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A Salesforce Account (Free Trial!) Salesforce Username, Password Salesforce Security Token (for use with apps) A JangoMail Account (Free Trial!) Step 1: Enable Permissions on Salesforce.com First you need to enable the "HasOptedOutOfEmail" field to be visible by your Salesforce account.

Printable Tip Sheets & User Guides — For Salesforce Billing Printable implementation guides for Salesforce Billing admins. Salesforce Billing Patch Notes Salesforce Billing patch notes contain high-level reviews of bug fixes included

1 1: Salesforce 2 2 Examples 2 2 Salesforce 2 2 2 2 2, 2 2 IoT 2 2 2 2 2 2: SalesForce CI 3 3 Examples 3 Jenkins ? 3 SalesForce

2 Configuring Salesforce Integration Please note that Unity is only able to consume the Salesforce API, if the appropriate salesforce license/edition is in use; please speak to salesforce for more information. The Salesforce API requires a security token which must be requested through the Salesfo

the Salesforce platform. S-Docs code resides inside your existing Salesforce org, which is hosted, managed and delivered by Salesforce. It essentially is Salesforce. All other solutions send your data off the platform processing and then must integrate. They were introduced at a time bef

PRODUCT VERSION CISCO PLATFORM AGENT DESKTOP CRM UniAgent 4.0 isco U E Finesse API Salesforce UniAgent 4.0 isco U X Finesse API Salesforce UniAgent 4.0 isco U E TIOS Salesforce UniAgent 4.0 isco U X AME Salesforce UniAgent

Jul 21, 2021 · Apex Connector Framework The Apex Connector Framework is a set of classes and methods in the DataSource namespace for creating a custom adapter for Salesforce Connect. Create a custom adapter to connect to data that’s stored outside your Salesforce org when the other available Salesforce Connect adapters aren’t suitable for your needs. Apex .

Architecture of the Salesforce Connector1-3. Use Cases Supported by the Salesforce Connector1-5. Features of the Salesforce Connector1-6. Full Reconciliation1-6. Support for the Connector Server1-7. Limited Reconciliati

Salesforce Initiatives Salesforce Solution & Project Portfolio Roadmap Regular stakeholder management & communications Manage key IT & cross-business processes (i.e. release management, solution deployment) Salesforce reference architecture & data model Integration to Enterprise Architecture

architecture leverages the full capabilities of the Salesforce 1 platform. Model N applications are Salesforce native solutions deployed in the customer’s Salesforce org. There is no “punching out” to a separate application. The Model N architecture respects and follows

Salesforce Salesforce Single Org Architecture This diagram details the architecture of a single Salesforce instance deployed centrally with business apps configured locally by each business unit. Global NTO customer data

4. Enter your Salesforce Username, Password and select whether you’re a Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce User or a Free 30 Day Trial User. When finished, click Continue. 5. Designate if you would like to install the app in your Production (including Developer E