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2019-2020 AP Human Geography Summer AssignmentWhat am I doing? Labeling world outline maps with the features listed below building an understanding of thepolitical and physical geography world regions.Why am I doing this? Part of entering an AP class is an assumption of a certain level of backgroundknowledge and skills. You will need a strong working mental map in order to be successful in this course.When are the maps due? The Second Day of School! August 27, 2019.How many maps should I submit? 14Map 1 – Map BasicsMap 2 – Land FeaturesMap 3 – Rivers and LakesMap 4 – Seas, Gulfs, and other Major Water FeaturesMap 5 – North America and the CaribbeanMap 6 – South AmericaMap 7 – EuropeMap 8 – Sub-Saharan AfricaMap 9 – North Africa & the Middle EastMap 10 – E Asia, C Asia, S Asia, and SE AsiaMap 11 – Central and South AsiaMap 12 – OceaniaMaps 13 – World Regions A Big PictureMaps 14 –World Regions A Closer LookWhat do I label on each map? Each map has a list of countries, cities and/or regions to label. The list andcorresponding numbers will serve as the key. Label each element with the correct number in the correct location.Only items labeled on the correct maps will be scored and tested. Countries are listed in regular font and citiesare listed in italics. NOTE: Bolded items have emphasis in APHG.When is the first map test? Tests will vary but there will be one test in the first six weeks and more throughthe year. It is essential that you build a mental map of the world and the placement of states (countries), citiesand natural phenomena.How do I study? Studying for map tests takes time and preparation. The first step is to find each feature andlabel blank outline maps. Use the list below and quiz yourself by labeling blank maps and seeing how much youknow. Listed below are links where you can test yourself online.Coloring the map is optional (except for map 13 and 14), but will (WILL!!!) help with memory.Online Map .aspxIf you have any questions or need additional help completing the assignment,contact Ms. Shelby Steward:Shelby.Steward@houstonisd.orgUse these maps as a reference for labeling and coloring maps 13 and 14.

Map 1: BasicsLabel the following:5 OceansArctic Circle7 ContinentsAntarctic CircleTropic of CancerPrime MeridianEquatorInternational Date LineTropic of CapricornSouthern OceanAfter labeling Map 1, complete the following sentences:Lines of latitude run from to and measure distances and of the .Lines of longitude run from to and measure distances and of the

Map 2: Land FeaturesLabel the following:1. Rockies2. Himalayas3. Gobi4. Appalachians5. Caucasus6. Andes7. Sahara8. Alps9 Atacama10. Urals11. Rub al Khali12. Patagonia13. Kalahari14. Namib

Map 3: Rivers and LakesLabel the following:1. Brahmaputra River2. Tigris River3. Euphrates River4. Yangtze River5. Nile River6. Mississippi River7. Indus River8. Mekong River9. Amazon River10. Lake Victoria11. Ganges River12. Congo River13. Volga River14. Lake Winnipeg15. Rhine River16. Lake Superior17. Lake Michigan18. Lake Eerie19. Lake Ontario20. Lake Huron21. Rio Grande River22. Lake Baikal23. St. Lawrence River

Map 4: Seas, Gulfs, and other Major Water FeaturesLabel the following:1. Caspian Sea2. Mediterranean Sea3. Red Sea4. Aral Sea5. South China Sea6. Caribbean Sea7. Gulf of Mexico8. Persian Gulf9. Gulf of Aden10. Strait of Hormuz11. Dardanelles Strait12. Bosporus Strait13. Strait of Malacca14. Mandeb Strait15. Strait of Gibraltar16. Panama Canal17. English Channel

Map 5: North America and the CaribbeanLabel the following:1. Bahamas2. Trinidad and Tobago3. Honduras4. United States5. Managua6. Cuba7. Belize8. Mexico9. Greenland10. Mexico City11. Dominican Republic12. Costa Rica13. Nicaragua14. Chicago15. New York City16. Haiti17. El Salvador18. Panama19. Havana20. Ottawa21. Jamaica22. Guatemala23. Canada24. Los Angeles25. Washington DC

Map 6: South AmericaLabel the following:1. Argentina2. Ecuador3. Peru4. Caracas5. Santiago6. Colombia7. Paraguay8. Venezuela9. Rio de Janeiro10. Guyana11. Uruguay12. Chile13. São Paulo14. Suriname15. Brazil16. French Guiana17. Buenos Aires18. Bolivia19. Falkland Islands20. Bogotá21. Lima22. Brasília

