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Hållbar konsumtion och produktion för en cirkulär ekonomi 17 ENERGI/BIOENERGI 19 GIFTFRI MILJÖ 21 Miljömålsrådets nya åtgärder 2019 23 Myndighetsnätverk och gemensamma arbetsinsatser - för ökad samverkan kunskap och ett effektivare åtgärdsarbete med förorenade sediment 23 GRÖN INFRASTRUKTUR OCH LANDSKAP 25

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The standard, as well as the partnership, is called AUTOSAR, which stands for Automotive Open System Architecture. The partnership was founded in 2002, initially by BMW, Bosch, Continental, DamienChrysler, and Volkswagen, with Siemens joining the partnership shortly thereafter. [6]

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Forskargruppen som genomför uppdraget kommer från SLU och Folkhälsokansliet, Västra Götalandsregionen. Styrgrupp Ann Dolling, forskare SLU Umeå ... hund och katt var dog$ or canine$ samt cat$ or feline$, samt pet$ för samtliga smådjur. För ... stress. Kvalitativa variabler som lugn och minskad ångest bekräftar de fysiologiska effekterna.

Working Paper No. 597, 2003 - IFN, Institutet för .

# We are grateful to Per Johansson, Erik Mellander, Harald Niklasson and seminar participants at IFAU and IUI for helpful comments. Financial support from the Institute of Labour Market Pol-icy Evaluation (IFAU) and Marianne and Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse is gratefully acknowl-edged. ∗ Corresponding author. IUI, Box 5501, SE-114 85 ...

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2000 Deponiskatt 2009 Certifiering av kompost inom Europa ... methods supporting these treatment methods. Table 1. Policy instruments that are presented in the report ... 2008 Green book: Management of bio waste (EU) 2010 Strategy for the use of biogas

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Bruksanvisning – säkerhet vid operationer checklista, mars 2009 Originaltitel: Implementation manual WHO surgical safety checklist 1st edition – safe surgery saves lives 2008 (TR/08/217) 10 Så här använder du checklistan: i korthet En specifik pers

Patientinformation för vård i hemmet

Patientinformation för vård i hemmet Datum: Din sköterska: Din läkare: Andra användbar

SAP Product Road Map

Introduction to product road maps Purpose Product road maps are designed to support the product adoption planning activities of SAP customers. A product road map helps a customer match short term and long term goals with technology plans. A product road map describes how the feature / function capabilities in an SAP product or technology are planned to progress over time, in general: Today ...


6 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Product dimensions HC60PLX4 HC90PLX4 PRODUCT DIMENSIONS mm mm A Overall height of product min. 610 – max. 1050 min. 610 – max. 1050 B Overall width of product 598 898 C Overall depth of product 500 500 D Height of product 80 80 E Width of chimney 320 320 F Depth of chimney 290 290 G Distance from centre of ducting outlet to back of product 80 80

Unit Testing of Java EE Web Applications

appendix a: mockito unit testing tutorial.....52 a.1 downloading the necessary files..... 52 a.2 implementing mockito to your java ee web project..... 52 a.3 setting up ... appendix b: selenium framework tutorial .....66 b.1 downloading the necessary files ...

 ing and Installing QGIS - NASA

configure QGIS (Quantum GIS). This exercise contains three parts: 1. About QGIS 2. Downloading and Installing QGIS 3. QGIS Plugins PART 1: About QGIS Quantum GIS (QGIS) is an Open Source Geographic Information System. QGIS is available at no cost to users and provides an alternative to costly GIS software. The QGIS software package

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Thanks for downloading the Free English Grammar E-Book Level 2 – I hope it helps you with your English studies! If you have any questions about the lessons, please e-mail me at [email protected] Espresso English has over 300 fun, fast online English lessons ( You can also sign up to get new English lessons

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Statements Analysis By David Harper ... Thanks very much for downloading the printable version of this tutorial. As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions. ... However, for better or worse, the technical classifications of some cash flows are not intuitive. Below we recast the "natural" order of cash flows into their technical


One final control mechanism becomes important in energy metabolism. This involves so-called product inhibition of individual enzymes in metabolic pathways. The inhibitory product can be the specific product of the enzyme in question, or can be a product of an enzyme further down the pathway. Also, product inhibition can involve blockage of the

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There is no federal product liability law in the US. Typically, product liability claims are based on state laws, and brought to court under the theories of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty. If a company decides to begin exporting its product or enter an overseas market, additional international product liability insurance is ...


