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THE BIBLE TELLS US, “EYE HAS NOT SEEN, NOR EAR HEARD, NOR HAVEENTERED INTO THE HEART OF MAN THE THINGS WHICH GOD HAS PREPAREDFOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM” (1 COR. 2:9). IF WE COULD ONLY TAKE HOLDOF THOSE PROMISES! WHEN YOU FAST AND PRAY, HOLY SURPRISES SEEMTO COME OUT OF NOWHERE. THE FASTING EDGE, P 16.Dear Friend,I am very excited to invite you to join me—and thousands of believers around the world—in ourannual fast this January 8th through the 28th.Although I fast privately at times throughout the year, I have grown to look forward to our corporatefast in January more than any other time. When you have witnessed the results—the rewards—of fasting that I have seen over the last 20 years, you can’t help but look forward to seeing what God willdo next!Read some of the testimonies from recent fasts in this magazine and on our web site and you’llsee what I mean.Better yet—you can see for yourself when you join us in fasting this year.For a Christian, seasons of spiritual fasting are a lot like sharpening an ax is to a lumberjack. Hecan’t just keep swinging at trees with a dull ax. He has to take time to sharpen the ax in order for it to beeffective. Similarly, trudging through our daily routines in our own strength wears us down. We start tolose that precious touch of the Holy Spirit on our lives. Without His presence and power, we becomeineffective and even dangerous, like a dull ax.

HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EDGE? Perhapsyou have grown dull through a season of relentless battles, mistakes or failures of some kind.Maybe you have lost your edge in the business world, in your marriage or in your ministry. Be encouraged! Fasting gives you back thepassion for the purposes of God. It gives youthe anointing to be productive, successful andaccomplish the will of God. Every year when Igo on this fast, the Holy Spirit sharpens me forthe work He will do through me.When addressing the Pharisees as to whyHis disciples did not fast, Jesus said, “Can youmake the friends of the bridegroom fast whilethe bridegroom is with them? But the days willcome when the bridegroom will be taken awayfrom them; then they will fast in those days”(Luke 5:34-35).YOU AND I ARE LIVING IN “THOSE”DAYS TODAY. We need to be sharp andprepared for battle spiritually. God desiresto use us for His purposes. All over the worldpeople are suffering. We believe we are calledto “speak life” to the hopeless—the hurting. Doyou want God to use you? Do you want God’spurposes released for your life? If you do, thenI want to help you learn more about how tosharpen your ax and regain the edge.Declaring a spiritual fast interrupts the dulling effects of life’s routines. Ultimately, fastinghelps us get closer to God, which prepares usto accomplish much more through the power ofthe Holy Spirit than we could ever accomplishthrough our own limited strength.JOIN THEFASTINGMOVEMENTWhen you make fasting part ofyour spiritual lifestyle along withpraying and giving, you canexperience greater levels ofrenewal and direction for your life,restoration of relationships, physicaland emotional healing, releasefrom addictions and much more.Taking part in our 21-day fasteach January helps set the coursefor your entire year!Visit toregister for the fasting movementtoday. Download informationand watch daily video messagesprepared to help you stayconnected throughout the 21-dayfast and all year long.It is time to recover your passion, to recapture your dream and to restore your joy.You CAN regain your edge!RECOVER YOUR PASSIONRECAPTURE YOUR DREAMRESTORE YOUR JOY

