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*George Washington Carver had a strong faith in God. Photo 1 Photo 2 Letter 1 Letter 2 Letter 3 Letter 4 *George Washington Carver was resourceful and did not waste. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Letter 1 Letter 2 Letter 3 *George Washington Carver was a Humanitarian. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4

Page 3: Pritha Chakraborty CGAP Photo Contest Page 6: KM Asad CGAP Photo Contest Page 9: Wim Opmeer CGAP Photo Contest Page 13 (top to bottom): Wim Opmeer CGAP Photo Contest, Alamsyah Rauf CGAP Photo Contest, Raju Ghosh CGAP Photo Contest, Jon Snyder CGAP Photo Contest, KM Asad CGAP Photo Contest

OS 149 11 Basketball Team Photo 1941-1942 OS 149 12 Basketball Team Photo 1942-1943 OS 149 13 Basketball Team Photo 1943-1944 OS 149 14 Basketball Team Photo 1945-1946 OS 150 1 Basketball Team Photo 1946-1947 OS 150 2 Basketball Team Photo 1947-1948 OS 150 3 Basketball Team Photo 1949-1950 OS 150 4 Basketball Team Photo 1952-1953

11 91 Large walrus herd on ice floe photo 11 92 Large walrus herd on ice floe photo 11 93 Large walrus herd on ice floe photo Dupe is 19.196. 2 copies 11 94 Walrus herd on ice floe photo 11 95 Two walrus on ice floe photo 11 96 Two walrus on ice floe photo 11 97 One walrus on ice floe photo

5. Never point your crossbow at anything you do not intend to shoot. After cocking your crossbow always ensure that the safety is properly engaged immediately. Never release the safety until you are ready to shoot. 7. Do not attempt to modify the safety or trigger mechanism in any way. 8. Never shoot an

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ancient- very old bow and arrow- used for shooting (like the picture on the left) shoot- make something fly through the air (Shoot a gun.Shoot an arrow.) character- a person (but usually not real) like a person in a book or in a movie fall in love- begin to love another person celebrate- do something fun (like a party or something sp

04/09/17 Yuba Sutter Bowhunters 34th Annual Shoot Yes 42 2 04/13/17 Silverado Archery Club Silverado Archers 3-D shoot No 28 1 04/15/17 San Diego Archers Animal Round-Saturday Yes 28 3 04/15/17 Bowhunters Unlimited Traditional Shoot No 28 2

Yuba Sutter Bowhunters (11th Annual Jess Orht Mem.) 2/15/2015 Yuba Sutter Bowhunters (32nd Annual Shoot) San Diego Archers (Hunter Round) 2/21/2015 Mojave Archers (Lucky 7 Combo Novelty & 3-D) 2/22/2015 Pasadena Roving Archers (21 or Bust) Riverside Archers (Team Toughman)

Includes photo shoot (aerial if possible), and custom graphic design SchoolSitePro - Website Content Management System One (1) Year License – Starting the date of the photo shoot Package includes: Technical support through toll-free numbers and online tickets – available to all tea

For boudoir photography we encourage basic, muted colors (black, white, deep red). Brighter colors dont usually work as well in traditional boudoir and are more appropriate for glamour/pin-up photography (below). Glamour/Pin-Up A glamour photo shoot is designed to bring out a models allu