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POSC 6601: 701 Core Seminar in International Politics

Alexander Wendt, “Anarchy is what States Make of It: The Social Construction of State Politics,” International Organization 46, 2 (Spring 1992): 391-425. John M. Hobson and J.C. Sharman, “The Enduring Place of Hierarchy in World Politics: Tracing the Social Logics of Hierarchy and Political Change,” European Journal of International

Framing the New Inequality: The Politics of Income .

Framing the New Inequality: The Politics of Income Redistribution in Canada Keith Banting and John Myles I n Canada, redistributive politiCs has been stuCk for more than a deCade. Actual redistribution1 has faded significantly. According to the Organisation for Economic Co

uncovering texas politics in the 21 century

Uncovering Texas Politics in the 21st Century is authored by three UT Tyler professors, and their high level of expertise and dedication to student learning is evident throughout every chapter. Eric Lopez is a specialist in American politics, the fe

Syllabus for Political Science 3331: Politics of the .

Michelle Cini, ed., European Union Politics, 2nd edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007). Ian Bache and Stephen George, Politics in the European Union, 2nd edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006). John Peterson and Elizabeth Bomberg, Decision-Making in the European Union (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1999).

American Politics and Film: Entertainment,Commerce, and .

Here’s Looking at You: Hollywood, Film, and Politics, by Ernest Giglio. Peter Lang, New York 2002. American Politics in Hollywood Film by Ian Scott. Fitzroy Dearborn. Chicago, Il. 2000 (This is tough sledding unless you have a semiotics dictionary with you. If you are brave

Edinburgh Research Explorer - COnnecting REpositories

The European Union and the Politics of Multi-Level Climate Governance Citation for published version: Damro, C & MacKenzie, D 2008, The European Union and the Politics of Multi-Level Climate Governance. in H Compston & I Bailey (eds), Turning Down the Heat: The Politics of Climate Policy in Affluent Democracies. Basingstoke: Palgrave, pp. 65-84. Link: Link to publication record in Edinburgh .

Turkey's Refugee Crisis: The Politics of Permanence

Turkey’s Refugee Crisis: The Politics of Permanence I. Introduction The politics of Syrians’ integration into Turkish society is complex on many levels. Domestic upheaval has increased political polarisation and further eroded confi-dence between Turkey and the European Un ion (EU). That polarisation and the ten-

UGC recognition for ODL programmes 2018-19 onwards

2018-19 to 2019-20 . 30 1. bachelor of arts economics, history, politics* 2. bachelor of arts history, politics, sociology* 3. bachelor of arts public administration, politics, history * 4. bachelor of arts special english, history, tel

Crabgrass-Roots Politics: Race, Rights, and the Reaction .

The local politics of race and housing in the aftermath of World War II fostered a grass-roots rebellion against liberalism and seriously limited the social democratic and egalitarian possibilities of the New Deal order. Postwar Detroit The history of politics in the post-Ne

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POLS 4660 Kevin Spann Southern Politics [email protected] Spring 2021 MWF 9:10-10:00 A.M. MLC 0081-0171 Office Hours Baldwin Hall 109B MWF 11:00- Noon This course in Southern Politics provides an overview of the politics of the eleven-state South from the previous century to moder

Asia Pacific in World Politics

Asia Pacific in World Politics 1 As a significant component of world politics, Asia Pacific confronts many major issues. This is a region in which the United States, China, and Japan relate directly to one another. The United States was the dominant power in the region in the Cold War (roughly 1945–1989), but

Report of Results Global Survey on Sustainability and the

results. Respondents from politics, adminis-tration and the private sector name private sector actors as the most important partners. 8. SDGs in politics and public administration The respondents working in politics