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The annual Texas 4-H Shooting Sports State Games does not require qualification for any of the events. Each participant . a county 4-H Shooting Sports project. At least one 4-H certified coach must be enrolled on 4-H Connect, currently coaching in the county project, and certified for each shooting discipline for which a 4-H member is .

Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports / Naturespace Project . The State Shooting Sports Committee strongly believes that the following philosophy be adopted by all leaders involved in 4-H Shooting Sports. WE BELIEVE: Human Growth and development is the primary goal of the 4-H shooting sports program . WE BELIEVE

present and shooting together they will alternate on the shooting line so that the non-shooting archer can act as the lookout. (b) Juniors. When junior archers (ie archers under 18) are shooting individually or in groups they must be supervised by an adult

music (Guitar Hero), to first-person shooter games (Halo), to more civically oriented games (Civilization). Some games have violent content, but by no means all. Almost all youth who play games that contain violent content also play games that do not.2 Youth play these games on computers,

Zero-Sum Games vs. Non-Zero-Sum Games 29 Static vs. Dynamic Games; Repeated Games 30 Cooperative vs. Non-Cooperative Games 30 Other Key Game Theory Concepts 31 Threats and Rewards (Promises) 31 Credibility 31 Sample Game with Threats 31 The Threat as a Strategy 32 Games of Chance: Uncertainty and Risk 32 Chapter 3 Modeling Games with Computer .

series [21], first-person shooting (FPS) games like Capture the Flag [15], video games like Super Smash Bros [6], card games like Poker [3], etc. Nowadays, sophisticated strategy video games attract attention as they capture the nature of the real

and maintaining the 4-H Shooting Sports Program under the guidance of the local K-State Research and Extension agent(s). The county/district 4-H program . must. utilize 4-H shooting sports volunteers that have been screened at local level and certified by the state 4-H shooting sports Level 2 instructors.

4. All certified 4-H shooting sports instructors are a minimum of 21 years of age and have completed a state level 4-H shooting sports workshop in the specific discipline they will be teaching. 5. State level 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor certification workshops provide a minimum of twelve (12)

List of Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Education instructors 4-H Shooting Sports equipment inventory. For all firearms owned by 4-H, be sure to include serial numbers, make, and model A copy of each 4-H Shooting Sports Range Plan (Purdue Risk Management form). This

USA!SHOOTING!PTO February 15, 2014 USA Shooting PTO SANCTIONED BY: USA Shooting SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club CONTACT: Sid Martin , 110 Main Street, Acushnet, MA 02743 INFORMATION: [email protected]!(preferred) or 774 473 7934 (during work hours please leave

edition of the Rifle Shooting merit badge pamphlet, the Boy Scouts of America thanks Charles Mitchell, Howard Q. Moody, and Rudy Dufour of the National Rifle Association; and J. Franklin Sturges Jr., National Camping School shooting sports director, Denver Area Council shooting sports coor

All basketball shooting drills below contain a downloadable and printable PDF with full instructions on how to setup and run the drill, variations, scoring systems, and coaching points to remember. Here are 20 team basketball shooting drills that you can use to keep practices fresh and help your team shoot at a higher percentage.