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Who are the dominant voices were more likely to identify dominant say as Raphael Anzenberger does. speaking for Europe within the or dominating voices Peruvian that dominant voices typically come. churches or mission networks with missiologist and London based pastor from English speaking nations and. which you are most familiar Samuel Cueva noted that dominant Scandinavia the positive news is that. voices are still the western church other perspectives and other voices. Not surprisingly our respondents, and that any movement towards may increasingly be being heard. answers depended very much on their,polycentrism and reciprocity in. own context Some interpreted Whose voices are marginalised and. European mission is a very slow, dominant to mean as we intended ignored in discussions about the. process Similarly Usha Reifsnider of, rather too outspoken powerful or health of the Church and mission in. OCMS and the Centre for,vocal whilst other respondents Europe.
Missionaries from the Majority World,interpreted dominant to mean. notes Western dominance and This second question follows naturally. simply the leading voices or, specifically that greater financial from the first since some voices. authorities, resources give the American dominate we asked specifically about. So in terms of dominant voices Evangelical voice the which voices are. speaking for Europe it is not most prominence marginalised and or. There are several, surprising that respondents within Europe A third examples of young ignored Of course. mentioned the Evangelical European perspective from female leaders having we must acknowledge. Alliance EEA and the European within migrant or an incredible impact in the paradox of asking. Evangelical Mission Association diaspora communities their communities but about who we are. EEMA as well as the Pentecostal comes from Dr whose voices are not unaware of by. European Fellowship and the Harvey Kwiyani who currently being heard definition it is difficult. Conference of European Churches as says that dominant if not impossible to. well as national evangelical alliances voices are mainly white Europeans identify who s in our blind spots But. Oth er movem en ts me ntion ed who damningly more often than some groups of people were identified. included Hillsongs Alpha 3DM and not seem to have no real as being marginalised including. networks of Baptist leaders A large understanding of what current mission women migrants young people and. number of individual leading voices in Europe needs to do specific denominations or churches. were mentioned too many to, A note of optimism however comes As the list of participants in this.
mention here but including Pete, from Jeff Carter who as a North research itself demonstrates female. Greig Jeff Fountain Matthew Skirton, American Baptist provides an voices are outnumbered by male ones. Karl Martin Rich Robinson Miriam, outsider s perspective on European As Tony Peck General Secretary of. Swafield Sara Breuel and the Anglican, mission Jeff observes that churches the European Baptist Federation. Bishop in Europe Robert Innes, in the former Soviet occupied notes in some parts of Europe.
alongside Vista s own Jim Memory, territories have started to raise their women s voices are marginalised and. Significantly representatives of voices and are being more respected ignored and their leadership gifts are. migrant churches and movements in conversations about evangelism suppressed Leaders of mission. offered a different perspective and and mission So whilst it may be fair to agencies shared this view women s. voices are effectively marginalised Others thought to be marginalised s o m e c o u n tr ies th a t h a v e. because most church and mission within European mission include deliberately invited them to the. leaders are male points out Kent Pentecostals Orthodox and table and work side by side for the. Anderson British Director of ECM Catholics especially the youth sake of the Gospel. And Greater Europe Mission s John movements and those involved in. Other respondents also added, Gilb erts men tion ed several the revitalization of the Catholic. specific examples from within ethnic, examples of young female leaders Church according to John Gilberts. minorities and migrant churches, having an incredible impact in their and others Similarly Cueva. Mike Betts of NewFrontiers, communities but whose voices are indicates that missionaries from.
suggests we need to heed those, not being heard in any discussions independent churches and non. who have converted from Islamic, about mission in Europe conventional missionaries who may. nations as we face increased,not be connected to, The most common response to this multiculturalism in. a sending agency are,question however was that most European. excluded from,migrants those from outside of nations And.
conversations about, Europe were being systematically Raphael Anzenberger. European mission, ignored and marginalised This was argues we should be. The final type of,mentioned by all types of listening to voices. marginalisation,respondent with the most from countries. mentioned was that,enlightening responses coming not where there are.
based on ethnicity or, surprisingly from representatives of significant evangelistic. another identity,migrant and diaspora churches and missionary. including people,Samuel Cueva suggests that breakthroughs such. from Eastern or,diaspora mission leaders are not as Spain France. South Eastern, being heard but one of the Photo Creative Commons RamYoga Czechia and North.
