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2013 Geof Spalding, All Rights Reserved, No part of this book may be used or reproduced stored in or introduced into a retrieval system. or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express written consent of the Publisher. of this book, First published by Dog Ear Publishing. 4010 W 86th Street Ste H, Indianapolis IN 46268, www dogearpublishing net. ISBN 978 1 4575 473 8, This book is printed on acid free paper. This book is a work of fiction Places events and situations in this book are purely fictional. and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is coincidental. Printed in the United States of America, Acknowledgements.
T his book was a labour of love written to honour three won. derful teachers and their teachings about the 33 Energies of Man. How do you thank someone for the spark that lit up your life How can. you thank someone for giving you a teaching that changed the way you saw. the world How can you thank someone for sending you off on an immortal. quest that will continue for the rest of your life. The only way I could thank them was by writing this little book a book. dedicated to the teaching that was brought to me in three different forms from. three different energies all of which were tapped into the 33 energies of man. I was introduced to these teachings in a seminar called The 33 Steps by. Stuart Wilde I was so engrossed and fascinated that I knew my life would. never be the same again It was a similar feeling when I was in the audience. when Glynn Braddy shared a teaching called the Elements of Man based on. an earlier teaching given by Old Chinese, The last thirty years of my life have been dedicated to understanding these. two teachings Old Chinese delivered hundreds of teachings over a number of. years and his many students such as Stuart Wilde Glynn Braddy Denise. Linn and others have taken his teachings out into the world In my own way. I have tried to share what I have learnt through my 33rd Sage Series of books. iv The Way of the Initiate, The 33 Energies of man although it spoke about the energies that govern. the evolution of our planet also appeared to be a blueprint for how we can live. a more spiritual life or follow the path of the Initiate It was this aspect that. Stuart Wilde shared in his workshops, I have come to understand that each of these 33 energies exists within each. one of us and that to follow the Way of the Initiate is to understand and bring. forth these 33 energies into your own life, It is with a great deal of love and joy that I dedicate this book book to Old. Chinese Chung Fu Stuart Wilde and Glynn Braddy, The Way Of The.
The Way of the Initiate, Legend of the 33rd Sage, T he 33 Sages of the Plum Red Robes were an order of Old. Chinese Taoist monks who lived over 2500 years ago The Taoist sages revered. the Winter Solstice as their most sacred day of the year The Winter Solstice. marked the longest night of the year where the sun is then reborn bringing. in a new energy, The sages travelled the countryside walking from village to village teach. ing and healing people and helping in whatever way they could They had. great wisdom and had reached that elusive point in their knowledge that many. on the inner journey strive for an ego less state of spirituality and conscious. ness where one s sense of self and the eternal nature of things are one The sages. were greatly revered, It was their tradition to go out and travel the land and teach they all knew. it was important for them to live with the Elements Some taught agriculture. and animal husbandry while others taught writing painting and literature. still others were knowledgable in matters of science and astronomy and there. were those like the 33rd Sage who were healers and spiritual teachers Each. travelled and taught what they knew but all taught their students about the. inner journey, It was their tradition for all 33 Sages to return to the monastery in time for. the Winter Solstice which was the most spiritual and sacred time of the year. It marked the lowest ebb of the old sun and heralded in the birth of the new. viii The Way of the Initiate, Legend has it that when it was time for the 33rd Sage to give up his posi.
tion and move on to other dimensions he chose to stay and walk the Earth. and teach students about the power of nature and the infinite self The old sage. put on his plum red robe and cinched up his plum red belt As he walked. through the forest tears escaped from the old man s eyes as he knew this. would be the last time he would ever see his beloved Forest of K an It was not. like he was dying for in many ways that would have been easier to deal with. It had been his own choice a choice he had made after many years of con. templation It had been time for a new sage to take his place As the 33rd Sage. he could have stayed in the Forest of K an by the lake of Li for the rest of his. life But the time had come when he realized that there was still more he had. to do and it was to be done in the world of real people not in the protected. world of the brotherhood, He had come from the people of the land and to the people of the land he. would return It had been over fifty five years since he had been taken in by the. Brotherhood as a young student and it was now time for him to take his. teachings out into the world There were some amongst the Brotherhood who. were against him going back into the world of people There was much that. he could teach them that would change their evolution and some of the other. sages believed that man was not ready to hear these teachings Even though he. had relinquished his position as the 33rd sage the sages of the Plum Red Robe. suggested that he should stay with them and only go out amongst the people. in short spells where his energy would lift them still allowing their evolution. to take place at a slower rate, The old sage had seen the future and he understood the need for the. quickening Man was coming towards the end of a world cycle and without. the quickening there would be a great cataclysm There was still time but man. had to learn a new way they had to learn to reconnect with nature and the. higher spirit in themselves The other members of the White Brotherhood as. they were also known wanted man to take responsibility for what they had. created But the 33rd Sage was different he was human unlike many of the. brotherhood who had incarnated into the Earth plane from other dimensions. He loved his fellow humans and saw beyond their fear frustration anger and. Geof Spalding ix, judgement He could see and feel the true potential in the hearts of each one. of them It was a hard decision to leave the brotherhood but his kind his peo. ple his beloved fellow men and women were at stake. It was three days before the solstice and the sage must prepare