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2019-20 Student/Parent/Guardian Handbook

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2019-20Student/Parent/Guardian HandbookAt haahuupayak : we grow good people

Dear Parents:This handbook is intended to provide you with a quick reference forgeneral information and procedures at haahuupayak Elementary School.In addition to this information, your child’s teacher will provide specificclass and grade level information about expectations and learningoutcomes for the year. There will also be monthly school newsletters andteacher notices sent home from time to time. This handbook is alsoavailable for viewing on the school web site at http://haahuupayak.com.Thank you in advance for your assistance with explaining, modeling andreinforcing school procedures and expectation with your children.

Table of Contents2019-20 Student/Parent/Guardian Handbook . 1School Mission Statement: . 5At haahuupayak, it is our goal to provide an education that meets the needs of today in a mannerconsistent with nuuchahnulh cultural teachings. haahuupa means continuous teaching with care,and at haahuupayak children are guided to meet their potential, while gaining knowledge andappreciation of their culture. . 5Goals and Objectives . 5haahuupayak Society Board . 52019-20 Staff at haahuupayak school. 62019-20 haahuupayak School Calendar . 7SCHOOL HOURS . 8CLOSURE OF SCHOOL DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER (Policy 2017) . 8VISITORS AND PARENTS Check in . 8CODE OF CONDUCT for haahuupayak . 9Students’ Rights and Responsibilities: . 9BEHAVIOUR EXPECTATIONS. 10Expectations . 101. Classrooms: . 102. Daily conduct: . 103. School Bus . 10DISCIPLINE POLICY . 11Minor Infractions. 11Major Infractions . 11Physical Restraint of Students . 12Parental Response to Support/Intentions . 12ATTENDANCE . 13OPEN HOUSE . 13PARENT CLUB . 13HOMEWORK GUIDELINES. 14HOMEWORK CLUB . 14STUDENT ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL. 14RECESS. 15LUNCH. 15NUTRITION . 15LEAVING SCHOOL PROPERTY . 15INJURY OR ILLNESS . 15SCHOOL SUPPLIES . 16


School Mission Statement:At haahuupayak, it is our goal to provide an education thatmeets the needs of today in a manner consistent withnuuchahnulh cultural teachings. haahuupa means continuousteaching with care, and at haahuupayak children are guidedto meet their potential, while gaining knowledge andappreciation of their culture.Goals and Objectives haahuupayak will provide education that focuses on the intellectual, the spiritual, the physicaland the emotional needs of student so that they can develop into whole people.moral and ethical values consistent with the teachings of our Elders.haahuupayak school must prepare our students to participate with competence in both thekuus and non-kuus worlds, and to appreciate the merits of both.haahuupayak school will strive to protect the integrity of the individual, foster mutual respectbetween staff and students, and obtain the input and involvement of the community.prepare students to be responsive to the social, political and economic realities of thecommunity so that they may assume productive and responsible roles in society.to provide every student with knowledge of academic skills to serve as a foundation for futureendeavors and life long learning.the resources of curriculum, staff, students, community and environment will be utilized toassist each student to attain their potential.haahuupayak Society BoardJohn Rampanen – Board ChairJosh Shaw – Vice ChairIan Caplette – Secretary/ TreasureMike Watts – DirectorMartin Watts – Director

2019-20 Staff at haahuupayak schoolPrincipalNancy LoganFinancial AdministratorBrenda SayersOffice SecretaryRita Ann WattsKindergarten teacherFlorence JoeGrade One teacherLeslie TandrupGrade Two/Three teacherKatie AndersonGrade Two/Three teacherCarly EvansGrade Four teacherTammi GreenwoodGrade Five teacherHelen LucasGrade Six teacherJessica PipoGrade Seven teacherSerena SchwagerSpecial Education coordinatorHelen TownsendNuu chah nuulth Studies teacherLena RossNuu chah nuulth Studies assistantTrevor Little GayleTrauma school counselorMaddocks SandraLibrarianVissia CherieEducational AssistanceThomas ErnieP.E. teacher/Educational AssistanceNetzer AlishaEducational AssistanceRogers AlisonEducational AssistanceYoung Joely SelvaEducational AssistanceChelsea JarvisEducational AssistanceCherie ThomasEducational AssistanceMary BarneyEducational AssistanceTonielle BradburyEducational AssistanceJason FergusonEducational AssistanceStacia Quinn QuinnEducational AssistanceTurgeon ManeshaEducational AssistanceBains StephanieEducational AssistanceBarclay ShayneChild and Youth Care workerNoelTechnical SupportRay SeitcherBus OperatorJohn RossCustodian

