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features. The aim of the landscape design is to build up qualified spaces in open areas for people. Open areas that are the interest of landscape design may be urban or rural and private or public. In this article urban landscape will be emphasized. "From a wider perspective, urban landscape is a part of urban matrix. Therefore design of urban

Landscape ecology is largely founded on the idea that the patterning of landscape elements (patches) strongly influences ecological characteristics, including vertebrate populations. The ability to quantify landscape structure is prerequisite to the study of landscape function and change. For this reason, much emphasis has been placed on

ecological types across a landscape, the dispersal and movement of plant and animal species, and the flow of energy and nutrients. The Forest Prac-tices Code explicitly recognizes landscape ecology by designating planning areas called Landscape Units, each with specific Landscape Unit Objectives. The Biodiversity Guide-book (B.C. Ministry of .

Cultural Landscape Cultural Landscape - a characteristic and tangible outcome of the complex interactions between a human group and the natural environment Carl Sauer- famous U.C. Berkley geographer studied how material expressions of culture show on the landscape. BUILT LANDSCAPE

landscape wire is too long, cut it with a cable cutter. The landscape wire should be protected by routing it close to proximity of the light fixture or next to a building, deck or fence. Use cable suitable for low voltage landscape lighting. See chart below for recommended cable gauges. (Fig. 2) Connect the fixture to the landscape wire 1.

of Landscape Architecture curriculum; phase-out of landscape architecture courses is initiated with the 1993-1994 academic year. July 1994 The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture curriculum is accredited for a normal five-year period. January 1995 The Master of Landscape Architecture Program is moved to a former

experience in landscape architecture or (2)An applicant with a nonaccredited landscape architect degree must have three years of practical experience in landscape architecture or (3)An applicant with a bachelor's degree must have four years of practical experience in landscape architecture or

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Landscape architecture is of great importance from the creation of livable cities, urban quality and urban landscape point of view. In this paper, missions and visions of urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, architecture and the interrelating role of landscape architecture will be mentioned.

what Landscape Architects do, some Landscape Architecture terminology and get to tour (virtually) several different types of spaces designed by Landscape Architects. 3: Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the built and natural environments. Landscape architects have a significant

This is the main difference with landscape photography, and even though it may seem minor at first, this is what makes car photography unique. While in landscape photography the landscape is the main subject, in car photography the car is the main subject and the landscape is there as a 'backdrop,' as a 'décor' so to speak.

In this Business Plan, the LC Landscape Board has retained the basis of the landscape levy as a fixed charge based on the purpose for which rateable land is used. A landscape levy based on land use purpose is viewed to align with . a 'beneficiary pays' principle (e.g. primary production landholders pay a higher landscape levy as they use .