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BusinessesputtingAprilsustainable21, 2016 practices into

AgendaSQA HistorySQA Winner BenefitsAwards EventEligibility: TDM City Ordinance ComplianceApplication and CategoriesPast Winners and MentorsImportant

SQA HistoryDeveloped in 1995 to identify and recognizebusinesses exhibiting an awareness of sustainability intheir operating

SQA History The SQA is the oldestand most recognizedsustainable businessawards program inSouthern California. 152 businessesrecognized since

SQA Benefits SQA logo for promotional materials Press, social media and SustainableSM newsletter highlights Listed on Winners Directory Acknowledged by the SustainableSM Business community Distinguish your business from others Connect with prevalent SM

SQA Event 250 attendees Networking power hour High profile keynote speakersSingle-Use Container BanBag Ban2013 Ed Begley Jr. Sheila Kuehl2014 Dr. Michael Crookesmsqa.com2018 Debbie Levin – EMA

SQA EligibilitySanta Monica’sTransportation Demand Management (TDM)OrdinanceGoSaMoTransportation Management

Employer Support Your One-Stop Shop for Transportation Resources! Free Employer Assistance Help meeting your Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR) targets! Help preparing your Worksite Transportation Plans (WTP) orEmission Reduction Plans (ERP) for the City Assist individual employees in planning their sustainable trips towork Informational materials for your bulletin boards Answer any transportation-related questions Organize worksite events to encourage sustainable commuting Monthly newsletter Lunch & Learns (sign up at Fee for

GoSaMo Achievement Awards City and TMO recognition program 30 or more employees 3 tiers – Silver, Gold, Platinum Automatically earn points Work with the GoSaMo TMO formore points Next deadline is June 30th 2020smsqa.com2018-2019 Platinum Recipients - Kite

Next Steps What can you do to encourage sustainable travel atyour worksite? Schedule a meeting Ask your Employees/ETCs to attend our Events ortalk to us about hosting one at your worksite Request free TAP cards ( 5.25 in fares) Encourage your staff to carpooling, transit,vanpool, bike, and

GoSaMo TMO:Puja ayro QuemeOutreach@GoSaMoTMO.orgCall us or visit our

SQA Award BreakdownExcellence Awards1. Economic Development2. Social Responsibility3. Stewardship of the EnvironmentGrand Prize Excellence in all three

Economic DevelopmentCommitment to thelong-term economicsustainability of youroperations and to the localand regional economy 11 application questions4 check boxes5 written answersprovide

Social ResponsibilityCommitment to sustaininghuman resources withinyour organization andlocal community 13 application questions8 check boxes5 written answersprovide

Stewardship of the EnvironmentCommitment to sustaining thenatural environment 13 application questions9 check boxes4 written answersprovide

SQA Application Online Submit application online Save as you go 650 word limit per answer Attach supplemental documents Chrome and Firefox Application Access:Password

SQA Criteria“What are judges looking for?” Your story of sustainability Innovation Commitment Documented

Past Grand Prize Winner Highlights Back on the Beach Caférestaurant Tradesy, tech PS1 Pluralistic Schoolnon-profit The Albrightrestaurant

Back on the Beach Grand Prize 2019Medium Size: 24 FTE EmployeesEconomic Development In business since 1989! Active Buy Local Santa Monica memberSocial Responsibility Employee sick pay & health insurance at half cost Student employment opportunities during peak summer season Demonstrate commitment to supporting community i.e., giving ,donating venue/ foodware for events, participatingStewardship of the Environment Sustainability featured prominently in mission statement Foodservice leader in eliminating plastic to-go-ware per Santa Monica'srevised Disposable Food Service Ware

Tradesy Inc. Grand Prize 2019 Large Size: 100 FTE Employees Economic Development Online peer-to-peer resale marketplace Female owned and operated Create jobs for women by supporting material recycling/ reuse Social Responsibility All full-time employees own stock in the companyEmployee volunteer opps each Q. Giving back is expectation not optionWork-life balance policies; remote working, flexible schedules. Dog-friendly.Pay for staff training/ education Stewardship of the Environment Reduced water consumption by 22% annually Increased organic waste diversion to landfill by 30% by composting Food recovery: donate catered staff lunch leftovers to Westside Food

PS#1 Grand Prize 2018/2011Medium Size: 43 FTE EmployeesEconomic Development 47 years of operating as an innovative educational institution Keep a pulse on the latest brain research to assure “strength-based”educational policies assure students will thriveSocial Responsibility Free after school day care for all employees Health and dental policies go above and beyond Provides 1.25 million annually in financial aid for families in needStewardship of the Environment Environmental sustainability incorporated into all aspects includingcurriculum, procurement, construction, student life etc. Created on-line map to facilitate student car-pooling - increased

The Albright Grand Prize 2017 Medium Size: 50 FTE Employees Economic Development Since 1977!A family-owned restaurant that gives locallyDocumented results from initiativesLocal sourcing, sponsorships and events Social Responsibility Community partnerships with local groups to diversify workforce Hires ‘at risk’ youth and individuals with disabilities Employee tuition reimbursement program/ supports language classesStewardship of the Environment Use Monterey Bay guidelines for procuring sustainable fish Established a sustainable committee under the Pier Lessee's Assoc to integratesustainable practices like Pier recycling/ organics collection Switched to reusable plates and flatware Active advocate with local bike campaigns and

NRDC Grand Prize 2016Medium Size: 35 FTE EmployeesEconomic Development– Diversified range of products and services– Employee wellness initiativesSocial Responsibility– Comprehensive employee benefits and surveys– Thorough programs, legal internships– Local contributions with compelling support materialsStewardship of the Environment– Perfect Green Building example– Improvements progressively made to uphold standard– Santa Monica Green

Checklist for SQA Application All nominees can access a past winner mentor to receiveapplication assistance Company or Employee ManualTracking utility bill savingsDetails of renovations or retrofitsInclude PoliciesList of charitable donationsReview past applications: APPLY “PROCESS”Contact SQA committee:

Important DatesWed., Feb 12, 2020Application Due (no extensions)Wed., March 18, 2020Winners AnnouncedSQA EventTBD*winners receive 2 free APPLY


Businesses putting sustainable practices into actionsmsqa.comApril 21, 2016. Agenda SQA History SQA Winner Benefits Awards Event Eligibility: TDM City Ordinance Compliance Application and Categories Past Winners and Mentors Important Dates. SQA History

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A sustainable workforce can lead to expansion in trade and attract MNEs and manufacturers committed to sustainable development, whereas outcomes associated with poor worker safety and health can negatively impact sustainable economic growth.26 While there may be a monetary expense at the outset of adopting sustainable workplace practices, the

Small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employer businesses.1 In 2010, there were 5.7 million small-employer businesses and 22 million non-employer small businesses.2 Small businesses have generated 63 percent of net new jobs over the past 20 years and employ about half of all private-sector employees.3

However, small businesses also lose many jobs. Compared with many larger and more mature businesses, small businesses often contribute to limited net job growth. Considering the high failure rate among small businesses, focusing limited financial resources on smaller businesses could be a poor use of resources.

2012. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees accounted for more than 48 percent. 1. While limiting compliance burden is important, we have also reported that small businesses are a key contributor to the annual tax gap—the difference between taxes owed and taxes paid on time. Like all businesses, small businesses face compliance

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