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tiny homes, their structures, and demographics of users, 2) reviewing the problems associated with tiny homes and why they are not more generally accepted, 3) considering the benefits associated with tiny homes, 4) analysis of how other jurisdictions have dealt with tiny homes, 5) examining the keys to an effective ordinance to regulate tiny homes.

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Bathroom - Ceramic tiles, builders selected colour board range not exceeding 22 SQM WC/Powder Room - Ceramic tile, builders selected colour board range not exceeding 22 SQM Laundry - Ceramic tiles, builders selected colour board range not exceeding 22 SQM Ensuite - Ceramic tiles, builders

Page 1 Builders FRAMEWORK JUNE 2016 June 16, 5:00 Need more info? Click link to the FABA website: FABAVA.COM Volume 11, Issue 6 A publication of the Fredericksburg Area Builders Framework

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safety requirements of Ontario’s Building Code, municipal zoning and other local by-laws. Tiny homes must also have necessary servicing such as water and sewage. Tiny home sizes The size of a tiny home varies from municipality to municipality, depending on standards set out in zoning by-laws.

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DR. WANG'S PALO ALTO TINY BASIC Tiny Basic was first proposed in Dr. Dobb's Journal. Li-Chen Wang's version of Palo Alto Tiny Basic originally appeared in Issue No.5, May 1976 of Dr. Dobb's Journal. A complete listing was printed, but Dr. Wang did the assemb

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Radio Remote Manual Tiny Fogger Viper NT Fog Machine Author: Look Solutions Subject: Radio Remote Manual Tiny Fogger Viper NT Fog Machine Keywords: Radio Remote Manual Tiny Fogger Viper NT Fog Machine Created Date: 4/11/2006 1:47:19 PM