Europe and Roma,reasons for that is a lack of Macedonia Those. involvement in critical reflection by Which of these marginalised working there evidently have much. for example Latin American voices do you think most urgently experience worth sharing. leaders working in Europe Harvey deserve to be heard. Amongst the migrant church, Kwiyani argued that conversations Of course all marginalised groups respondents Samuel Cueva. are happening around diaspora and voices deserve to be included advocated for urgently listening to. missiology but that regrettably and listened to However it may be independent church leaders. these are taking place among that some voices need to be heard specifically those who have. diaspora people but draw little more urgently emerged from non conventional. interest from local mission leaders, Amongst our respondents there missions activity or diaspora. Some of the most insightful, was widespread recognition of the mission many of these will be. comments came from, fact that Christian Pentecostals or Charismatics Usha.
Usha Reifsnider who, There needs to be a migrants with a Reifsnider stressed the importance. noted that majority, concerted effort to ministry in Europe of listening to those leading African. world voices have, allow new migrant Latino and Asian mission initiatives. more influence today churches to the table deserve to be heard. urgently This is the in Europe that are pioneering. than ever before but for conversations,argument of Frank outreach beyond their own. still operate within a around evangelism,Hinkelmann writing ethnicities.
western paradigm and and mission, continue to view on behalf of the EEA Other respondents argued that we. their identity through who notes a collective should be most urgently listening to. the lens created by the West and failure to invite and to include the those leading youth movements. reinforced through colonialism migrant church to our national and across Europe those working. postcolonialism and European floor Jeff Carter amongst disaffected Catholics. neocolonialism Usha concludes concurs that there needs to be a female leaders and missionaries. that non Western voices not concerted effort to allow new and with great biblical precedent. dependent on the approval migrant churches to the table for listening to the voices of widows. resources and influence of Western conversations around evangelism and orphans and those working. theology are ignored both by the and mission Encouragingly he with and alongside them. West and the majority world reports bright pinpoints of light in. How can we make sure that these European churches as well as a opportunities to provide venues and. voices are heard What kinds of willingness to interact with them by conferences to invite dialogue and. platform can we provide for them the new migrant European Harvey Kwiyani identified the. to speak from churches importance of having platforms. where we all engage one another as, Given our tentative identification of However there were also two. equals helping one another see God, s o m e o f th e v o ic e s b e in g words of warnings from different. in a new light and learning from one, marginalised or ignored within perspectives Kent Anderson of ECM. another In a similar vein there, European mission today the next cautioned that discernment remains.
were also pleas for mission, step is obvious how can we do necessary when selecting or listening. gatherings to be characterised by, more to help these voices be heard to alternative voices Not every. even more sharing openness and,young or ethnic voice has something. This was widely acknowledged to be togetherness for example John. important to say Those who have, a tricky question though a range Gilberts urged the formation of. however should be quoted and, of options were hopefully suggested new non denominational or cross.
promoted whenever possible by, In terms of practical barriers denominational gatherings and that. more mainstream leaders The, preventing some from participating agencies and churches share. second word of warning comes from, Raphael Anzenberger noted that European superstars with high. Usha Reifsnider of the Centre for, the issue of English as a language is profile within their domain. Missionaries from the Majority,a huge one unless there are strong.
World Current Tony Peck argued that,mechanisms to ensure translation. leaders and influencers The very act of giving the best way to ensure. no matter what the platform is their voice to another can at. should try to be that the widest range, voice won t be heard Other church times remain an exercise. involved in the world of voices is heard is by, leaders emphasized the role of in control if we are the. of others and allow ones determining the our having a Gospel. regional forums and the importance, them to create platform or the terms of g e n e r o s i t y that. of raising indigenous leaders from,platforms that are the debate embraces healthy.
amongst the different nations and,beyond your ability to diversity as a gift and. ethnicities, imagine The very act of giving not a problem and ensuring that all. A first step towards including power or voice to another can at parts of the diverse evangelical family. marginalised voices will need to be times remain an exercise in control are included. positively affirming them says Tony if we remain the ones determining. From amongst the respondents for, Peck of the European Baptist the platform or the terms of the. this research came several cris de,Federation and deliberately ensuring debate. coeur for Western Europeans or,that in any organised events.