A PUBLICATION OFJentezen Franklin Media MinistriesCopyright 2011EDITING/GRAPHIC DESIGN BYRoark Design Co., roarkdesignco.comPUBLISHED BYJentezen Franklin Media Ministries,Gainesville, GA.All rights reserved. No part of thispublication may be reproduced, stored in aretrieval system or transmitted in any form by anymeans without prior written permissionfrom the publisher.Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripturequotations in this magazine are taken fromThe Holy Bible, New King James Version (NKJV), 1979, 1980, 1982, 1992 byThomas Nelson, Inc., publishers.Printed and bound in the United States of America.The material contained in this publication is providedfor informational purposes only. It is not intended todiagnose, provide medical advice or to take the placeof medical advice and treatment from your personalphysician. Readers should consult their physician fortreatment of specific medical problems. The authorin no way claims to be a medical doctor. Readersare advised to consult qualified health professionalsregarding fasting. Neither the publisher nor the authoris responsible for any possible consequences fromany person reading or following the information inthis publication. Before considering a fast, consultyour physician, especially if you have a medicalcondition or are taking prescription medications.Under no circumstances should anyone ever stoptaking prescribed medications without first consultinghis or her personal physician.JENTEZEN FRANKLIN MEDIA MINISTRIESP.O. Box 315, Gainesville, GA 30503678-677-8300

CONTENTS6FASTING 101If you are new to fasting or need arefresher, we’ve provided helpful factsto help you get started.10YOU NEED TOREGAIN THE EDGEDiscover how fasting helps you re-ignite yourspiritual passion!16RESULTS AND REWARDS18HAVE YOU HEARD?2421-DAY GUIDE TO FASTINGBe encouraged by testimonies of miraculousbreakthroughs from combining fasting and prayer.Kingdom Connection is reaching new territoryfive days a week!A devotional to help you recover your passion,recapture your dream and restore your


WHY FAST?In Matthew 6, Jesus gave us specific directionon how to live as a child of God. That patternaddressed three specific duties of a Christian: Giving, Praying and Fasting. Jesus said,“When you give”. . .“when you pray” . . . “whenyou fast.” He made it clear that fasting, likegiving and praying, was a normal part ofChristian life. I believe that when all threedisciplines—giving, praying and fasting—are atwork together, you create an atmosphere forthe complete power of God to be released inyour life. It’s much like the lesson that Jesustaught in Mark 4. When you pray, you releasethe thirty-fold return. Praying and giving releases a sixty-fold blessing. But when you pray, giveand fast, you will see a hundred-fold return!WHAT IS FASTING?Biblical fasting is giving up specific foodsand drink for a specified number of days fora specific purpose. The type and length ofthe fast you choose is between you and God,and should not be determined by what anyone else is doing. Every year our Free Chapelcongregation, along with our ministry friendsand partners around the world, participate ina 21-day fast at the beginning of the New Year.We want to give God our best and our first.Fasting, prayer and reading God’sWord go hand in hand. When you fast, alsopray for God’s purpose and plan for your lifeto be revealed. Fast and pray about everymajor decision in your life. Simply put, fastingis a way to conquer the physical and open thedoor to the supernatural in your life. When youdeny your body, you feed your spirit and growcloser to the Lord.HOW DO I FAST?Before beginning a fast, write down a plan andmake a verbal commitment to the Lord. Whenyou approach it with determination, you’ll beless likely to waiver in weak moments. You“I BELIEVE THAT WHEN ALL THREE DISCIPLINES—GIVING, PRAYING AND FASTING—ARE ATWORK TOGETHER IN YOUR LIFE YOU CREATE ANATMOSPHERE FOR THE COMPLETE POWEROF GOD TO BE RELEASED IN YOUR LIFE.”— JENTEZEN FRANKLINmay be surprised to find that fasting is not asdaunting as you may think. But if you do findit to be a battle, don’t lose heart. God knowsyour weaknesses. His fasting principles allowyou the flexibility to take care of your job andduties while still making a sacrifice to honorHim. (See Fasting Q&A section.) If the traditional full fast has always made you shy awayfrom this important principle, you may bejentezenfranklin.org7

