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Warfighter FOCUS,Our mission is complete,when they re ready for theirs. The Raytheon led Warrior Training Alliance WTA team is comprised of over 65 subcontractors with one common. mission to deliver unmatched training support services that cost effectively meet the U S Army s requirement for total. warfighter readiness The WTA s ability to provide a comprehensive range of integrated training services will assist the. Army in transitioning to a more collaborative consolidated and streamlined training environment The WTA is the clear. choice to provide the Army Department of Defense and other government agencies with superior value and proven. results through the Warfighter FOCUS program,www raytheon com. Keyword Warfighter FOCUS,2008 Raytheon Company All rights reserved. Customer Success Is Our Mission is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company. of Contents,WTA WARFIGHTER FOCUS CONTRACT HANDBOOK. CONTRACT HANDBOOK,Table of Contents,DEAR WARFIGHTER 7KH LQWHJUDWLRQ RI WUDLQLQJ.
UP RUJDQL DWLRQV LQ QHHG RI WUDLQLQJ Directory Listing of WTA Companies. VHUYLFHV DQG VXSSRUW DQ ZKHUH LQ WKH 3DJHV,ZRUOG 2SHUDWLQJ XQGHU WKLV XQLTXH. UVW RI LWV NLQG FRQWUDFW 7 DQVZHUV How to Access DU JKWHU 2 86. the needs of the Army today and has,WKH VFRSH DQG H LELOLW WR HYROYH. DQG DQVZHU WKH QHHGV RI WKH UP, RQ WKH HYHU FKDQJLQJ EDWWOH HOGV For more information visit. www raytheon com,RI WRPRUURZ,Keyword War ghter FOCUS. Mike Edwards 321 235 1725,Anthony M Edwards Raytheon com.
Mike Edwards, 9LFH 3UHVLGHQW DQG 3URJUDP 0DQDJHU Jennifer C Joy 321 235 1759. DU JKWHU 2 86 Jennifer Joy Raytheon com, 2008 Raytheon Company All rights reserved All other trademarks used herein are property of their respective owners. The Warrior Training Alliance Team, The Path to the Future for Integrated LVC Training Support. The Warrior Training Alliance WTA LCCS Contract supporting over 360 applications software development. led by Raytheon as prime contractor live training events at combat training CSC with 90 000 employees. delivers an integrated full service centers CTCs around the world since worldwide in more than 500. team approach to meet the assuming responsibility for support in locations supports War ghter. comprehensive training services 1994 Over a 12 year period at the FOCUS by leveraging the company s. and support needs of the U S Army CTCs RTSC helped train over 1 million commercial best practices and. through the War ghter Field soldiers virtually every War ghter extensive domain knowledge Mike. Operations Customer Support FOCUS in the Army as of 2007 Parmelee WTA Deputy Program. contract WTA establishes a clear Manager and Vice President of Federal. road to future success in training Richard Glynn WTA Director of Training for CSC s Defense Division. by being tightly managed and exibly Program Management explains the points out that CSC is a recognized. structured simultaneously Every importance of continuity in this team industry leader in life cycle Contractor. subcontractor is accurately pro led leadership The WTA team is building Support in live and virtual training. with regard to capabilities and on an existing solid partnership environments including the Southern. performance and new team members with the Army s Program Executive California Offshore Range SCORE. can be easily added to help meet Of ce for Simulation Training contract where CSC currently supports. evolving requirements over time Instrumentation PEO STRI We were up to 2 300 multi warfare multiple. the owner operator of the legacy live unit live training events annually and. WTA was created to meet the training domain and our team also the GSA Answer Virtual Training LCCS. fundamental challenge of War ghter includes the incumbents from the contract for PEO STRI Additionally. FOCUS to integrate three previously other two types of training Computer CSC provides a broad scope of services. separate training domains into one Sciences Corporation CSC for virtual including site management at more. seamless structure WTA delivers highly and General Dynamics Information than 54 Army and National Guard. available live virtual and constructive Technology for constructive training facilities worldwide and turnkey. LVC training to the war ghter through In fact at the time of contract award support on more than 8 000. integrated turnkey life cycle training WTA s team members had logged simulators part task trainers and. services and support to the U S Army 29 million successful support hours 10 000 Brigade Combat Training. everywhere in the world The team more than 565 million soldier hours Program BCTP computers. is made up of industry leaders with of training support and included 90. highly relevant legacy experience percent of the proposed live virtual General Dynamics Information. and capabilities in all areas critical and constructive training support Technology was the Army s legacy. to