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El Salvador Market entry: 2005 Units: 89 Costa Rica Market entry: 2005 Units: 217 Nicaragua Market entry: 2005 Units: 86 Honduras Market entry: 2005 Units: 81 India Market entry: 2009 Units: 20 Africa Market entry: 2011 Chile Units: 396 Market entry: 2009 Units: 404 Brazil Market entry: 1995 Units: 557 Argentina Market entry: 1995 Units: 105 As .

to forecast aggregate stock returns, we find that it has little predictive power for real activity; the same holds true for many of other stock-market predictors that have been uncovered in the literature. In this sense, the credit market is fundamentally different from the stock market

that Indian Stock market is not weak - form efficient. Chigozie and Okpara (2009) examined the efficiency of Nigerian Stock Market over the period 1984 to 2006 by employing an advance test viz; GARCH (Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Hetroscedasticity) Model. The study reveals that Nigerian Stock market is weak form efficient.

of fundamental analysis is that the price on the stock market does not . analysis come primarily from two groups the proponents of technical analysis and believers of the “efficient market hypothesis” [1]. . Journal of Stock & Forex Trading. Citation: Drakopoulou V (2015) A Review of Fundamental and Technical Stock Analysis Techniques .

of the capital market because it covers the move-ment of stock prices as a whole (Aditya, Sinaga, & Maulana, 2018) so that the CSPI can be used as a benchmark for investors to invest. The ups and downs of stock prices is a move-ment in stock price called volatility. Volatility is a statistical measure for changes in the price of a se-

1.4 Equity 5 1.5 Real estate 6 1.6 Commodity - Bullion 6 1.7 A note on investments 7 1.8 What are the things to know before investing 7 2 Regulators 9 2.1 What is a stock market? 9 2.2 Stock market participants and the need to regulate them 10 2.3 The Regulator 11 3 Financial Intermediaries 15 3.1 Overview 15 3.2 The Stock broker 16

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Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, lst Floor, New Trading Ring, Rotunda Bldg, P.J. Tower, Dalal Street, Mumbai — 400001 BSE Stock Code: 500083 To, The Listing Department, National Stock Exchange of India Limited, Exchange Plaza, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai ‘400051 NSE Stock Cod

Bombay Stock Exchange Limited National Stock Exchange of India Limited . website of the Stock Exchange where shares of the Company are listed Le.; company s website . (OAVM) and same approved, The Annual Report the Financial Year 2019-20 Company would be th

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Strategies involving a single option and a stock l There are multiple trading strategies involving a single option on a stock and the stock itself. l Long position in a stock short position in a European call option: “writing a covered call”. l Short position in a stock long position in a European call option