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1 PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT Product Name: NUTO H 32 Product Description: Base Oil and Additives Product Code: 20156010H520, 583195-00, 97N580 Intended Use: Hydraulic fluid COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Supplier: EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION 3225 GALLOWS RD. FAIRFAX, VA. 22037 USA

Agile Product Management with Scrum

development teams. In Agile Product Management with Scrum, you’ll see how a product owner differs from a traditional product manager having a greater level of responsibility for the success of the product. The book clearly outlines and contrasts the different behav-iors between the traditional and the agile role.

Magento Features List

4 Magento Features List • View multiple images per product • Zoom-in on product images • Include swatches to show colors, fabrics, and more • Set related products, up-sell, and cross-sell • Display stock availability Product Browsing • Show pricing tiers • Show product option selection • Include grouped products view • Include option to add product to wish list

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production or delivered directly into the pipeline, shall be tested by ASTM D7371 or EN 14078. FAME result must be below the detection limit of the test method used. SEGREGATED PRODUCTS FOR WHICH SPECIFICATIONS HAVE NOT BEEN ISSUED LPG PRODUCT PRODUCT CRUDE OIL PRODUCT CODE OTHER PRODUCT PRODUCT NAME CODE BBUTY CODE NAME BB Stock

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Peacock of the History Division for all their help. Dr. Asif Siddiqi, an expert in Russian space history, also contributed a great deal by reviewing the man-uscript. Thanks also to the various peer reviewers who provided much useful feedback. Special thanks also go to the fine professionals in the NASA Headquarters Printing and Design office.

Thanks! A Strengths-Based Gratitude Curriculum for Tweens .

Thanks! A Strengths-Based Gratitude Curriculum for Tweens and Teens Introduction How To Use The Lessons In describing the design of the gratitude curriculum, lead researcher Dr. Giacomo Bono writes: Gratitude interventions for students should start by identifying and engaging students’ character strengths and

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“Genetic Algorithms in Control Systems Engineering” (GR/J17920). Many thanks are due to Hartmut Pohlheim, a visiting researcher from the Technical University Ilmenau, Germany, for the support for real-valued genetic algorithms and his hard work in coding and revising many of the routines in this Toolbox. Thanks are also

Getting to the Top of Mind: How Reminders Increase Saving

Thanks to the management at Ecofuturo in Bolivia, Bank of Ica in Peru and the First Valley Bank in the Philippines and John Owens from the MABS program in Philippines. Thanks to Kareem Haggag and Martin Rotemberg for assistance with data analysis. ... Getting to the Top of Mind: How Reminders Increase Saving 3

5th Grade Earth Science: Weather Unit

5. th. Grade Earth Science: Weather Unit . ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS . Many thanks to Dan Schnitzer, Coretta Sharpless, Kirtisha Jones and the many wonderful teachers and support staff at Northside Elementary for their participation in and support of the Northside OWL Initiative. Thanks to Chip Konrad, UNC Professor and Director of the South East ...

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and learning in Africa. Special thanks to the UNESCO Institute for Capac-ity Building in Africa (IICBA) for sending a re s o u r ce person from Dakar. The third edition of the ERNWACA Small Grants program for education re s e a r ch is being launched this January 2007 thanks to continuing support f r om UEMOA and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign ...

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A game by Julian Allain Illustrated by Djib Graphic design by Funforge Studio Rules editing: Nathan Morse The designer thanks: Thanks to Solal, Arnaud, Jérémy, Leo-games, Awami, Jeuvalier Tony, the Funforge team, Patatore, la Cacahuète, the Rennes Gang of Game Designers, Jeuvalier Arnaud, Furyo San, the Gaming Hour café, Ewan

Distance Education for Teacher Training: Modes, Models .