program success personnel contractor for Constructive Training. General Dynamics Information, Raytheon Technical Services Company CSC has been the Army s Virtual Technology provided those services. RTSC is a wholly owned subsidiary Training contractor since 2000 and as well as other key training services. of Raytheon Company with 2 billion has more than 40 years of experience to the Collective Training Branch. in annual sales and over 9 000 delivering mission critical support Army National Guard Training Division. employees worldwide RTSC brings end to end technology and business under its Distributed Battle Simulation. all the experience of having been the solutions through capabilities in life Program DBSP and Battle Command. incumbent prime contractor for the Live cycle support modeling and simulation Training Capability BCTC work. Training Life Cycle Contractor Support systems design and integration and As a trusted systems integrator for. more than 50 years General An Open Business Model less than 24 hours for critical staff. Dynamics Information Technology The WTA team s open business deployments Raytheon s Eric Davis. provides information technology model does not limit the Army manager of operations planning and. systems engineering and professional to only a few defense contractors controls for WTA puts it even more. services through the capabilities of and their proprietary technologies succinctly There is always enough. 15 000 professionals worldwide Instead it offers universal access to WTA to go around and one belly. Clem Greek of General Dynamics the best in the industry including the button to push if you need more. Information Technology and Senior entire spectrum of industry leading. Director for WTA Business Development technologies expertise methodologies An Integrated Operating Model. emphasizes the importance of team and tools to deliver the most capable The WTA operating model deploys. integration All of us being together training support available in the world fully integrated consolidation of. in the WTA Program Management The independence of WTA also provides functions to capture the full extent. Of ce facility enables the team to fully a key bene t in terms of an additional of operational synergies economies. analyze new requirements collectively source of innovation independent of scale and cost ef ciencies. ensuring we provide the best training validation and improvement ideas The depth and range of integration. solutions to the government for newly elded devices and also enables WTA to match the. systems under development best talent to any task regardless. Legacy Capabilities Combined of which team member supplies it. The WTA leverages individual War ghter FOCUS Vice President and Both the services and support. company strengths provided by Program Manager Mike Edwards natures of the training mission. in place veteran staff at major describes WTA as an honest broker program make this exibility essential. Army training sites worldwide to of Army training and support solutions According to Glynn The fundamental. deliver one stop shopping for all not wed to any single solution nature of this program demands a. training needs with the right sized platform or technology This is of exible and responsive contractor. work force The result substantial central importance Edwards explains who can give the unit commander. savings in cost and time to PEO STRI because the effectiveness of training and the end user war ghter the. WTA is currently composed of more for the war ghter always remains our required support when it is. than 65 members including large uppermost priority and enables our needed while working widely. and small companies It brings team to think beyond the technology varied speci cations in parallel. together industry leaders that to the factors that make a tangible. possess highly relevant experience difference to the war ghter on the Deputy Program Manager Parmelee. in all areas critical to program success front lines With no solution bias or explains the added value of human. Richard Glynn points to the fact that technology preference the WTA is free resource sharing Previously with. When this contract was awarded to work with a widely diverse portfolio three separate training contracts. our team members were already of solutions to provide training that is there had to be concerns about. providing training support and truly war ghter focused wage labor rates liability exempt. training systems maintenance and non exempt employees and. at 93 percent of the War ghter CSC s Parmelee also emphasizes more Now all WTA personnel are. FOCUS sites These are experienced the exibility of the open business available they are cross trained. people with the knowledge to model We can dial in new suppliers and ready to support the customer. provide value immediately as quickly as needed sometimes in. Continued on page 5 3,The Warrior Training Alliance Team continued.
