? What studies, if any, compare different green space scales? What scales of impact have been documented (e.g., effect within green space area, effect

» An amount equal to the net proceeds from the issuance of the Green Bond will be allocated to fund, in whole or in part, “Eligible Green Projects,” which is defined in the prospectus for the Green Bond and which generally refers to projects that meet our Green Bond Eligibility Criteria in accordance with PepsiCo’s Green Bond Framework.

studies could encourage cities to adopt policies that would expand the number of projects . 1 For a complete description of different green infrastructure approaches, see: EPA. “What is Green . Green jobs. Increased property values. For more information about achieving multiple benefits from green infrastructure, see: EPA.

Green Roof Projects Green roofs are vegetated systems built on roof tops, designed to capture and manage stormwater runoff before it enters the storm sewer system. All green roofs should contain a root barrier, drainage layer, filter layer, growing media, and vegetation. Funding for green roof grants is determined based on green roof area

on an intensive green roof usually varies between 20 cm and 1.2 m. The semi-intensive green roof is a mixture of extensive and intensive green roof with 25% or less of the area as extensive green roof. 2.2. Survey of green roofs in Chicago A request for information was submitted to Chicago’s Department

- Identify and prioritize green roof design, implementation and maintenance tasks - Quantify and qualify the amount of green roof maintenance necessary - Provide strategies and checklists for regular green roof maintenance Defi nitions Green roofs are defi ned as a living system that is an extension of a roof. This green space can be below,

SYBR Green PCR Master Mix and SYBR Green RT-PCR Reagents Kit User Guide 9 1 Product Information Purpose of the Kit The SYBR Green PCR Master Mix is a convenient premix of the components (except primers, template and water) necessary to perform real-time PCR using SYBR Green I Dye. Direct detection

Handbook of Green Chemistry ISBN (12 volumes): 978-3-527-31404-1 Set 1 Green Catalysis 978-3-527-31577-2 Volume 1: Homogeneous Catalysis Set 2 Green Solvents 978-3-527-31574-1 Volume 2: Heterogeneous Catalysis Set 3 Green Processes 978-3-527-31576-5 Volume 3: Biocatalysis Set 4 Green Product

ization, the Partnership for Action on Green Econ-omy is helping governments to develop action plans that include green industrial policy recom-mendations. For example, in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Peru, Senegal and China green industry assess-ments have been conducted or are under way. Green industrial policies offer a practical way to