surprised to know that there are actually manydifferent types of fasts. With the various typesof fasts and combination of fasts, you will beable to fit fasting into your life. For example, ifyou choose to go on a 21- day fast, you maywant to begin with a full fast for 1 - 3 days andthen continue with a Daniel Fast or some othertype of partial fast for the remainder of the 21days. No matter which fast you choose, youmust always remember to consult your doctorand drink lots of water.TYPES OF FASTSBe sure to consult your physician beforebeginning any fast, especially if you haveany type of medical condition.*FULL FAST. Drink only liquids – especially water. On this type of fast you may also takein clear broth and 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices in order to maintain your strength.You establish the number of days for your fastin your prayer time.PARTIAL FAST. There are many optionsfor partial fasts. Below are just a few for you toselect from.The most frequently used example of apartial fast is found in Daniel chapter 10. The“Daniel Fast” is a fast from meats, sweets,breads and any drink except water for a specific time period (Daniel 10:2-3). That meansyou are basically fasting all but vegetables,fruits and water.Partial fasts can mean Giving up one item of food or drinksuch as caffeine, coffee, soft drinksor sweets. Giving up one meal a day for a specific amount of time, one meal aweek, etc. Doing a full or modified Daniel fastfor a specific number of days . . . one8CONNECTION with jentezen franklinday, three days and so on. Choosing to fast during set times,like 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., or from sun-upto sundown. When doing this type offast, consider your work and sleepschedule. The hours that you sleepshould not be considered part ofyour fasting period, so the timeframefor this type of fast may vary.Remember, the type of fast that you selectis what you and the Lord agree upon in yourprayer time.CORPORATE VS PRIVATE FAST. TheLord speaks of both corporate and privatefasts in Scripture. A private fast is just that:your decision to fast for a particular reasonand season. A corporate fast involves anentire group of believers. For example, yourentire church, home-group or other group maydecide to fast together for a specific purpose.Esther called all of her people to fast for protection against danger (Esther 4:16). Samueldeclared a fast for national revival (1 Samuel 7).The results can be quite powerful.WHEN SHOULD YOU FAST?If you want to make fasting a way of life, workout a plan for the entire year to include daysor meals to fast that works into your lifestyle.You may decide to fast one day a month[consider the first day of each month] or onemeal a week. Many people fast on their lovedones’ birthdays. You may even decide to do apartial fast for one week every other month.The options are endless. The Lord may impress upon you to fast for a certain reason,or you may choose to fast because you needbreakthrough in a certain area, or you arefacing difficult situations in your family or job,financial struggles, decisions, etc.

OTHER COMMON QUESTIONSWhat if I have a medical condition? Consultyour doctor before starting any fast and havehim or her help you decide what will work bestgiven your specific health and medications. Ifyour health condition prohibits you from fasting food, try fasting something else in order toconcentrate more heavily on prayer and Biblestudy. God knows your heart.I forgot and ate something that wasn’ton my fast; do I need to start again? No,think of fasting as a marathon rather than asprint. Don’t give up! If you fall down, get upand keep trying. Conquering “king stomach”is difficult, but you’ll make it.Do I continue to exercise while fasting?For most people moderate exercise is OK.But it is best to always consult a doctor aboutfasting and exercise. If you are on a completefast, you may not have the energy for exercise.What if I have a manual labor job? If youhave a job that requires you to expend a lot ofphysical energy, you may want to considera full fast for one to three days or make yourfast a partial fast that allows you to receiveenough nutrition to perform your job.Can my husband and I be intimateduring our fast? Yes. Paul addresses thissubject in 1 Corinthians 7:5, which says, “donot deprive one another (of sexual relations)except with consent, for a time; that you maygive yourselves to fasting and prayer.” If thereis mutual consent, a couple may choose toabstain during a fast. Scripture allows this forthe purpose of fasting and prayer, but onlywith mutual consent.*This information is provided for informational purposes onlyand is not intended to diagnose, provide medical advice, or takethe place of medical advice and treatment from your personalphysician. Consult a qualified health professional regardingfasting and/or treatment for any specific medical problems.“FAST FINDS” IN SCRIPTURE BLESSINGS OF FASTING: Deuteronomy 28:13-14;Deuteronomy 28:2; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Isaiah 58:8CORPORATE FASTING: 1 Samuel 7:5-6, 2 Chronicles 20-34,Ezra 8:21-23, Nehemiah 9:1-3, Joel 2:15-16, Jonah 3:5-10,Acts 27:33-37DANIEL FAST: Daniel 10:2-3ESTHER FAST: Esther 4:16FASTING DO’S: Matthew 6:16-18FASTING DON’TS: Matthew 6:16-18, Luke 18:9-14PRAYER AND SCRIPTURE GOES WITH FASTING: Luke 2:37;Nehemiah 1:4; 1 Samuel 1:6-8, 17-18; Daniel 9:3, 20; Joel 2:12;Acts 10:30; Acts 13:2; 1 Corinthians 7:5PREPARING TO FAST: Mark 11:25; Luke 11:4; Romans 12:1-2WHEN TO FAST: Matthew 9:14-15WHY FAST: Romans 12:1; Matthew 6:33; Mark 9:29; Isaiah 58:6;1 Samuel 7:3; Luke 4:1-13jentezenfranklin.org9