In short says WTA Deputy Program of cers employed by Raytheon. Manager Larry Retta the WTA CSC General Dynamics Information. operating model for War ghter FOCUS Technology and other WTA team. ensures that effective integration with members Larry Retta calls the Senior. PEO STRI and the war ghter is built in Advisory Board a crystal ball for the. highest level discussions about future, A Future Focused Teaming Concept needs trends and projections related. Separating the required development to all aspects of training that is of. activity and the operations and singular value to Army planners. maintenance support in the War ghter, FOCUS vehicle demands not only A Focus on Small Business Growth. services oriented proactive response Raytheon created the WTA Small mentoring time of WTA as well as. but also effective teaming with original Business Federation SBF to enhance leveraging funding by providing. equipment manufacturing providers for opportunities for small business collective mentoring to large numbers. improvements to cost and functionality growth and to improve and nurture of SB participants This will strengthen. throughout the life cycle That is why mentoring programs The SBF serves all SBF member companies as opposed. the WTA team consists of service as the collective voice of the many to a chosen few and provide a stronger. oriented providers and experienced small businesses that contribute very SB community in general The WTA. life cycle managers to provide the important speci c niche solutions to SBF creates a new paradigm for how. war ghter with responsiveness as well the overall War ghter FOCUS program Raytheon will conduct the mentoring. as end to end life cycle management This structure provides a much stronger process on contracts in the future. that will improve support in the future position for small businesses and. ensures that their participation meets Glynn explains WTA s commitment. Raytheon applied its proven Supplier and exceeds contract requirements as to achieve 20 percent small business. Rating System SRS a quantitative well as providing value added services participation is backed by the. system that measures supplier and solutions to the Army customer innovative Small Business Federation. performance to select the best of to ensure that smaller rms. breed companies to participate in RTSC invested in a full time Small play signi cant roles throughout. WTA As a broker of services Raytheon Business Strategic Alliance Manager the 10 year contract life span. selects suppliers who can provide to lead this inventive approach Ms. best value to the customer based Jennifer Joy who has an extensive Path to the Future. on a range of criteria This best value background in small business Edwards sees a clear path to the. selection process involves detailed development was chosen to lead future as the WTA evolves to meet. questionnaires and in depth study of this effort Ms Joy states RTSC has ever changing requirements Our. each candidate team member s past provided a structured program that is stringent SRS selection tool and open. performance experience and relevant unrivaled in the defense industry to business model for the WTA he says. capabilities to assess suitability for the support the growth of innovation and will be applied throughout the life. WTA team and mission For the initial economies for small businesses of War ghter FOCUS to ensure we. WTA team Raytheon vetted more bring the best available companies. than 300 potential team members Another reason behind the creation suppliers and overall talent to this. and selected the 64 best businesses of the SBF is to facilitate access to a critical program Edwards sums up the. with proven skill sets matched to support network through which SBF long term focus when he concludes. every requirement This included a member companies can gather to share Raytheon and our WTA member. diverse and comprehensive group of ideas develop business contacts and companies are the same companies. niche providers many of them small discuss collective issues with the other and individuals who have been active. businesses with specialized skills WTA team members partners with PEO STRI in responding. and proven capabilities in key areas to the changing demands of training. Mentoring programs provided by WTA in the dynamic period from the end. A unique and valuable aspect of the and supported by our customer have of the Cold War into the Global War. WTA approach is the availability of a also been bene cial in helping SBF on Terror achieving 100 percent. WTA Senior Advisory Board made team members Through War ghter customer mission success. up of senior level retired military FOCUS the SBF leverages the available. The Technology Drivers Of War ghter FOCUS, Innovative MIS Tools Empower the highest quality and value the broad scope of War ghter FOCUS. Control and Performance possible But to do that we have needs from requirements management. To ef ciently manage and execute integrated world class technology enterprise scheduling and resource. a program as complex as War ghter into our program management management to enterprise portfolio. FOCUS and the Raytheon led Warrior processes and tool set The project management program. Training Alliance WTA which includes powerful combination of MIS planning and control collaboration. CSC and General Dynamics Information tools that comprises ATLAS was risk management con guration. Technology government users need speci cally integrated and elded management and customer support. access to a common Management to support the War ghter FOCUS. Information System MIS that is mission Managing a global effort Individual members of the ATLAS. globally accessible 24x7 and tailored this extensive and a subcontract stakeholder community are able. to speci c programmatic requirements and supplier team that exceeds to design and implement strategic. A unique set of information technology 65 member companies called for dashboards based on user cases. tools has been created and deployed an innovative MIS technology that tailored for their own personnel. to deliver the high level of responsive had never before been deployed Edwards explains This capability. ef cient exible and cost effective in this way to capture work and task orders. services and support that the U S device status and more provides. Army expects for its comprehensive Edwards explains ATLAS MIS the program manager and nance. global training requirements under is at the center of everything contracts Human Resources and. the War ghter FOCUS contract It automates most of the key other support staff with accurate. This core technology tool is ATLAS functions and provides the Army data to keep a nger on the pulse. MIS the