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U.S.A. Starbucks Coffee Company P.O. Box 34067 Seattle, WA 98124-1067 206-318-1575 Starbucks Coffee Company 2401 Utah Ave. S., Suite 800 Seattle, WA 98134 206-318-1575 EMEA Starbucks Coffee EMEA BV P.O. Box 58081 1040 HJ Amsterdam 31-20-4076500 Starbucks Coffee EMEA BV - Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks has a well-developed supply chain for coffee beans. Starbucks has its Dark Roast Coffee. By roasting the coffee bean dark, Starbucks chooses quality rather than saving raw material cost. For People who serve coffee, Starbucks has its standard coffee making and customer serving principle. Each employee in Starbuck is a well-trained .

2021 Starbucks Coffee Company 11 Starbucks Food Donation Guide HOW WE GOT HERE Starbucks Partners (employees) who live the Starbucks Mission and Values daily in our stores expressed concern about the food that was being thrown away each night. Driven by this concern, Starbucks teamed up with Feeding America in 2016 to develop the

Starbucks' UK unit pays roughly 2 million in interest that is tax deductible a year, lowering its tax bill. For McDonald's UK units, that bill is around 1 million. 942 2,657 Starbucks' tax reduction techniques Starbucks' tax reduction techniques Starbucks' tax reduction techniques In 2009, Starbucks UK told investors it was .

Doraisamy, former Starbucks vice president, investor relations1; Dinah Scherwin, Starbucks project manager associate, investor relations; and Lea Gariando, Starbucks investor relations advisor. Ms. Scherwin and Ms. Gariando do not work in the legal department of Starbucks and are non-lawyer members of the Starbucks team.

six different frameworks, namely, SWOT, PESTLE, VRIO, Customer Analysis, MECE, and Criteria Grid. 3.1 Starbucks' Internal and External Environments Analysis 3.1.1 SWOT of Starbucks Starbucks has a huge market in the coffee industry, and Starbucks stores can be seen in most countries. Among many countries, China is one of Starbucks' larger .

Starbucks purchased in fiscal 2001 and the contracts that Starbucks has negotiated for coffee purchases in fiscal 2002, Starbucks pays an average price of 1.20 per pound, excluding freight, for green coffee purchased in these ways. Outright Prices Coffee prices can be negotiated either at outright prices or in relationship to the

Starbucks Corporation Fiscal 2007 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report 2 SOCIETY 44 Starbucks Community & Growth Impacts 49 Starbucks Community Investments 54 Our Contributions to Communities Around the World 57 The Starbucks Foundation 61 Starbucks Commitment to Health and Wellness 65 Being Responsive to Our Customers 66 Public Policy and Government Affairs

to convince coffee growers to sell to Starbucks --especially since American coffee buyers are notorious purchasers of the "dregs" of the coffee beans. In 1992 Starbucks set a new precedent by outbidding European buyers for the exclusive Narino Supremo Bean crop. 7 Starbucks collaborated with a mill in the tiny town of Pasto, located on the side

1998, Starbucks has soon become the leading coffee shop franchise in Taiwan. According to China Times, there were 350 Starbucks around Taiwan by May 2015. Surprisingly, a hundred NT dollars for a cup of coffee sold at Starbucks did not seem to stop people from going there. It has become the icon of coffee, fashion, and taste.

Nestlé leads the global Coffee category 5 #1 coffee company #1 category for the Group #2 in US with Starbucks 16.4 2.6 2.1 16.6 12.2 1.0 18.7 Retail 8.6 Nestlé sales including Starbucks pro forma Source: Nestle data and estimates of coffee sales Estimated coffee sales Top 3 players (2018, CHF bn) Foodservice Coffee Shops 19% 81% 2018

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was . Peru and first store in Russia in 2007. In February 2016, Starbucks announced that it will enter Italy, its 24th market in Europe and the home of the . Starbucks results for fiscal 2017 continued to demonstrate the strength of its global business