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DR 0800 (06/29/21)Location/Jurisdiction Codes for Sales Tax FilingSales tax filers with one or more locations/sites mayfile on Revenue Online or by XML (Extensible MarkupLanguage). Filers with two or more locations/sites mayfile using a prescribed Excel spreadsheet. A list of XMLapproved software vendors is available on the website atTax.Colorado.gov/file-sales-tax-online.Use of departmentapproved XML software does not require individual approval.Forthe Excel spreadsheet, there is a template and handbook on thewebsite at Tax.Colorado.gov/sales-tax-spreadsheet-filing.Use of the Excel spreadsheet requires pre-approval by thedepartment before it can be used.When you file sales tax returns by paper or XML/Excelspreadsheet, you must use the six digit location/ jurisdictioncodes. The location/jurisdiction code is determined by thelocation address of the actual physical site location orplace of delivery.Note: For sales made in unincorporated areas of anyColorado county (not within any city or town), use thecounty code and the code "0206", which is a genericdesignation. The designation of an unincorporated areamust be verified with the county assessor's office. In areasthat have a special district associated with unincorporatedareas of a county the department has noted those areas as“0208” for a better understanding of unincorporated areasthat still have a special districts collection needed. Forexample, for sales in unincorporated Arapahoe County, usethe code 10-0208 because SCFD is associated with theentire county. For businesses such as telecommunicationor utility companies that make sales in unincorporatedareas of any Colorado county but do not have a physicallocation in such areas, the Department has removed theuse the code “0207” and taxpayers simply need to use the“0206” or “0208” when appropriate.To add non-physical locations and physical locations for thestate-collected jurisdictions in Colorado:1. Identify the jurisdiction you need to add.2. If you are a registered user, log in to RevenueOnline. On the Sales Tax page, in the “I Want To”,click on “Add Non-Physical Locations.” If you arean unregistered user, click on “Retailers with NOphysical presence in Colorado” on Revenue OnlineHomepage.3. Follow the steps to add non-physical locations to yoursales tax account.4. Once you have completed your request, you willreceive an email confirmation.SUTS System allows businesses to easily, and with the aid offree technology, identify the correct taxing jurisdictions relatedto the sale of a taxable goods or service. The GeographicInformation System (GIS) now allows businesses to lookup the specific sales tax rate for an individual address. TheGIS not only shows state sales tax information, but it alsoincludes sales tax information for counties, municipalities,and special taxation districts. This system allows for acomplete tax rate to be determined so the correct tax iscollected from customers in real-time.Also, if your internal point of sale system supports it, theGIS information can be accessed through an ApplicationProgramming Interface (API).This API can automaticallyreference current tax information directly from the CDOR.Please note that the Department will need to verify that youhave registered for an account for the Remittance Portalbefore using the API.Counties listed below are hyperlinks. Click on desired county to navigate directly to that list.Adams CountyDenver CountyKit Carson CountyPhillips CountyAlamosa CountyDolores CountyLake CountyPitkin CountyArapahoe CountyDouglas CountyLa Plata CountyProwers CountyArchuleta CountyEagle CountyLarimer CountyPueblo CountyBaca CountyElbert CountyLas Animas CountyRio Blanco CountyBent CountyEl Paso CountyLincoln CountyRio Grande CountyBoulder CountyFremont CountyLogan CountyRoutt CountyBroomfield CountyGarfield CountyMesa CountySaguache CountyChaffee CountyGilpin CountyMineral CountySan Juan CountyCheyenne CountyGrand CountyMoffat CountySan Miguel CountyClear Creek CountyGunnison CountyMontezuma CountySedgwick CountyConejos CountyHinsdale CountyMontrose CountySummit CountyCostilla CountyHuerfano CountyMorgan CountyTeller CountyCrowley CountyJackson CountyOtero CountyWashington CountyCuster CountyJefferson CountyOuray CountyWeld CountyDelta CountyKiowa CountyPark CountyYuma CountyLocation/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 1 of 12