Automated Toolset for customer with a one stop shopping of the program It also allows the. Life cycle Activities and Services tool as well as a single easy to use engineering staff to automatically. Management Information System portal to track all task orders from perform predictive modeling to. initiation to completion locate trends as well as data mining. The enterprise wide integrated to address root cause failures. ATLAS MIS is an information Architecture Dedicated. technology and analysis toolkit to Service Functions Technology Powers. that integrates program support As a data driven service oriented Advances in Training. elements to predict customer needs architecture ATLAS provides Innovative applications of. sense potential problems and a commercially accepted non technology tools and processes. respond with support and services proprietary open format real time are being used by the WTA in. that optimize operational availability Web based MIS to collect store and support of the War ghter FOCUS. response time logistics footprints manage operations maintenance mission in all the following areas. and total ownership costs War ghter nancial supply and inventory data. FOCUS Vice President and Program This information is necessary to Cross Training. Manager Mike Edwards is quick to enable the WTA to meet every MIS tools that facilitate the. point out that War ghter FOCUS is customer need for access analysis allocating of cross trained personnel. not a technology development program and review of data and reports any in the correct labor categories and. we provide training services and time anywhere worldwide The WTA skill mixes create a truly integrated. support to our war ghters to deliver has integrated solutions to match approach to training support. Continued on page 8 7, The Technology Drivers Of War ghter FOCUS continued. for integrated live virtual and In the area of virtual training Mike Army s transition to the ARFORGEN. constructive training For example Parmelee Deputy Program Manager environment Using a training. WTA can draw from its cross trained for WTA and Vice President of Federal resourcing modeling tool the. pool of electronic technicians and Training for CSC s Defense Division ARFORGEN Synchronization Tool. training analysts at Fort Hood to offers several examples of the exible AST we can provide integrated. support both the Close Combat and adaptive nature of WTA support training solutions for operational. Tactical Trainer CCTT and the for the Train As You Fight mission forces and training institutions. Digital Multipurpose Range Complex The CCTT was set up for traditional across all domains in support. DMPRC Using cross training to engagements Parmelee explains of unit and weapons training. expand the capabilities of the total but it has been upgraded to include strategies as well as Training. resource pool for training support the new realities of urban combat and Doctrine Command. at a given installation enables The same is true of full motion ight Programs of Instruction. cross utilization and more simulators unmanned aerial systems. resource leveled and cost effective vehicle convoy training and many Eric Davis of Raytheon and Manager. integrated training support other systems The technology of Operations Planning and Controls. we employ Parmelee summarizes for WTA explains further ARFORGEN. Larry Retta WTA Deputy Program enables WTA to help evolve training outputs the needs of speci c units. Manager and Vice President systems rapidly to match the ever prior to deployment and that output. Simulation Training General changing battle eld provides the starting point for our. Dynamics Information Technology ITST tool allowing WTA to identify. points to a cost saving example Multi Domain Resource Modeling and supply the training resources. of cross training in action The WTA War ghter FOCUS ITSA that are exactly appropriate for. We successfully demonstrated Integrated Training Support the unit mission. cross utilization of personnel between Architecture was designed to. the CCTT and DMPRC in support of maximize the synergy of combining Cross Domain Training. surge requirements on the DMPRC all three training domains into a The integration of the three. and the National Training Center single integrated training environment traditional training domains in. NTC rotation at Fort Stewart while simultaneously reducing program War ghter FOCUS along with the. execution costs The resulting three tier MIS tools that facilitate and control. Integrated Training Support streamlined program structure enables the integration permit cross domain. Transforming from a domain oriented more training using fewer resources training in ways that have never been. to an integrated training environment by fully leveraging ef ciencies practicable before Larry Retta describes. demands a focused and proactive and centralized program support one example of how this replaces. approach from the service provider integrating regional support and previously stovepiped activities with. Raytheon re ned its Predict optimizing site support Each WTA closely coordinated and integrated. Plan Perform methodology team member captured the lessons training exercises that save the. to speci cally address this learned from legacy support of each government time and money while. compelling need The result training domain system and site producing highly synchronized results. is a unique Integrated Training and incorporated them into integral At the Fort Irwin s National Training. Support Tool ITST that complements management and support structures Center Retta explains we can now. the information resident in the Raytheon s Richard Glynn WTA run constructive training simulations. system to portray when and Director of Program Management says simultaneously with live exercises of. where the Operational Forces This commitment to simultaneous the same type of engagement being. will train and when the end user multi echelon training enables us to conducted It s all tied together. will require speci c training support integrate and customize services to We even train the observers and. systems ITST gives the PEO STRI meet the Army s goal to train as controllers for the range exercises. customer real time information on you ght Retta adds the fact that maintenance. training resources matched to actual people and other WTA personnel can. requirements while offering an Glynn emphasizes We also be made shared resources for both. integrated live virtual constructive organized our team to support classroom and eld activities which. training solution PEO STRI s participation in the he says adds to both cost savings. 8 Continued on page 10, The Technology Drivers Of War ghter FOCUS continued.
