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Your primal identity does not come from your religion. Christ brings a whole new life, the end of religion and the beginning of the church, understood as the community of faith working through love. As potent as is the power of religion to determine identity, money is stronger still. This is why in the Gospels Jesus speaks so

Reasons for war, including greed, self-defence and retaliation. The just war theory, including the criteria for a just war. Holy war. Pacifism. Religion and belief in 21st century conflict Religion and belief as a cause of war and violence in the contemporary world. Nuclear weapons, including nuclear deterrence.

POPULAR CULTURE, RELIGION, & THE ANTHROPOCENE 8 What Zombie Entertainment Can Tell Us about Art, Religion, and the Anthropocene: Compassion as an Endangered Sentiment in the Ecology of Mind John WHALEN-BRIDGE Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

Survival, Edited by Jo Carrillo, Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1998. Course Calendar September 6 - Introductory remarks, syllabus - "Dimensions in the Study of Religion" – note: these “dimensions” of religion can be used as approaches to the study of religion in video reports September 8 -

INTRODUCTION The fact that more than 8 out of 10 people worldwide identify with a religious group underlines the importance of taking religion into account as a key component of cultural relations work.4 In spite of the increasing number of people who do not affiliate with any religion in many parts of the Global North, the so-called religious

The Struggle over Evolution and Religion in the Nineteenth Century, with Ernst Haeckel as the Anti-Pope Robert J. Richards1 If religion means a commitment to a set of theological propositions regarding the nature of God, the soul, and an afterlife, Er

religion . On interdit d’instituer au niveau fédéral une religion officielle, toutes les religions sont autorisées. Thomas Jefferson parle de « mur de séparation entre État et religion » mais le mot «laïcité » n’apparaît pas dans la constitution : « Le Congrès n'adoptera aucune loi re

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Etat de la formation des enseignants de religion islamique dans l’enseignement officiel 3 1. L’enseignement de la religion musulmane en Communauté française : cadre juridique et historique 1.1. La reconnaissance légale des cultes en Belgique Dans ses rapports avec les reli

2. For Marx the “criticism of religion is the premise of all criticism”. 7 The suppression of religion became an essential requirement in order to attain the real world. It is man who makes religion and not the contrary. Man “is the world of man”, which is to say

The religion's leaders played a significant role at the Geneva and Paris conferences that oversaw the division of the nation into north and south in 1954. After 1945, members of the religion's hierarchy were invited to sit in the cabinet of Emperor Bao Dai. These events must