Adams County (12)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris glenn12-0054Aurora CD ated RTD and CD12-0206Brighton12-0008Westminster12-0043Commerce City12-0055Unincorporated CD only12-0208Federal Heights12-0016Alamosa County (30)CityLoc/Juris CodeAlamosa30-0001Hooper30-0010CityLoc/Juris CodeUnincorporated Alamosa30-0206Arapahoe County (10)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeAurora10-0001Englewood10-0006Aurora CD -0033Bow Mar10-0037Greenwood rry Hills Village10-0031Sheridan10-0020Columbine Valley10-0032Unincorporated RTD and CD10-0206Deer Trail10-0005Unincorporated CD only10-0208Archuleta County (48)CityPagosa SpringsLoc/Juris Code48-0012CityUnincorporatedLoc/Juris Code48-0206Baca County (22)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris ld22-0022Vilas22-0026Two Buttes22-0024Walsh22-0027Bent County (29)CityLas AnimasLoc/Juris Code29-0016CityUnincorporatedBack to Page 1Loc/Juris Code29-0206Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 2 of 12

Boulder County (07)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris 07-0049Jamestown07-0033Niwot -0073Broomfield County (64)CityBroomfieldLoc/Juris Code64-0001CityBroomfield (CD Only)Loc/Juris Code64-0005Chaffee County (31)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeBuena Vista31-0008Salida31-0031Poncha Springs31-0027Unincorporated31-0206Cheyenne County (46)CityLoc/Juris CodeCheyenne Wells46-0006Kit Carson46-0009CityUnincorporatedLoc/Juris Code46-0206Clear Creek County (51)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeEmpire51-0007Silver Idaho Springs51-0011Conejos County (25)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeAntonito25-0001Romeo25-0021La ted25-0206Costilla County (38)CityLoc/Juris CodeBlanca38-0001San Luis38-0019CityUnincorporatedBack to Page 1Loc/Juris Code38-0206Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 3 of 12

Crowley County (36)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeCrowley36-0001Sugar City36-0008Olney ster County (52)CityLoc/Juris CodeSilver Cliff52-0008Unincorporated52-0206CityLoc/Juris CodeWestcliffe52-0009Delta County (18)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeCedaredge18-0006Orchard 1Unincorporated18-0206Hotchkiss18-0018Denver County (01)CityDenverLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris Code01-0006Dolores County (58)CityLoc/Juris CodeDove s County (47)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeAurora47-0030Littleton (Incorporated, CD)47-0048Castle Pines47-0043Lone Tree47-0031Castle Rock47-0002Louviers47-0013Franktown (CD, unincorporated)47-0006Parker47-0016Franktown (RTD)47-0007Parker (Incorporated, CD)47-0046Highlands Ranch (RTD/CD)47-0028Sedalia47-0017Highlands Ranch (CD)47-0029Unincorporated (RTD/CD)47-0206Larkspur47-0012Unincorporated Remainder (CD)47-0208Littleton (Incorporated, RTD/CD)47-0027Unincorporated (Ute pass HSD)47-0049Littleton (Lincoln Station LID)47-0042Back to Page 1Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 4 of 12

CityAvonEagle County (44)Loc/Juris CodeCityGypsum Unincorporated44-0003(Two Rivers Metropolitan District)Avon UnincorporatedLoc/Juris Code44-006544-0064Minturn44-0030Basalt44-0005Red Cliff44-0038EagleAvon nicorporated Eagle within RFRTA44-020844-0069Vail44-0060(Bachelor Gulch Metropolitan District)(Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District)Edwards Unincorporated(Arrowhead Metropolitan District)Edwards Unincorporated(Edwards Metropolitan District)Gypsum44-0066Wolcott Unincorporated44-0067(Red Sky Metro District)44-0026CityElbert County (34)Loc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris rporated34-0206CityEl Paso County (04)Loc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeCalhan04-0009Monument04-0057Calhan (annexed within Pikes Peak RTA)04-0098Monument (within the old BRRTA area)04-0058Colorado Springs04-0017Colorado Springs(Commercial Aeronautical Zone)Fountain04-000104-0031Fountain(annexed within Pikes Peak RTA)Green Mountain FallsManitou SpringsCityMonument(Annexed within Pikes Peak RTA)Palmer Lake04-010304-0059Palmer Lake(Annexed within Pikes Peak rporatedWoodland Park04-020604-0097Fremont County (14)Loc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeBrookside14-0052Rockvale14-0039Canon City14-0008Unincorporated14-0206Coal arbondaleGarfield County (24)Loc/Juris Code24-0007RifleCityLoc/Juris Code24-0035Glenwood Springs24-0016Silt24-0042New Back to Page 1Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 5 of 12