and seamless performance positions and labor categories to de ne business practices that can be put to. CSC s Parmelee emphasizes the the staf ng solution WISARD then work for the customer Retta cites as. exibility of cross domain training feeds the labor pricing and cost models examples a recently developed Vehicle. We can just as easily revert to to ensure absolute correspondence Convoy Combat Transportation VCCT. force on force training or go forward and consistency between the staf ng gaming simulation and the Distributed. to GWT Global War on Terror and pricing efforts Edwards explains Battle Simulation Program DBSP a. The WTA team has the legacy WISARD provides an accurate reliable structured program that incorporates. experience to move smoothly back and validated basis for planning and training aids devices simulations and. and forth from traditional training what if analysis of future staf ng simulators TADSS into ARNG unique. to cutting edge requirements and contingencies live virtual and constructive training. As an additional step at every level of environments Another example Retta. Standardized Reporting estimation and optimization starting emphasizes is Military Operations. The Standardized Reporting Tool with support for a speci ed training on Urban Terrain MOUT MOUT. STANREP a Web based application system at a speci c site we conduct facilities he explains are fully. provides a consistent means of sensitivity analyses to determine instrumented physical structures that. capturing and reviewing signi cant whether the current staf ng levels closely replicate the urban battle eld. events in a training activity Data and skills mixes represent a truly providing soldiers with realistic training. collected by STANREP can be used optimized solution or if further practice prior to combat and improving. in after action reviews by training economies or ef ciencies could be their safety and mission success. participants and trainers to make realized without impacting the level. improvements and bene t from of service or system availability Global Support 24x7x365. lessons learned This reporting tool The communications and call center. has been customized to be used only Curriculum Development technology of the WTA War ghter. by the War ghter FOCUS customer Curriculum development processes Support Center in Louisville Ky makes. and it is just one of a host of WTA provided by the WTA are an integral it possible for war ghters to get the. tools the Army can access for component of the Training Support parts and technical support they. situational awareness and System TSS to further improve the need to keep training systems up and. recording of major training Army s ability to deliver training running anywhere in the world In. events for post event review effectiveness Using integrated our post 9 11 world Raytheon s Eric. collaboration and development tools Davis explains the Army s mission is. Display Options Raytheon s standardized Shareable more global than ever and so is ours. ATLAS MIS data can be exported Content Object Reference Model Our support structure technology. to Google Earth 3D display using SCORM accelerates development of and processes support the war ghter. standards based interfaces and cost effective courseware Instructors anywhere on the planet the sun. conversion to KML format to add training managers developers never sets on the WTA. immediacy and scope to the review instruction designers evaluators. and analysis of training events leaders and soldiers can collaborate Mike Edwards agrees and sums up. Another display option integrates on critical tasks over the web reducing by saying The Army is transforming. the Common Joint Mapping Toolkit the need for face to face contact and War ghter FOCUS plays a. into the instrumentation system s vital role in that transformation. real time and archival data The Gaming Technologies Training is the bedrock of the. result is an easy to use interface WTA team members leverage the new Army and its global mission. that includes constructive maneuver latest technological advances being and the WTA team is acutely. graphics and battle eld effects developed by the commercial computer conscious of our responsibility to. while running on a standard PC gaming industry We examine every provide the very freshest training. emerging game related technology technology that will equip. Staf ng Solutions General Dynamics Information tomorrow s war ghters to. The WTA Integrated Staf ng and Technology s Larry Retta says Even complete every type of mission. Requirements Database WISARD though we are service providers. directly links all contract requirements WTA has to be aware of fresh. systems and training sites to speci c technologies and best commercial. The WTA Approach To Best Value Supply Chains,An Illustration of Best Value Supply Chain. Agility Adaptability,and Alignment,Management,A very large highly diversi ed. IDIQ contract like War ghter FOCUS Strategic Competitive. Field Operations Customer Support Supply Chain Priorities. Management,Relationship,demands an innovative approach Management. to supply chain management Agility Quality, The Raytheon led Warrior Training Adaptability Cost. Alignment Flexibility,Alliance WTA is achieving notable.
