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Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) Syllabus 2 years, 4 Semester Online Programme Effective from January 2020 1.0 Preamble: The DPU Centre for Online Learning (COL) has designed and developed the Online MBA Programme as per the guidelines mentioned in the UGC regulations 2018 for online programme.

Online shopping market by sector. 3 : 2.3 Online shopping market by product category 5 2.4 . Leading retailers in the online shopping market : 6 . 2.5 Forecasts of the online shopping market 7 2.6 : Consumer use of online shopping services . 7 : 2.7 Online non-food shopping market 8 2.8 . Online grocery shopping market: 10 . 2.8.1

CONTENTS Introduction to Business 3 International Business 3 Corporate Governance 3 Business Law 4 Business Research Methods 4 Business Ethics 5 Business Economics/Accounting 5 Business Communication 5 Business Statistics/Decision Sciences 6 Business and Management Information Systems 7 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 8 Project Management 8 Operations Management/Supply Chain .

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Online Masters, groep 7/8 PO Achtergrondinformatie In Online Masters staan vier thema's centraal: de digitale wereld, creatief en vaardig online, veilig online en sociaal online. In dit online lesprogramma nemen verschillende 'Masters' uit het vak leerlingen uit groep 7 en 8 van het primair onderwijs via video's mee in hun wereld.

What is internet marketing? Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to the promotion of goods and services on the internet. The online world acts as a medium to communicate messages that a business drafts for its audience. Online marketing is also synonymous with online advertising.

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An online healthcare business that deals in pharmaceuticals is vulnerable to an endless list of threats that can hinder its operations and lead to legal hassles for the business. Understanding the major risks involved in an online pharmacy business is, therefore, the key to plan ahead and mitigate such risks. RISKS INVOLVED

Step 1 -Setting The Foundation For Building Business Credit 1.1 -Making Sure Your Business Is Ready To Build Business Credit. 1.2 -Your business entity structure, what it takes to build business credit. 1.3 -You will be building strong business credit and you should protect it. 1.4 -Why your business location is vital to building business credit.

Creating a Template . Each widget within online banking provides easy access to manage different aspects of your business online. Dashboard Widget . The Dashboard Widget greets you each time you log into online banking. Here, you get a snapshot of your accounts and their available balances.