2019-20 haahuupayak School CalendarSchool opens for Gr. 1-7 students (8:30-12:35pm)Kinder A.M. 9-11; P.M. 12:45-2:45Open House 4:30-6:00 pmProfessional Development Day –no school for studentsTerry Fox RunPicture DayThanksgiving Day –no school for students1st Informal report -Parent/Teacher conferencesStudents dismissed 12:35 Conf. 1:30-5:00pmProvincial Pro-D Day –no school for studentsRecognition assemblyHalloween CelebrationSwim lessons Gr. 4/5 10:00am; Gr. 2/310:45 amPicture RetakesRemembrance Day Ceremony (10:45-11:15 am)Remembrance Day –no school for studentsProfessional Development Day –no school for studentshaahuupayak Annual General Meeting 6:00 pmChristmas Turkey student luncheonRecognition AssemblyChristmas Concert 6 pm1st Formal Report CardSchool Closed for Christmas HolidaysSchool re-opens after Christmas Holidays 8:30 am2nd Informal report -Goal setting with parents/teacher/studentStudents dismissed 12:35 meetings 1:30-5:00pmProfessional Development Day –no school for studentsProfessional Development Day –no school for studentsBC Family Literacy DayRecognition AssemblyExternal Monitoring Review –Independent SchoolsLast Day of classes before Spring BreakSpring BreakSchool Re-opens after Spring Break 8:30 am3rd Informal Report –Student led conferencesStudents dismissed 12:35 Conferences 1:30-5:00 pmGood Friday –School closedEaster Monday –School closedProfessional Development Day –no school for studentsRecognition AssemblySwim Lessons –Kinder 10 am; Gr. 1 10:45Professional Development Day –no school for studentsVictoria Day –School closedRecognition AssemblySports DayGrade 7 Graduation CeremonyYear End Awards Ceremony2nd Formal and Final Report cardsLast Day of School for studentsYear-end Administrative Day for staff onlySeptember 3rdSeptember 4th & 5thSeptember 18thSeptember 23rdSeptember 26thOctober 7thOctober 14thOctober 23rd & 24thOctober 25rdOctober 28thOctober 31stNov. 1st to De. 13thNovember 6thNovember 8thNovember 11thNovember 18thNovember 20thDecember 11thDecember 16thDecember 19thDecember 20thDecember 20thJanuary 6thJanuary 29th & 30thJanuary 31stFebruary 14thFebruary 17thFebruary 24thMarch 5thMarch 13thMarch 16th – 27thMarch 30thApril 22nd & 23rdApril 10thApril 13thApril 24thApril 27thMay 1st –June 12thMay 11thMay 18thJune 8thJune 9thJune 17thJune 18thJune 18thJune 18th

SCHOOL HOURSSchool front doors open at 8:00am. The gym will be open from 8:00-8:25am. All studentswho arrive before school starting time must report to the gym or Nuu studies classroom.There is no supervision at the school before 8:00 AMMorning Bell –school starts with day for song8:30 amMorning Recess/Nutrition break10:15 -10:30 amLunch12:00 pm – 12:35 pmDismissal Bell -Mon-Thurs.2:50 pm (12:35 ON Friday)CLOSURE OF SCHOOL DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER (Policy 2017)1. If there is a serious deterioration in weather conditions while school is in session the Principalmay dismiss school early.2. If the weather conditions so warrant it on any morning on which school is prescribed to openthe Principal may cancel school.3. All such actions shall be immediately communicated to Radio Station for release as a publicservice notice.4. The Principal shall be responsible for this communication.The Board Chairperson is to be advisedVISITORS AND PARENTS Check inWe have an open door policy and welcome parents/guardians into our school. For the safetyof all our children and for legal obligation we ask everyone visiting the school, to observe thecheck in sign posted on the front entrance door and check in the office upon arrival. No one ispermitted to walk through the school without prior checking in with the office.

