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DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 188 049. CG 014 443. Prosecutor's Responsibility in Spouse Abuse Cases. INSTITUTION National District Attorneys Association, Chicago, . The role of the prosecutor in spouse assault cases was the subjct of a conference organized by the National-District Att

No. ICC-01/18 2/30 16 March 2020 Document to be notified in accordance with regulation 31 of the Regulations of the Court to: The Office of the Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor Mr James Stewart, Deputy Prosecutor

whether that meant that the Prosecutor would defer to a national investigation or that the Prosecutor would at some point resume the investigation, either after the settlement negotiations were successful or if they failed, and what

Trial Preparation Sherry Sullivan is transported to the prosecutor’s office for a trial prep session. Sherry says she doesn’t want to talk about the rapes; she just wants the prosecutor to talk to her about what will happen during the trial. The prosecutor spends 45 minutes talking about the process. Sherry says she will talk to

Sensitive Crimes Prosecutor, 1999–2001, Assistant to E. Michael McCann, serving as a Sexual Assault prosecutor. Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence and Delinquency Prosecutor, 1997–1999 Private Practice Law Offices, Milwaukee, WI, 1994–1997 Principal Attorney, specializing in criminal defe

ICC-01/18 2/112 20 December 2019 Document to be notified in accordance with regulation 31 of the Regulations of the Court to: The Office of the Prosecutor Ms Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor Mr James .

Commission. On 5 November the Prosecutor informed President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga of his view that crimes against humanity had been committed and of his duty, in the absence of national proceedings, to act. Both the President and

[emblem:] [illegible] REPUBLIC OF MOZAMBIQUE JUDICIAL COURT OF THE CITY OF MAPUTO 6th CRIMINAL SECTION Proc. No. 18/2019-C Copy of indictment sheet delivered by the Honorable Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and extracted from pgs. 9784 to 9902, in the case files of Dispute no. 18/2019-C, in which the MP (Ministério

D Prosecutor may resume all enforcement action on the case. 3. Chapter 11 When the obligor files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, before the Plan is confirmed, the Title IV-D Prosecutor is permitted to: a. Establish paternity; b. Establish or modify a child support order; c. Establish and enfor

called the prosecutor) and the judge - and no one else. Any questions you have about the law should be addressed only to the prosecutor, and, if necessary, to the judge. For other questions about grand jury service, you should consult with commissioner of jurors’ staff or the

REGION V ORP Legaspi MARY MAY B. DE LEOZ (052) 480-1563 (052) 473-8174 [email protected] 4th Floor, Triumfante Regional Prosecutor (052) 482-0006 (052) 480-1563 Bldg., Bonot, Legazpi City OPP Albay 3rd Floor, Triumfante Bldg., Maria Teresa Arao-Mahiwo (052) 483-5114 (052) 480-0535 op

au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office was awaiting the findings of the DCPJ investigation before beginning prosecution. . Detainees were subject to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment in overcrowded, poorly maintained