Map 7: Europe36. Denmark37. Latvia38. Bulgaria39. Romania40. Estonia41. Lithuania42. Czech Republic43. Russia44. Finland45. Norway46. Hungary47. Slovakia48. Iceland49. Sweden50. MoldovaLabel the following:1. The Hague2. Rome3. Moscow4. London5. St. Petersburg6. Brussels7. Paris8. Madrid9. Berlin10. Switzerland11. Netherlands12. Monaco13. Luxembourg14. Liechtenstein15. Germany16. France17. Belgium18. Austria19. Spain20. Slovenia21. Serbia22. San Marino23. Portugal24. Montenegro25. Malta26. Macedonia27. Italy28. Holy See (Vatican City)29. Greece30. Croatia31. Bosnia and Herzegovina32. Andorra33. Albania34. Belarus35. Poland51. Ukraine52. Ireland53. United Kingdom54. Kosovo

Map 8: Sub-Saharan AfricaLabel the following:1. Burundi2. Madagascar3. Somalia4. Zimbabwe5. Congo6. Lesotho7. Burkina Faso8. Benin9. Nigeria10. Addis Ababa11.Mogadishu12. Djibouti13. Botswana14. South Sudan15. Angola16. Togo17. Namibia18. Cape Verde19. Liberia20. Senegal21. Cape Town22. Johannesburg23. Eritrea24. Chad25. Uganda26. Cameroon27. Zambia28. South Africa29. Côte d’Ivoire30. Mali31. Sierra Leone32. Lagos33. Accra34. Ethiopia35. Rwanda36. Tanzania37. Central African Republic38. Ghana39. Swaziland40. Gambia41. Mauritania42. Democratic Republic of Congo43. Nairobi44. Kenya45. Niger

Map 9: North Africa and the Middle EastLabel the following:1. Algeria2. Tunisia3. Georgia4. Lebanon5. Syria6. Beirut7. Tehran8. Egypt9. Armenia10. Iraq11. Oman12. Turkey13. Cairo14. Tripoli15. Libya16. Azerbaijan17. Israel18. Palestine19. United Arab Emirates20. Damascus21. Mecca22. Morocco23. Jerusalem24. Jordan25. Qatar26. Yemen27. Istanbul28. Medina29. Sudan30. Cyprus31. Kuwait32. Saudi Arabia33. Baghdad34. Iran35. Afghanistan

Map 10: East and Southeast AsiaLabel the following:1. Tokyo2. Shanghai3. Seoul4. Pyongyang5. Taiwan6. Jakarta7. Japan8. Beijing9. Bangkok10. Timor-Leste11. Vietnam12. Hong Kong13. Thailand14. Singapore15. Malaysia16. Philippines17. Myanmar (Burma)18. China19. Laos20. South Korea21. North Korea22. Cambodia23. Brunei24. Mongolia25. Indonesia

Map 11: Central and South AsiaLabel the following:1. Sri Lanka2. Bhutan3. Kyrgyzstan4. Pakistan5. Bangladesh6. Tajikistan7. Nepal8. Kashmir9. Turkmenistan10. Maldives11. Kazakhstan12. Calcutta13. India14. Uzbekistan15. New Delhi

Map 12: OceaniaLabel the following and draw a circle around Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia.1. Sydney3. Auckland5. New Zealand2. Melbourne4. Australia6. Micronesia7. Polynesia8. Melanesia9. Papua New Guinea

Map 13: World Regions (Big Picture)This map will be colored based on region not state (country). Each REGION must be a single color. Draw a circle around Central America, SubSaharan Africa, and the Russian Federation. Use the sample map provided to help you.1. North America3. Africa5. Central America7. Sub-Saharan Africa9. South America2. Asia4. Europe6. Oceania8. Russian Federation10. Antarctica

Map 14: World Regions (Closer Look)This map will be colored based on region not state (country). Each REGION must be a single color. Draw a circle around Eastern Europe, East Asia,SE Asia, and S Asia. Bracket the Caribbean and Latin America. Use the sample map provided to help you.1. Latin America4. Western Europe7. Eastern Europe10. North Africa and Middle East 13. West Africa2. Central Africa5. East Africa8. Southern Africa11. Siberia14. Central Asia3. South Asia6. East Asia9. Southeast Asia12. Australia15. Antarctica

Aug 27, 2019 · Map 1 – Map Basics Map 8 – Sub-Saharan Africa Map 2 – Land Features Map 9 – North Africa & the Middle East Map 3 – Rivers and Lakes Map 10 – E Asia, C Asia, S Asia, and SE Asia Map 4 – Seas, Gulfs, and other Major Water Features Map 11 – Central and South Asia Map 5 – North America and the Caribbean Map 12 – Oceania

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