Gilpin County (60)CityLoc/Juris CodeBlack Hawk60-0004Central City60-0005CityLoc/Juris CodeUnincorporated60-0206Grand County (53)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris corporated53-0206Grand Lake53-0010Winter Park53-0024Hot Sulphur Springs53-0017Gunnison County (40)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeCrested 9Marble40-0042Somerset40-0056Mt. Crested Butte40-0073Unincorporated40-0206Hinsdale County (63)CityLoc/Juris CodeLake City63-0002La Veta16-0031Unincorporated16-0206CityLoc/Juris CodeUnincorporated63-0206Huerfano County (16)Walsenburg16-0068Jackson County (59)CityUnincorporatedLoc/Juris Code59-0206CityLoc/Juris CodeWalden59-0018Jefferson County (11)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeLittleton (Within LID)Littleton (Unincorporated Southwest orated Conifer Metro District)11-0157Mountain 2Lakeside11-0058Wheat Ridge11-0124Lakewood11-0059Unincorporated Jefferson (within the LID)11-0158Lakewood (Within LID)11-0060Arvada11-0004Bow Mar11-0141Conifer (Unincorporated Aspen ParkMetro District)Golden (UnincorporatedMt Vernon Metro District)Metro District)Back to Page 111-0155Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 6 of 12

Kiowa County (45)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeEads45-0006Sheridan Lake45-0014Haswell45-0009Unincorporated45-0206Kit Carson County ert26-0008Lake County (41)CityLeadvilleLoc/Juris Code41-0024CityUnincorporatedLoc/Juris Code41-0206La Plata County (20)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris ncorporated20-0206Larimer County (06)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris ath06-0077Estes Park06-0027Unincorporated06-0206Fort Collins06-0031Wellington06-0082Glen Haven06-0034Windsor06-0084Johnstown06-0086Las Animas (05)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris Kim05-0053Lincoln County (33)CityArribaLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris 3-0206Hugo33-0012Back to Page 1Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 7 of 12

Logan County (13)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris 020Mesa County (08)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeClifton08-0007Grand Junction08-0018Collbran08-0008Palisade08-0027De ewater (LID)08-0044Gateway (LID)08-0045Mineral County (62)CityCreedeLoc/Juris Code62-0002CityUnincorporatedLoc/Juris Code62-0206Moffat County (42)CityLoc/Juris oc/Juris Code42-0206Montezuma County (32)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris rporated32-0206Montrose County (21)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris ncorporated21-0206Nucla21-0013Morgan County (15)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeBrush15-0004Log Lane Village15-0038Fort iggins15-0032Back to Page 1Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 8 of 12

Otero County (09)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeCheraw09-0007Rocky Ford09-0027Fowler09-0011Swink09-0029La Junta uray County (56)CityLoc/Juris CodeOuray56-0011Ridgway56-0017CityLoc/Juris CodeUnincorporated56-0206Park County (54)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeAlma (Southpark HSD)54-0001Jefferson (Southpark HSD)54-0020Bailey54-0004Lake George (Ute Pass Regional HSD)54-0021Como (Southpark HSD)54-0005Unincorporated (South Park HSD)54-0206Fairplay (Southpark HSD)54-0007Unincorporated54-0208Florissant (Ute Pass Regional HSD)54-0027Unincorporated (Ute Pass Regional HSD)54-0209Hartsel (Southpark HSD)54-0017Unincorporated(Ute Pass Regional HSD & Southpark HSD)54-0210Phillips County (37)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris porated37-0206Pitkin County (57)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeAspen57-0001Snowmass owers County (17)CityGranadaLoc/Juris Code17-0010CityLamarLoc/Juris y17-0013Wiley17-0027Pueblo County (02)CityBooneLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris -0206Pueblo West02-0069Back to Page 1Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 9 of 12