them It was a. well known saying one that he used on many occasions although most. times it was used in conjunction with preparing one student Now time was. short he would have to find many students then after teaching them they. would go out into the world and teach others He stopped by the lake of Li. for one last look and could not help but sit once again upon the old rock. he had used when he had taught his students there would be no teaching. today in the Forest of K an by the Lake of Li though for this was the last time. he would ever look on the lands that been his home for fifty five years. Sitting by the lake of Li in the Forest of K an the old sage started to day. dream back to a time when he first came there with the previous 33rd Sage to. learn about the seasons within man and mankind It seemed so long ago but. in his mind s eye it was as fresh as yesterday Where has the time gone he asked. himself As the sun went down over the Lake of Li in the Forest of K an the. old man began to remember other lives and other dimensions The Lake of Li. had always been his touchstone whenever he gazed into her lapping waters he. could always look into a deeper part of himself He used the lake like many of. the magicians used crystal balls he would just sit and stare then his focus went. within and all at once his awareness seemed to change and there would be pic. tures forming in his mind He wondered whether he would be able to still. have these moments when he left the Lake of Li in the Forest of K an With. that thought tears began to stream from his eyes There would have been a. time when he would have chastised himself for such emotion but now it was. what it was There was no longer any need to deny who or what he was. The rest of his life and it would be an extremely long life would be spent. walking the Earth meeting students by accident and sharing his teachings and. changing their lives forever, x The Way of the Initiate. The sage made the journey from the Forest of K an to the village of his. birth It had taken him twenty long days yet he did not feel tired There were. days when he was offered food by the farmers or those he met on the path and. there were days when he either met no one or was offered nothing It was nei. ther good nor bad it just was as it was He slipped into the town in the dead. of night rolled out his sleeping bag in the village square and went to sleep. During the night without his knowledge he was surrounded by ruffians. who were about to attack him and steal what provisions he had If it had hap. pened it would not have been good or bad it just was I say if it happened. because the most amazing thing occurred As they came closer to him animals. came from the forest and surrounded the old sage The ruffians had never seen. the likes of it before The leader ordered his men to attack but no sooner had. they moved forward than the wolves growled and the water buffalo pounded. their hooves ready for a charge It was weird mortal enemies the wolf and the. water buffalo were standing side by side defending the old sage The closer. the ruffians came the more the animals growled and stamped their feet In the. end it was too much for the ruffians and they ran away leaving their leader. to either fight or run Of course he ran as something you fear holds no power. when you can go beyond it, The old sage smiled to himself and continued his deep sleep in which he.
was more aware than when he was fully awake It was in those moments that. he was closer to his higher self and his higher self knew everything and was. even connected with the animals in the forest who came to protect him. The old sage knew there was a child who had been watching him from. behind the barn a child he would meet in the morning. As the sun came up over the village the old sage woke to find himself sur. rounded by many of the villagers He smiled to himself how people feared. what they did not understand When he stood all the villagers took a pace. back while at the same time holding out swords axes wooden staffs and any. thing else they could find for protection, Why is it that you fear me the old man asked. At first there was no reply as the villagers took another step back Then the. crowd separated and from the crowd ventured a young boy When people. Geof Spalding xi, looked at the young boy the villagers could only see his disfigurement When. the old sage looked at the boy he did not see the scars on the boy s face or the. slight crippling of his left arm what he saw was the beauty of the spirit in the. young boy s heart As the villagers turned their eyes away from the boy he. said Old man they are scared of you because they think that you are a magi. cian who will trick them out of all their money and possessions. What about you young man What do you think, The boy looked at the old man for a few seconds then rubbed his chin as. if pondering the question I would think that you would be a traveler who. slept here overnight and are just passing through You have no carriage or ani. mals so even if you were after our possessions you would have no way of car. rying them Your robes are not those of a great magician but the robes of a. monk The boy smiled and moved closer to the old sage then sat down next. to the old man As he did two dragonflies flew from the forest and landed on. the young boy s shoulders, The old sage looked down at the young boy and smiled he was the one he. had come to find How is it that you know such things my son. My mother before she died in the fire the boy said a tear escaping from. his left eye would tell me great stories about travelers like you who wandered. from town to town and country to country teaching people the most won. drous things When I saw you in the square last night surrounded by all the. animals I knew it to be true I was going to come to you then but you looked. so peaceful when you slept that I did not want to wake you. The old sage sat down next to the young boy with the dragonflies on his. shoulders and for a few minutes they just stared into each other s eyes The vil. lagers moved closer still holding their weapons still not sure whether the old. man would harm them or trick them, It was while looking into the young man s eyes that the old sage began to.
recognize who the young man really was and who he had been in lives long. past A tear escaped from the old man s eye The young boy had suffered. greatly in his life but it was because of that suffering that the young boy could. Stuart Wilde shared in his workshops I have come to understand that each of these 33 energies exists within each one of us and that to follow the Way of the Initiate is to understand and bring forth these 33 energies into your own life It is with a great deal of love and joy that I dedicate this book book to Old

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