success in speed cost containment, and overall ef ciency by providing the Supply Chain. Information,Army with a best value supply chain Systems. system This system gives the entire,WTA of more than 65 subcontractors. a central element of strategy rather The Three A s of Strategic. than simply a means to move materials Supply Chain Management. It differs signi cantly from traditional, supply chains in that it does not AGILITY ALIGNMENT. xate on speed or on any other Agility is the supply chain s relative Alignment is largely dependent. single metric Instead the focus capacity to act rapidly in response on the development of an appropriate. is on the total value added for to changes in supply and demand strategic sourcing design that can. the customer Agility can be achieved through the achieve the bene ts of best value. use of buffers such as excess capacity supply chains Requirements of the. In the past supply chain inventory and management information WTA supply chains design include. management has mainly systems Agility also is being realized features of centrally supported. been a tactical and transactional by co locating with the customer management teams responsibility. dock to stock process for obtaining worldwide creating an information for coordinating strategic sourcing. and moving goods and services ow based on regular face to face activities co location of strategic. William Rebarick Raytheon Senior contact Where co location is not in sourcing personnel with customers. Supply Chain Manager says effect WTA has pioneered a number and tight coordination throughout. The best value supply chain of rapidly deployable mobile solutions an extensive subcontract team. we have created for War ghter that bring training service and including many small businesses. FOCUS is a fundamental break support to where they are needed. with the past grounded in a Strategic Approach, wholly different set of assumptions ADAPTABILITY Delivers Value.
and practices Relative to traditional Adaptability refers to a willingness WTA s approach to strategic sourcing. supply chains he explains and capacity to reshape supply chains matches the unique capabilities of. WTA s best value supply chain when necessary For example the Army large and small rms to the broad and. takes much different approaches requires one class of critical weapon varied nature of the materials needed. to the key functions of strategic simulators to be repaired within eight to support the Army s live virtual and. sourcing logistics information hours while another class of items can constructive training needs. systems and relationship be repaired and returned within a month. management Deputy Program Mike Parmelee Deputy Program Manager Looking to the future it appears. Manager Larry Retta of General for WTA and Vice President of Federal likely to Rebarick that an increasing. Dynamics Information Technology Training for CSC explains the solution number of government customers will. summarizes The WTA strives to Our spare parts inventory is positioned not only welcome but will speci cally. excel within multiple priorities in close physical proximity to the class of demand a strategic best value approach. including Speed cycle time simulators requiring quick turnaround to supply chain management especially. Quality Cost and Flexibility while the less time sensitive devices are on large multi faceted service and. Responsiveness sent to a centralized repair facility support contracts. TRAINING TO,Culturally Correct ASO Intel Scenarios. Role Players Deployable Personnel,Scenario Development. Mobile Training Teams,Assessment Selection Adaptive Thinking Leadership. Cultural Advisors Detailed OPFOR Networks,Pre Deployment Training Hyper Realistic Training. Detainee Operations Pyro IED simulators, Situational Training Exercises HD Film Audio for DVD AAR.
TS Cleared Facilities Personnel Classroom Field POI s. 4343 Easton Commons Suite 100 Columbus OH 43219 P 1 614 416 2345. EM t r a i n i n g m i s s i o n e p c o m WS w w w m i s s i o n e p c o m.

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