Rio Blanco County (49)CityLoc/Juris CodeMeeker49-0003Rangely49-0006CityLoc/Juris CodeUnincorporated49-0206Rio Grande County (23)CityCenterLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris Code23-0035South Fork23-0023Del Norte23-0002Unincorporated23-0206Monte Vista23-0018Routt County (28)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeHayden28-0020Steamboat Springs (LMD)28-0041Oak Creek28-0028Unincorporated28-0206Steamboat Springs28-0049Yampa28-0048Saguache County (35)CityBonanzaLoc/Juris Code35-0002CityLoc/Juris one35-0007Unincorporated35-0206San Juan County (55)CitySilvertonLoc/Juris Code55-0018CityLoc/Juris CodeUnincorporated55-0206San Miguel County (50)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeMountain Village50-0010Saw nder of San Miguel50-0018Unincorporated (Within SMART)50-0206(Outside of SMART)50-0209Sedgwick County (39)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris corporated39-0206Summit County (61)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeBlue ezuma (mail via Dillon)61-0011Copper verthorne uffalo Mountain Metropolitan District)Back to Page 161-0025Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 10 of 12

Teller County (43)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris CodeCripple Creek43-0006Unincorporated43-0206Divide (Ute Pass HSD)43-0007Victor43-0023Florissant (Ute Pass HSD)43-0011Woodland Park (Ute Pass HSD)43-0026Green Mountain Falls43-0031Teller Unincorporated (in Ute PassRegional Health Services District)43-0208Washington County (27)CityLoc/Juris CodeAkron27-0001Otis27-0014CityLoc/Juris CodeUnincorporated27-0206Weld County (03)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris sey03-0080Brighton03-0151LaSalle03-0085Brighton (RTD)03-0157Lochbuie03-0150Dacono03-0028Lochbuie RTD ead03-0095Erie 3-0153Firestone03-0043Nunn03-0100Fort lle03-0107Garden own03-0075Weld County Unincorporated RTD Only03-0209Yuma County (19)CityLoc/Juris CodeCityLoc/Juris uma19-0018Back to Page 1Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 11 of 12

Counties listed below are in numeric order for your convenience.01 Denver County17 Prowers County33 Lincoln County49 Rio Blanco County02 Pueblo County18 Delta County34 Elbert County50 San Miguel County03 Weld County19 Yuma County35 Saguache County51 Clear Creek County04 El Paso County20 La Plata County36 Crowley County52 Custer County05 Las Animas County21 Montrose County37 Phillips County53 Grand County06 Larimer County22 Baca County38 Costilla County54 Park County07 Boulder County23 Rio Grande County39 Sedgwick County55 San Juan County08 Mesa County24 Garfield County40 Gunnison County56 Ouray County09 Otero County25 Conejos County41 Lake County57 Pitkin County10 Arapahoe County26 Kit Carson County42 Moffat County58 Dolores County11 Jefferson County27 Washington County43 Teller County59 Jackson County12 Adams County28 Routt County44 Eagle County60 Gilpin County13 Logan County29 Bent County45 Kiowa County61 Summit County14 Fremont County30 Alamosa County46 Cheyenne County62 Mineral County15 Morgan County31 Chaffee County47 Douglas County63 Hinsdale County16 Huerfano County32 Montezuma County48 Archuleta County64 Broomfield CountyBack to Page 1Location/Jurisdiction Codes — Page 12 of 12

City Loc/Juris Code City Loc/Juris Code Pagosa Springs 48-0012 Unincorporated 48-0206 Baca County (22) City Loc/Juris Code City Loc/Juris Code Pritchett 22-0018 Unincorporated 22-0206 Springfield 22-0022 Vilas 22-0026 Two Buttes 22-0024 Walsh 22-0027 Bent County (29) City Loc/Juris Code City Loc/Juris Code Las Animas 29-0016 Unincorporated 29-0206

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