THE QUESTION “WHAT DOES FASTING DO?” IS ONE I HAVE BEENASKED MORE TIMES THAN I CAN REMEMBER. MY ANSWER IS ALWAYSTHE SAME: FASTING AND PRAYER BRING YOU CLOSER TO GOD.WHILE THAT MAY BE A BRIEF ANSWER, IT IS BY NO MEANS SIMPLISTIC.Fasting is not a requirement.Fasting is a choice. Whenevera believer chooses to begin aspiritual fast for one day or forseveral days, he or she makesa choice to break out of the routine in orderto draw closer to God. I chose to develop alifestyle of prayer and fasting over twenty-fiveyears ago, and I do not know of anything thathas been more powerful in my Christian life. Itis true in my personal experience and it is truefor our church, as evidenced by the multitudeof powerful testimonies that stem from our annual corporate fast at Free Chapel. I am moreconvinced than ever that fasting is a gatewaythrough which God releases His supernaturalpower into our lives. The choice is ours: wecan either open that gateway or ignore it andkeep on going in our routines.For the past twelve years our church hascommitted to an annual twenty-one-day fastin January. With each passing year I becomemore certain that this annual fast, set aside tohonor God with the “first” of our year, is trulypart of His design and calling. I have witnessedprofound miracles in this church and throughthis ministry as we have determined to seekGod in fasting and prayer, things that couldnot have come about in our own strength oreffort. I was amazed to discover that nearly amillion people visited our fasting website1 during a two-day period on our recent annual fast.People all over America and the far reachesof the world are beginning to see that fastingis not just for a select few—but that God is arewarder of all who diligently seek Him.2Fasting is a short season that releaseslong-term rewards. It is like taking the time tosharpen your ax before cutting down a tree.As with most lumberjack lore, one tale hascirculated for years about two lumberjackshaving a tree-cutting competition. In his bookTony Evans Speaks Out on Fasting, Dr. Evansreferences a version of this amusing story toillustrate a key point related to fasting.3 As thestory goes, a strong, young lumberjack challenged a respected veteran lumberjack toa contest. The young man wanted to provehimself, believing that he could cut more treesin one day than the older man. The contestbegan early one morning. Relying on his ownstrength and stamina, the young man beganswinging his ax through first one tree and thenanother. As the day progressed, he was certain he was winning because he could see thatthe old man was taking several breaks. All 11

