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The group will pool their expertise and resources to collaborate across a number of research flagships including: Precision agriculture Regional and rural health and well-being Regional environmental security Regional infrastructure and logistics Regional workforces and regional development RUN is a network of Australia’s leading regional universities.

Domestic Regional Presidents Name Regional President #1 (GA, SC) Supt. Arthur F. Mosley Regional President #2 (IL, IA, WI, MO, MN) Dr. Milton Oliver Regional President #3 (TX, NM, AZ, MEXICO) Supt. Jimmy Glenn Regional President #4 (N. CA) Pres. Samuel Bobo Regional President #5 (S. CA, HI) Dr. Robert Booker Regional Pr

Jul 01, 2019 · KRC Kern Regional Center Bakersfield 8,691 NBRC North Bay Regional Center Napa 9,617 NLACRC Northern LA County Regional Center Chatsworth 26,162 RCEB Regional Center of the East Bay San Leandro 20,568 RCOC Regional Center of Orange County Santa Ana 22,031 RCRC Redwood Coast Regional Center Ukiah 3,997 .

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State Nov. 15-16 FIELD HOCKEY (6A, 5A and 4A-1A combined) Regional Nov. 9 State Nov. 15-16 THEATRE FESTIVAL (1A, 2A, 3A and 4A) Super Regional Nov. 16 State Dec. 2-3 VOLLEYBALL Regional Nov. 13 State Nov. 22-23 FOOTBALL Regional Nov. 30 State Dec. 14 GYMNASTICS (6A, 5A-1A combined) Regional Feb. 15 State Feb. 21-22 WRESTLING Regional Feb. 15

other regional areas in New Jersey. The Regional Center is a highly desirable location to live, work, play, visit and learn offering an abundance of health and wellness opportunities and resources. Figure 2 - Regional Center Base Map Page 3 of 18 II. THE VISION FOR THE REGIONAL CENTER Somerset County Regional Center Municipal Boundary Buildings

before undertaking regional planning to encompass all of the Darling Downs, the state government will review the appropriateness of the Maranoa–Balonne boundary. The Maranoa–Balonne Regional Plan is now final, but may be subject to early review in the light of future regional planning boundary decisions. The regional plan applies to the western

Thus, regional input-output (I-O) multipliers, which ac-count for interindustry relationships within regions, are useful tools for regional economic impact analysis. In the1970’s, theBureau of EconomicAnalysis(BEA) developed a method for estimating regional I-O multi-pliers known as RIMS (Regional Industrial Multiplier

regional planning process to develop all regional and local plan modifications, though regional planning processes are only required for the development of regional plan modifications as well as any local plan modifications that involve coordination of multiple Local Boards with a

regional and international cooperative endeavours. The aim of this regional road map is to facilitate cooperation at the regional level, supported by the secretariat and other United Nations entities through the Asia-Pacic Regional Coordination Mechanism as appropriate. 2. The road map places particular emphasis on supporting the implementation

This Regional Plant List has been the effort of literally countless hours of work from members of the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition’s (SNRPC) Regional Urban Forestry Work Group and local arboriculture and horticulture experts. Special thanks go to the following individuals for their contributions: Shane Ammerman, Clark County

Kanyimbo, Regional Office for East Africa (RGDE), Gabriel Mougani, Regional Office for West Africa (RDGW), Youssouf Kone, Regional Office for Central Africa (RDGC), Rafika Amira, Regional Office for North Africa (RDGN), and Rosemary Bokang Mokati-Sonkutu, Regional Office for Southern Africa (RDGS) . Finally, the AfDB thanks Dr .