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AVG Internet Security 9 ESET Smart Security 4 F-Secure Internet Security 2010 Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 McAfee Internet Security Microsoft Security Essentials Norman Security Suite Panda Internet Security 2011 Sunbelt VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4 Symantec Norton Internet Security 20

Slack’s security team, led by our Chief Security Officer (CSO), is responsible for the implementation and management of our security program. The CSO is supported by the members of Slack’s Security Team, who focus on Security Architecture, Product Security, Security Engineering and Opera

3 CONTENTS Notation 10 Preface 12 About the Author 18 PART ONE: BACKGROUND 19 Chapter 1 Computer and Network Security Concepts 19 1.1 Computer Security Concepts 21 1.2 The OSI Security Architecture 26 1.3 Security Attacks 27 1.4 Security Services 29 1.5 Security Mechanisms 32 1.6 Fundamental Security Design Principles 34 1.7 Attack Surfaces and Attack Trees 37

Within the guidance provided by these security foundations, two sets of concepts are particularly relevant to the design and understanding of the AWS SRA: security epics (also called security areas) and security design principles. Security epics Both the security perspective of the AWS CAF and the security pillar of Well-Architected

Chapter 6 Security in the Cloud 153 6.1 Chapter Overview 153 6.2 Cloud Security Challenges 158 6.3 Software-as-a-Service Security 162 6.3.1 Security Management (People) 164 6.3.2 Security Governance 165 6.3.3 Risk Management 165 6.3.4 Risk Assessment 165 6.3.5 Security Portfolio Management 166 6.3.6 Security Awareness 166

Cybersecurity is one part of a larger security plan A security plan serves as a management tool to guide a facility's security and response efforts. A strong security plan integrates all major security goals into a holistic approach. This reduces duplication of effort and allows facilities to identify security gaps. Facility Security Plan

organization level helps react to security situations better. A security model is a formal description of a security policy, which in turn captures the security requirements of an enterprise and describes the steps that must be taken to achieve security. The goal of implementing a security model is to provide information assurance. FCPB security

HP Security Manager (Security Manager) is a security compliance solution for a fleet of HP products. It enables administrators to create a security policy to reduce network risks and monitor security for a fleet of printers. The key benefits of using Security Manager are the following: Easily and quickly create device security policies.

Resourcing security risk management 13 2. Developing a framework 14 3. Governance and accountability 17 Creating an effective security risk management structure 17 4. Policy and principles 21 Developing a security policy 22 Establishing security requirements 24 5. Operations and programmes 25 Security risk assessments 28 Security plans 30

HPE Secure IoT Application Lifecycle IoT Endpoints Connectivity Edge Computing Visualization IoT Cloud / Platform HPE Security ArcSight (Security Intelligence)HPE Security Fortify (Application Security)HPE Security -Data Security (Voltage/Atalla) HPE Aruba (Communication Security)HPE ADM (Application Delivery Management)HPE ITOM (IT Operations Management)

4.3.3 About Security Keys 4-6 4.3.4 Setting Up ASM-Scoped Security on Oracle Exadata Storage Servers 4-8 4.3.5 Setting Up DB-Scoped Security on Oracle Exadata Database Machine 4-11 4.3.6 Changing Security Keys for ASM-Scoped Security or DB-Scoped Security 4-16 Upgrading ASM-Scoped Security Key for ASMCLUSTER 4-16

under this Act to offer private security services at a fee; “security guard” means a person employed as such by a contract security organization or proprietary security organization; and “register”, with regard to a security service provider, means entering the name of a security service provider in the register contemplated in this Act. 3.