What can be done to ensure the those representing traditional and. different voices e g men s and, widest possible range of voices established churches to learn from. women s are equally featured in, continue to be heard by the global others Be prepared to learn from. the discussion of issues that concern, evangelical community that people who do not look sound. us Other respondents also spoke, supports mission in Europe teach train and practise the way you. of steps that need to be taken to,always have implores Usha.
create intentional relationships and Again there was a wide range of. Reifsnider who argues that since, to invite members of emerging suggestions and an acknowledgement. the highest proportion of Christ, mission movements into reciprocal that there may be no easy solutions. followers are now from the Majority, collaborations Interestingly several Perhaps the most popular suggestion. World and women then theology, respondents used the metaphor of was more gatherings where different. and mission should follow suit Like, inviting others to the God s table voices can be heard and dialogue.
Usha Jeff Carter emphasizes the role, and this is indeed a rich metaphor entered into For Daniel Costanza of. of seminaries and mission training, with powerful connotations the Pentecostal European Fellowship. colleges across Europe which he,something like a three yearly. The EEA s Frank Hinkelmann rightly believes should be teaching inclusive. consultation involving key, stressed the importance of two and embracing ministry it s a. movements would be desirable, directional openness requiring a brand new world let s listen to one.
Similarly Jeff Carter called for more,changed mindset by the old another. A final way to ensure that evangelicals,are listening to the widest possible. range of voices is to be a spiritually,aware people As Richard Bromley of. the Intercontinental Church Society,notes we need to be generous in. our listening and see what the Spirit is,saying a point echoed by Samuel.
Cueva who calls the Church to,recognise that in Europe God is on. the move and He is doing something,different Listening to God and. listening to marginalised or minority,voices should be twin priorities for. the European church, In what ways do you or your indigenous work Approximately mission partners working with. agency church make a distinct 15 000 new believers are reported to European mission partners in. contribution in outlining a vision or be the fruit of this initiative Europe according to Cueva s. addressing a challenge for mission examples With something of an. Others emphasized their role in,in Europe outsider s perspective on Europe Jeff.
creating partnerships and were keen,Carter also highlighted the. In answering this question to stress the genuineness of such. importance of filial respect and, respondents demonstrated a wide partnerships John Gilberts of Greater. mutual support, range of approaches and contributions Europe Mission described how they. to mission in Europe Some saw one create church to Some specific. of their key contributions as being an church partnerships The importance of examples were also. ability to draw people together such and with 70 years relationships is stressed given Richard. as a yearly conference gathering experience have a specifically two way and Bromley of ICS saw. leaders from across the unique role in equal ones their distinct. continent Daniel Costanza of PEF effectively bringing US contribution as a. or a think tank of national leaders and Canadian churches together with frontier agency to be always. as reported by Raphael Anzenberger some of the best on the ground pushing challenging the Anglican. whose organization already draws in ministries in Europe Key to this is church to adapt and faithfully reach. leaders from 16 European countries GEM s ability to smooth intercultural out to what is not what was Dr. who discuss mission strategy together issues and help both sides avoid the Harvey Kwiyani Programme Leader. more information is at nc2p org typical bumps in the road of MA African Christianity at. Representatives of migrant churches Liverpool Hope University explained. The European Evangelical Alliance s, and diaspora movements also stressed how his focus is on providing cross. Frank Hinkelmann explained how the, the importance of relationships cultural training to diaspora.
EEA s unique contribution was, specifically two way and equal ones Christians in the UK and across. equipping national Evangelical, Samuel Cueva of the Misi n para el Europe And Joke Haaijer of. Alliances and helping them establish, Tercer Milenio Movement MTM OneHope saw their distinctive as. networks and special interest groups, explained their work to develop two activating churches for missions to. within their countries to reach out to, way mission bridges for the fulfilment children and youth.
their fellow countrymen Others,of God s mission in all continents and. echoed this emphasis on equipping Overall therefore we see a wide. promotion of a theology of reciprocal, people to work within their own range of contributions towards. mission collaboration This, culture for example the European outlining a vision for mission in. reciprocity was seen as essential and, Baptist Foundation has empowered Europe including facilitating. it was deemed necessary to be, some 250 people to plant churches in improving communication equipping.
