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2.4 Homomorphism and quotient rings 28 2.5 Special rings 30 2.6 Modules 34 2.7 Rings with chain conditions 35 3. Smarandache rings and its properties 3.1 Definition of Smarandache ring with examples 38 3.2 Smarandache units in rings 41 3.3 Smarandache zero divisors in rings 46

Heavy Duty Back-Up Rings Heavy Duty back-up rings are configured with a greater axial thickness (T) dimension. The extra thickness provides more extrusion protec-tion for O-Rings. These rings are interchange-able with MS27595, MS28774, MS28782 and MS28783 back-up rings used in MIL-G-5514 packing glands. Heavy duty rings are available

seminear-rings using loops and groupoids which we call as groupoid near-rings, near loop rings, groupoid seminear-rings and loop seminear-ring. For all these concepts a Smarandache analogue is defined and several Smarandache properties are introduced and studied. The ninth chapter deals with fuzzy concepts in near-rings and gives 5

Missing rings & false rings (to identify these, need a "master chronology") Species limitations (some trees have no rings, non-annual rings, or poorly defined rings) Trees must crossdate! (can't develop a chronology or link to climate without this) Top of p 52 Today's class activity

Seal Rings The sets are comprised of double-turn rings in either 2 rings per set or 3 rings per set. The double-turn rings fit tighter in the bore or on the shaft, provide complete 360 surface contact and resist higher axial/radial forces than single-turn ring sets, for medium to heavy duty applications.

A hybrid design is possible: rings can be constructed in a hier-archy such that groups of nodes share a simple ring interconnect, and these “local” rings are joined by one or more “global” rings. Figure 1 shows an example of such a hierarchical ring design. Past works [43, 51, 21, 44, 19] proposed hierarchical rings as a scalable network.

Saturn’s most prominent rings are the A, B, and C The age and fate of Saturn’s rings Jonathan Henry When Saturn was the only known ringed planet, the rings were believed to be as old as the solar system—4.6 billion years in the conventional chronology. The existence of the rings to the present day was taken as evidence of this chronology.

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The rings in Examples 16.1.1 and 16.1.2 are commutative rings with unity, the unity in both cases being the number 1. The ring @M 2µ2 HR L, , ÿD is a noncommutative ring with unity, the unity being the identity matrix I K 1 0 0 1 O. DIRECT PRODUCTS OF RINGS Let R 1, R 2, , R n be rings under the operations 1, 2, , n and ÿ 1 .

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A word and a promise were the same to you. One thing we can promise is that we will die. But your power has made death into a lie. You spoke with a promise and old became new. New life and a promise are the same to you. Our promises remain mere hopeful decrees; our faith is the day between promise and deed.

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