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Basic Design Elements . iii NSF Logo . 1 NSF Typeface for Communications . 1 . NSF Primary Logo 2 NSF Logo Variants 2 Clear Space 3 Minimum Sizes 3 Color Usage 3 Incorrect Usage 4 The Complete NSF Visual Identity 5 Placement Among Partner Logos 6 Applications of the Visual Identity 9 Print Products 11 Video Products 12 Web Pages 12

artwork, owned by NORD. The following usage guidelines must be followed: Do not modify or alter the logos Do not change scale, skew or rotate any logo Do not change the design of any logo Do not change or vary the colors of any logo Avoid screening logos Do not shrink any logo to less than 1" in width or height

negative space beside the "V." Full-color logo artwork represents the preferred usage of the logo and tagline design. However, additional artwork options are available to accommodate other graphic needs. (See sections on Logo Usage and Logo Implementation.) Contact the National Communications Department for additional options.

LOGO DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE Thank you for your interest in Brew Creative. Please complete the following questionnaire in as much detail as possible. The questionnaire will serve as a basic logo design brief and it will help to:- 1. Crystallize your design goals and objectives 2. Give us the necessary background to provide you with a fair and .

NAVC Brand Guide May 2016 8 FULL COLOR LOGO ONE-COLOR LOGO PRIMARY LOGO The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) logo is the graphic repr

Avant-Propos Chère cliente, cher client, Nous vous remercions de votre achat de LOGO! et vous félicitions pour avoir fait ce choix. Avec LOGO!, vous venez d’acquérir un module logique répondant aux exigences de qualité de la norme ISO 9001. LOGO! peut être u

Logo elements to be printed in PMS 540 (dark blue) Logo elements to be printed in PMS 1245 (golden yellow) or PMS 8640 (metallic gold) These are color-separated elements of the Virginia Workforce Network logo, to be used

print media such as business cards, letterhead, or posters. Vertical Layout The vertical logo is secondary, and should only be used when the logo needs to be displayed in a square or thin layout. Logomark The logo icon is meant to only be used in cases where the name “SHPE” is displayed

a milk or dark chocolate bar embossed with your logo neatly tucked under our red ribbon! Choose from our 1 oz. business card logo bar or larger 6 oz. bar. Price includes packaging for the logo bar. 1 oz. 6 oz. assorted box w/logo bar 16.25 21.25

An alternative logo was created for use on materials when none of the standard logos are permitted. This logo can be used on pennants, cups, giveaways, etc. This is also the logo to use if an alumnae is requesting a

Logo on event backdrop OPEN photo booth X X X X Logo on ‘Welcome’ signs at event and on ‘Remember Tonight’ menu cards X X X X X Logo featured on jumbo screens at event X X X X Logo on all digital marketing material with live hyperlink to company website X X X X X X . Business

Logo featured on www.fpaga.org Company Logo, contact information, and link to Company website on FPA of Georgia Partnership page Company Logo recognition during all FPA of Georgia webinars Company Logo on all Email Blasts reaching over 2,000 FPA of Georgia members and contacts Monthly 2021 overall Partner Recognition on FPA of Georgia Social Media