intentional about working towards it, their own culture and the EBF s role partnering challenging training and. as in the case of Latin American,is to provide support for this mobilising. Speaking on behalf of your because our understanding of Europe similar chord with his claim that. network agency or church what do helps frame our missional despite spiritual fatigue in the. you think is the most important approaches Pulling no punches church in Europe there is still hope. message to be communicated about American Jeff Carter notes that for Europe because the Gospel. mission in Europe today Europe has drifted from being the always produces hope peace justice. foundation of the Christian faith to a and freedom The current state of. This question elicited some very, secular wasteland that is a shadow of Europe should therefore be seen as a. passionate interesting and profound, its former glory in which the great opportunity for the whole. reflections Overall there was,young are no longer interested or global church.
universal acceptance that Europe is a,even aware of their spiritual need. valid mission field For others the key message to be. a point that was Be prepared to learn and be led But others found communicated relates to how. stressed by by people from places signs of vitality Christians must work together in this. Harvey Kwiyani generations cultures languages and reasons for challenging European context Raphael. and also by Kent and ideologies that you never encouragement Anzenberger finds it really exciting. Anderson who considered Richard Bromley that European countries and their. u s e d t h e of ICS says that churches are collaborating together. provocative phrase the Dark whilst organised religion has taken a Similarly Joke Haaijer defines the key. Continent when describing the battering this does not necessarily message as work together find each. spiritual state of Europe today The mean that Europe can be regarded a other s strengths Jeff Carter. fact that several respondents felt it post Christian continent Ultimately shrewdly observes that Europe s. necessary to justify Europe as a he argues there is still a background diversity of cultures and languages. mission field is something which will noise of faith and the message of could either mean rich collaboration. no doubt both concern and motivate Christ still resonates with people in mission or silos of isolation and. those involved in mission here and the future will see small division and therefore encourages. communities that faithfully proclaim brothers and sisters to work. There was a divergence of opinion, Jesus Christ refreshed and vitalised together to show a better way The. over how to understand and describe, by brothers and sisters from the rest only way This point is echoed by. Europe today an important issue, of the world Samuel Cueva struck a Usha Reifsnider who also emphasizes. the need for humility and a learning,attitude Be prepared to learn and be.
led b y p eo p le f ro m p la c e s,generations cultures languages and. ideologies that you never,considered,Our final answer to the question of. the most important message comes,from John Gilberts of Greater Europe. Mission He conveys a real sense of,urgency when he says the influx of. immigrants and refugees into Europe,is an unprecedented opportunity We.
need to mobilize and seize the day If,further missionary motivation were. needed he adds we are convinced,that if Jesus were here today you. would find Him among the boats in,Lesvos and container homes and. refugee camps in all the great cities of, There is still a background noise of faith and the message of Christ still resonates. Are you optimistic or pessimistic,about the health of Christianity in.
Europe And speaking on behalf of,your network agency or church. what makes you optimistic about a third of,Intriguingly. the church and mission nones,in Europe still believe in a. Photo Nordkirche Evangelical Focus,higher power and are likely. All the leaders who responded to our,to believe they have a soul.
questionnaire were optimistic about,some aspect of the state of. Christianity in Europe and in some,cases markedly so In short they all. see signs of God working across,Europe A number of common. themes emerged from their Pentecost 2019 500 people are baptised by the Nordkirche in the River Elbe in North Germany. young people and people who are Anderson Director of ECM Britain. Church Planting sums this up The ethnic church has. ready for a second career are joining, Four of the leaders coincided in the work of mission Harvey Kwiyani breathed new fervour and vision into. highlighting church planting initiatives of Liverpool Hope University is more the church in many countries Faith. in many countries Raphael cautious because most Europeans still has returned to Europe However. Anzenberger noted that when they do not understand that Europe is a different aspects were evident Some. started NC2P ten years ago only mission field and those who do are highlighted the challenge and. three countries were in a national still unable to figure out how to opportunity of reaching out to. church planting process whereas engage this new mission field of refugees and asylum seekers Others. today 16 are formally part of their Europe observed that churches are emerging. network and in their 2018 gathering as a result of both internal and inward. Younger Leaders, 28 nations were represented Others migration ie both between European.