CODE OF CONDUCT for haahuupayakStudents’ Rights and Responsibilities:I have the RIGHT to learn in this school.It is my RESPONSIBILITY to listen to teachers, work quietly at my desk or inmy group, and to raise my hand if I have a question or concern.I have a RIGHT to be heard.It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to talk, shout or make loud noiseswhen others are speaking.I have a RIGHT to be respected in the school.It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to tease or disturb other people or to hurt theirfeelings.I have a RIGHT to be safe in this school.It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to threaten, kick, punch, or physically harmanyone else.I have a RIGHT to privacy and to my own personal space.It is my RESPONSIBILITY to respect the personal property of others and toaccept their right to privacy.

BEHAVIOUR EXPECTATIONSIn an effort to foster responsibility and accountability in students, as well as to encourage selfcontrol and to provide for a safe and healthy learning environment, expectations for studentbehaviour have been established.Expectations1. Classrooms: teachers have the right and responsibility to establish classroomexpectations that are consistent with the overall expectations of theschool.Behaviouralexpectations are established at the onset of the school yearand reviewedon a regular basis.2. Daily conduct: students will be reminded to:a) dress appropriately for all school functions – curricular as well as extracurricularb) use appropriate language for the classroom, and avoid the usage of swearwordsc) demonstrate respect at all times for all other peopled) be cooperativee) do their best and ask for help when neededf) encourage cooperative behaviourg) follow school rules and encourage others to do the sameh) offer suggestions for the safe and healthy environment of the schooli ) follow the good examples set by other people and set good examples forothersj) encourage and demonstrate a good environmentally sound attitude towardsthe world and respect for all its creatures3. School BusParents and students must remember that it is a privilege, not a right, to ride on the bus. Disciplineproblems will be reported to the school administration that will deal with the issues in anappropriate manner. Suspensions may result when students misbehave while being transportedon the bus or while waiting to board the bus.Students have the responsibility to:a) Listen to instructions from the driverb) Remain seated facing the front of the vehicle while the bus is in motion.c) Keep hands, arms and heads on inside of the busd) Not litter the bus in any way, chew gum, or eat food on the bus.e) Line up and wait for instructions to board the bus.f) Allow younger students to get on the bus first.g) Fill seats from the back to the front or get in their assigned seats.The bus has surveillance cameras on board. Any students involved in acts vandalism mayresult in suspension of bus privileges and parents billed for costs for repairs.

DISCIPLINE POLICYThe haahuupayak School Board supports the position that the Principal and staff of theschool stand “in loco parentis” when pupils are in their charge. Positivereinforcement of appropriate behaviours is necessary for students to understand whatis expected of them. Modeling of appropriate behaviours by staff is essential tostudents learning what is acceptable.Minor InfractionsMinor infractions are incidents that are dealt with on the spot by the intervening staffmember. The staff member explains the inappropriate behaviour and provides thestudent with the opportunity to demonstrate proper behaviour. A minor infractionbecomes a major infraction if the student continues to demonstrate the behaviourdespite the intervention by the supervising school member or designate. These minorinfractions include the following;o Eating and disposing of food in the school and on school grounds.o Litteringo Running, loitering, yelling, rough play, hall wandering, spittingo Unsafe use of equipment, poor sportsmanship, riding bikes at breaks, climbingfences, throwing rocks, sticks, etc.o Library- mishandling of books,o Gym- food/drink in gym, improper footwearo Washrooms- loitering, misuse of supplies, vandalismo Bus- improper behaviouro Nuuchahnulth Room- entering room and removing drums or regalia withoutpermissiono Computer lab- inappropriate searchesMajor InfractionsThese infractions are dealt with in a more formal manner and may likely result in theimmediate suspension of the student with the parent/guardian being notified. As well, theproper authority will be contacted and informed of the incident. This may include such officesas the RCMP, Social Services.Major infractions include the following:o Behaviour with intent to injure (fighting, throwing objects)o Vandalism, or destruction of school/others’ propertyo Overt opposition of authorityo Physical assault of student(s) or staffo Possession or under the influence of a banned substanceo Absolute refusal to do worko Leaving school grounds during school without permissiono Profane or abusive language or verbal threatsThe student is empowered to:

oooUse the incident report form to describe the behaviourdiscuss why the behaviour is unacceptable,write a plan to deal in a more positive way for future such behavioursMajor infractions will likely result in the following: In School Suspension (ISS), to includemissing recess and/or Out of School Suspension (OSS) and possible expulsion.Parents/guardians will be informed of all major infractions by means of a letter fromthe school outlining the incident and the actions taken to remedy the situation. Whenthere is an out of school suspension parents/guardians will be asked to assist in thefollow up of all school work as well as a plan to return to the school program.Physical Restraint of StudentsIn order to effectively deal with a student who poses a threat to themselves, others,or school property, it may be necessary to restrain the individual physically. Thepurpose of restraint is to control the movement and behaviour of the individual so asto limit the possible threat of injury to the individual, others, and/or school property.Minimal physical restraint is viewed as a last resort and a temporary measure when,in the view of the supervising adult, the threat of violence is real and immediate andother measures of alleviating the threat have not worked. Staff will adhere to Boardpolicy (2017) on student restraint.Parental Response to Support/IntentionsIf parents have questions about a disciplinary action your child has received at school,please use the following procedure as a guideline:a) After hearing the child’s report, contact the staff member involved for his/heraccount of the incident.b) Try to resolve the problem at the lowest level of authority. Do not skip any of theselevels:1) Teacher2) Principal3) haahuupayak Society Board

ATTENDANCEAbsences hurt student achievement Research tells us that students with poor attendanceare more likely to do poorly in school, fail grades and eventually drop out of school altogether.Attendance below 80% has shown to have a very negative impact on the student’s ability todo well in school. Parents should note that Ministry of Education regulations require thatparents submit written notification of all absences or tardiness of their child. Attendance istaken first thing in the morning. We ask that parents advise the school before 8:30 am shouldyour child (ren) be unable to attend classes for the morning, afternoon, the whole day or ifthey will be late. School Phone # 250 724-5542. The school will phone home by 10:00am if achild is not as school and we have had no contact from the home. Parents have the primaryresponsibility for the regular attendance of their children. I cases where there are unavoidableabsences, parents have an obligation to notify the school of the reason for the absence.Excused absences are generally those that cannot be avoided due to sickness or otheremergency type situations. Non-designated guardians will be required to produceidentification before removing a child from haahuupayak School during regular school hours.Family holidays will be marked as unexcused absences but please call ahead so thatthe school can plan accordingly.Early dismissals to parents requires prior notification by the parent/guardianLates: Being on time and ready for school is another important component that helpsstudents do well in school. It is also valuable habit to have in life. Being late is disruptiveto the other students and teacher alike. Late students miss out on initial directions andlesson explanations that typically are given at the start of the lesson.OPEN HOUSEOpen House is held shortly after the school year starts in the evening. This is aninformal gathering designed to have parents come to the school to meet their child’steacher and the staff in general. It is a good opportunity to check out coming eventsschool events and learn about volunteer opportunities.PARENT CLUBWe have a fledging parent club in the school and more parental involvement iswelcome! Volunteer are needed for a variety of activities organized by the Parent Club.Al volunteers will need to have a criminal record check to be able to work in the school.More information is available from Alison Young and Robyn Samuel.