Barbara Treacy, Director, EdTech Leaders Online, Learning and Teaching Division at EDC Particular thanks to Andrea Osborne-Smith, International Technical Advisor, International Development Division at EDC for her careful edits to this guide. Also, my thanks to the Creative Services team at EDC for their expertise in designing and copyediting this

City of Glass

Cassandra Clare. For my mother. I only count the hours that shine. Acknowledgments When you look back on writing a book, you cant help but realize what a group effort it all is, and how quickly the whole thing would sink like the Titanic if you didn't have the help of your friends. With that in mind: Thanks to the NB Team and the Massachusetts All-Stars; thanks to Elka, Emily, and Clio for ...


This portion of the study will show what type individual personalities are dominant in each of the leadership ... it is to her that I give thanks for the professionalism of this project. A special thanks to Dr. David Bitters for his extensive knowledge and vast assistance with the statistical analysis portion of this study.

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sissy. I know I don’t always act like it, but I’m glad when you walk over to my house and come in the back door without knocking. You are wonderful with words both spoken and written. Thanks for letting me learn from you. Many thanks to Kanika, Michelle, and Wynter who let me borrow their


Thanks to those Hungarian friends and colleagues of the author who supported the research with their insights, information, and observations. Special thanks for the commitment of the members of the 25/88th Light Mixed Battalion, the 34th Bercsényi László Special Operations Battalion, and the Joint Forces Command of the Hungarian Defense Forces.


This book is a joint project of Tanbou/Trilingual Press and the Collective of Liberation Poetry. Trilingual Youth Books . The Anthology of Liberation Poetry Edited by Tontongi and Jill Netchinsky Trilingual Press Cambridge, Massachusetts. Acknowledgment and Thanks Special thanks to Anna Salamone for logistical support and for indefatigable and invaluable work as the publicist of the Collective ...

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This document is the result of a collaborative effort between the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA) and the Office of School Improvement. The Michigan Department of Education thanks and appreciates MSTA's contribution to developing the science examples for the Writing Across the Curriculum document. Special thanks to:

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All: We are God’s people and the sheep of God’s pasture. Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving, and God’s courts with praise. Leader: Give thanks to God; bless God’s name. All: And, we do give thanks, O God, for Rev. Dr. Valerie Jackson’s charge to minister among and with your people here at University Park United Methodist Church!

The geopolitical role of South Africa in Africa

the Western Cape. This report was written by Mart Leys, with the exception of chapter 3.1 and chapter 6, which were written by Mart Leys and Lisa Thompson. Thanks to the following people and organizations for their invaluable assistance in pre-paring this report: Special thanks to Koen de Feyter (Antwerp University) and Lisa Thompson (Uni-

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Special thanks also to Helen McMahan for the "Chakra Meditation" that appears in this book and for all her other help. To Dave and Jo Bahn, who helped in so many ways. To Richard Gilbert, for compiling the chart on the Chakras of the Seven Bodies and Planes. Thanks also to Jim Blackfeather, Marge Schulz, Ruth Allen, Aaron

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Special thanks to the Fritzing team: some of the electronic com-ponents illustrations used in the book are taken or modified from the open-source Fritzing project ( Heartfelt thanks to Paul Badger for the CapacitiveSensor library used in Project 13. The text of the Arduino Projects Book is licensed under a Creative

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6 I ArcelorMittal Construction I Composite floor decking. REI [min] 30 60 90 120 Tjocklek bjälklag [mm] 80 100 120 140 Enligt EN1994-1-2 4.3.2, är Cofraplus® 45-bjälklag i grundutförande REI 30. För högre brandklasser går det komplettera med undertak och/eller extra underkantsarmering. Dessa läggs i underkant på bjälklaget.

Pathogenesis and risk factors of feline . - SLU.SE

Pathogenesis and risk factors of feline infectious peritonitis Kristian Arkela Handledare: Mikael Berg, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, institutionen för biomedicin och veterinär folkhälsovetenskap

User manual 8099WR - Hylte Jakt & Lantman

50–60 Hz. Använd endast Genzo originalladdare. Vid laddning skall radion vara avstängd. För att erhålla lång livslängd på batteriet är det viktigt att batteriet laddas på rätt sätt. Första gången skall batteriet laddas mellan 24-48 timmar. Det är helt normalt att batteriet blir ljummet under laddning.