observed a general growth of More broadly the emergence of a countries and migration into Europe. evangelicalism and people open to new generation of younger leaders from outside Harvey Kwiyani of. hear about the gospel Two was celebrated by many God is Liverpool Hope University noted that. specifically mentioned movements of raising up some amazing younger diaspora churches are growing and. God in Central and Eastern Europe leaders whose desire is to be part of a as they grow they are learning what it. movement of God s Spirit in our takes to reach Europeans with the. Intercession and Mobilisation for, content said Tony Peck General gospel whilst Reifsnider observed. Secretary of the European Baptist that diaspora Christians are now being. Daniel Constanza of the Pentecostal Federation Jeff Carter echoes this better understood by Europeans. European Fellowship observes a all the agencies and churches that I. Partnership, renewed fervour for intercession and work with and for would celebrate. evangelism in all kinds of forms and the emergence of younger leaders Several leaders also noted the growing. this was echoed by Mike Betts of who are standing now on the number of partnerships across. Relational Mission we are mobilising shoulders of those who waded geographic cultural linguistic and. many in prayer right now which will through the tough times denominational borders There is a. fuel mission From a mission agency growing willingness to cooperate and. Diaspora Churches, perspective John Gilberts of GEM join forces among evangelical groups. observes interest of new younger Another common positive theme was said Frank Hinkelmann of the EEA. missionaries to come and serve and the impact of diaspora churches in John Carter takes this even further. the diaspora church leader Usha Europe with six of the leaders making There is a platform for open dialogue. Reifsneider also sees that more some reference to this Kent. CONTINUED OVERLEAF, and a chance to work together to particular noted the erosion of Biblical not forget Europe Jesus promised that. bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all authority in a number of churches and he WILL build his church. generations and cultures for those who denominations This is undoubtedly a. The missiologist Lesslie Newbigin was, call Europe home Cueva calls this result of the secular public domain.
once interviewed on the radio The, new spirit of misi n reciprocal which is a reason for pessimism for. journalist asked Bishop Newbigin are,collaboration many though Tony Peck sees more. you an optimist or a pessimist about the,Christians getting out there in the. The Church future of the church His response was,world of politics and society to witness. categorical I am neither an optimist nor, If there was one theme which elicited to Gospel values in a secular pluralist.
a pessimist Jesus Christ is risen from the,both optimistic and pessimistic society. comments it was in regard to the,Hope for Europe, church Several of the leaders pointed The leaders interviewed for this edition. to the emergence of more missional Yet the ultimate reason for hope is not of Vista see many signs of hope in Europe. forms of church and that many to be found in the signs of optimism today but they all agree that the ultimate. churches have become places of listed above but in the promise of God reason for hope is the gospel itself. welcome and grace for people who and that came through loud and clear in Christ has died Christ is risen Christ is. have been displaced But others the responses from this group of on the throne and will come again in. highlighted persistent institutionalism leaders Christ has made promises over glory. and the need to develop new wineskins his church that cannot fail God is. Chris Ducker Joanne Appleton and, for the new wine that God is sovereign and He is in control of. Jim Memory, fermenting in Europe Frank everything God s kingdom will be. Hinkelmann the President of the established sooner or later The. European Evangelical Alliance in Church belongs to God and God will. Editorial Team Darrell Jackson,Jim Memory Jo Appleton Chris.
The Lausanne Movement in will seek to engage 10 000 leaders Ducker Evert Van de Poll. Europe are partnering with Vista around the event so that for every. europeanmission redcliffe ac uk, as part of the Lausanne Europe person who attends at least twelve. 2020 Conversation and Gathering others can participate in the thinking. connecting sharing and,Lausanne Europe are planning a. implementation of the initiatives that, gathering with the theme of Dynamic Redcliffe College. will come out of it, Gospel New Europe in October 2020 for College Green. some 800 representative leaders Vista are partnering with Lausanne Gloucester GL1 2LX. drawn from national denominations Europe 2020 by being one of the key Telephone 01452 308097. and Evangelical Alliances in every nation resources to facilitate that broader. www redcliffe ac uk, of Europe from mission organisations conversation The coming issues will.
and those whose professional work is pick up on crucial themes that were Please note The views. their mission frontier including diaspora identified at the Lausanne 2020 expressed in Vista are. church leaders local church leaders Thinktank in January 2019 those of the authors. of each article and, women and men the young and the not do not necessarily. For more information see the,so young But the gathering itself is reflect the. Lausanne Europe website below, just part of a broader conversation that position of.

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