HOMEWORK GUIDELINESAssigned homework focuses on projects, unfinished class work and additional practicein weak areas. As part of their responsibility as a student, pupils in the intermediategrades should spend some time each night doing homework. Setting aside a regularreading time is highly recommended build good reading skills.How can parents help?establish a consistent “ homework time”check the planning book for any homework or communication to the parentprovide a quiet, regular space to workprovide the necessary materials (Dictionary, pencils, light, etc.)participate in:o practicing math drillso listening to readingo reviewing questionso checking for understanding of material in preparation for upcoming testso helping with spelling- encourage completion of tasks and praise your children for their effortsTeachers regularly check student assignments and, where necessary, will expectincomplete or carelessly done assignments to be redone.-HOMEWORK CLUBTuesday and Thursday, there is homework club to assist students to get caught up inschool work missed or for students who have not used class time well. Parents ofstudents requested to stay behind will be called by our secretary.STUDENT ARRIVAL AND DISMISSALSupervision before school does not begin until 8:00 AM. Students are not to arrive before thistime without previous arrangements made with the principal.Students are to depart from the school building immediately upon dismissal and should be offthe school grounds by 3:00 pm. Individuals waiting for rides are to wait in the designatedareas. If students do not get picked up as planned, students should report to the office wherethey will be assisted.Students who remain after school are to do so only under the direct supervision of an adult,with parental approval for such things as sport activities, music practice, tutorials, detention,etc.

RECESSStudents have a 15-minute recess nutrition break in the morning. Recess is held outdoorsduring favourable weather or indoors during inclement weather. During the recess and lunchbreaks, students are not allowed back inside without the permission of the teacher onsupervision. Students are not allowed any food outside.LUNCHStudents have 15 minutes to eat lunch and a 20-minute outside break. Children will eat in theirclassroom area and are required to sit at their desk or an assigned table. Parents are asked toprovide a nutritional lunch, and snacks for their child (ren). Pop, potato chips, chewing gumand food requiring a “heat up” are not permitted at school. For the love of our custodian wealso as ask that you please refrain from sending sunflower seeds or dry noodles with your childto school. Teachers will try to ensure that the food you provided your child is eaten. Studentsare required to wear indoor shoes at all times while in the school. These shoes can serve asgym shoes as well.NUTRITIONEveryone knows the adage that “You are what you eat”. This is especially true for children, asgood nutrition is essential for them to grow and learn. Research suggests that adequatehydration is required for optimum brain function. High caffeine/sugar intake (pop, energydrinks) actually dehydrates children. The school recommends that children drink water orsugar-free juice while at school. No carbonated drinks please! Personal water bottles arerecommended, please label with names.LEAVING SCHOOL PROPERTYUpon arrival to the school grounds in the morning, students may not leave the school propertyduring the day until they are dismissed or excused by a teacher or administrator. Parents whowant to take their child (ren) out of school during the day for lunch or appointments mustmake their request to the teacher in a written note of permission. Students who leave theschool grounds without permission will be reported to the school office and attempts will bemade to notify the parents immediately.INJURY OR ILLNESSIn the event of an accident or illness, the school will phone a parent or guardian. If the schoolis unable to contact the parent at home or at work, the school will phone the emergencynumber given on the registration form. In extreme cases, a student will be taken directly tothe West Coast General Hospital Emergency Room. The parent will be requested to meet their

child there, but ordinarily the child will be kept at the school until the parent arrives. Everyeffort will be made to contact the parent. All emergency information at the school must bekept up to date. If there are changes during the year, parents are expected to notify the office.SCHOOL SUPPLIESThe school supplies basic student supplies for every student attending our school. However,parents will be given a student s

2019-20 haahuupayak School Calendar School opens for Gr. 1-7 students (8:30-12:35pm) September 3rd Kinder thA.M. 9-11; P.M. 12:45-2:45 September 4 & 5th Open House 4:30-6:00 pm September 18th Professional Development Day –no school for students September