while the young man just kept swinging his ax,felling one tree after another. At day’s end, theyoung man stood confidently by, waiting forthe official count from the other lumberjacks.To his shock and dismay, the old lumberjackhad cut down at least a third more trees thanthe younger man. In frustration the younglumberjack conceded victory to his veterancompetitor, but he wanted to know the man’ssecret. He wanted to know how he managedto beat him considering his age and the number of breaks he took throughout the day. Theolder, wiser man kindly replied, “Son, what youdon’t understand is that every time I sat downfor what you call a break, I was sharpening myax. A well-sharpened ax makes for a lot lesswork, so trees fall faster.”I should conclude that story with the wordselah, meaning, pause and think about that.The problem for so many people and churches today is dull axes. People have lost theedge in their lives, their homes, their marriages, and their commitment to the Lord. Weekafter week we may stand in church singingthe songs and lifting our hands, but there isno edge to our worship. There is no edge tothe preaching. It has become just dull routineand ritual.When you set aside time for fasting andprayer, you see greater results. Sure, youcan keep cutting with a dull ax like the youngman in the story, powering along in your ownstrength. But I would rather get more doneoperating under the power of God! A few daysout of an entire year is not a long time, but ityields great reward. Fasting gives you backyour edge. It gives you the power to do farmore than you could possibly accomplish inyour own strength and finite understanding.In 2 Kings chapter 6, the prophet Elisha12 CONNECTION with jentezen franklinhad acquired a group of younger men eagerto be mentored by him. These so-called “sonsof the prophet” had outgrown their living quarters, so they wanted to build a new, biggerbuilding where they could all dwell and continue to be in community and learn from Elisha.Once they talked him into it, they all headedto the Jordan River, and each man began cutting down trees to make the beams for a newlodge. As they labored, one of the guys didnot notice that his ax head was working loosewith each powerful swing. It suddenly slippedright off of the handle and splashed into themuddy river. The iron ax head sank out ofsight quickly as the young man stood on thebank, ax handle in hand, devastated and powerless to change what had just happened.He was a young man eager to do somethinggreat for God, but he could no longer help cuttrees with nothing but an ax handle to swing.He had lost the edge. Furthermore, this youngman had borrowed the ax, so it is likely thathe was concerned that he did not have themoney to replace it. Don’t let lack of financescause you to give up on your dream. Are youeager to do something great for God? Doyou feel there’s something more God has foryou to do?Perhaps at one time you sensed theanointing of the Lord on your life, and youwere going for it. You had the edge. Your lifewas consecrated to God, and you had a deeppassion for spiritual things. But somethingshifted. These days you feel like you havelost the edge. What’s worse is that the enemyhas convinced you that it is out of

FASTING 101 If you are new to fasting or need a refresher, we’ve provided helpful facts to help you get started. 6 10 YOU NEED TO REGAIN THE EDGE Discover how fasting helps you re-ignite your spiritual passion! 16 RESULTS AND REWARDS Be encouraged by testimonies of miraculous breakthroughs from combining fasting and prayer. 18 HAVE YOU HEARD?

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Fasting Guide . Introduction to Fasting Technically, fasting is abstaining from food, or not eating certain kinds of food over a period of time. Biblically, fasting is a deliberate abstinence from something for a spiritual purpose. For a believer, fasting is a form of self-denial for the sake of pursuing our relationship with God. Therefore, fasting can also be abstaining from activities that .

Fasting is a very emotional and volatile subject. Views about fasting usually go to extremes! Some have exalted religious fasting beyond all Scripture and reason, and others have utterly disregarded it. Some consider fasting unnecessary, undesirable, and therefore to be ignored. Others think fasting is to be

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5 REALLY GOOD REASONS TO FAST: God is inviting you to change directions/perspective on one or more key areas of life (fasting fosters repentance). God has given you a desire for more of Jesus (fasting fosters experi- encing and expressing affection for him) God is drawn to the humble (fasting fosters humility!) God’s strength is made great in your weakness (fasting fosters

What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting is an eating pattern not a diet. Where an individual will alternate between periods of eating and fasting. A common type of intermittent fasting involves not eating for 16 hours and feeding for an 8 hour window on a daily basis. This is referred to the 16:8.

While the word fasting may sound scary, it merely refers to any time you are not eating. It is the flip side or ‘B’ side of eating. You are either eating or fasting. When you sleep, for example, you are fasting. The word breakfast refers to the meal that breaks our fast, indicating that fasting is truly a part of everyday life.

Accounting information from several branches can be merged, making decision-making easy and fast. End of Chapter Questions 1 Anti-virus software, complicated passwords. 2 Email, cloud. 3 You can save your work, easy to send to other people, calculations and templates are already there for you to use. 4 Hacking, failure in technology – power cut, some software is expensive. Exam Practice 1B .