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Kids MusicBingoGame

Directions:Hello,Thank you so much for your purchase of this product. I hope you find it enjoyable. I find this gamesuitable to play with 1st through 5th graders.Here you will find 6 different bingo sheets that are different from one another.Each of the songs on the playlist is either completely clean or a kids bop version of the song. You canshuffle the YouTube videos or choose at random which to play. I recommend using page protectors withexpo markers or coins to mark the songs played. That way you can reuse the sheets for future use.Here is the link for the playlist: PLylheL79Nkeo4sy9TalS3l0i7ByFurnoCYou can shuffle the songs or pick randomly. Usually I will let the song play until a player guessesthe song or they give up and I will tell them the answer. I always give the answer to the song andhelp players find the song.Note: not every song will be on every board! :)

Terms of Use:This product is for individual use only. Any copying or duplication of this product is prohibited.If you would like to share this resource, you may purchase the additional licenses of thisproduct.If you are interested in any more of my products, you can access my website ingmusicalspecialmomentsA special thanks to those who made my graphics and fonts:All fonts are from Lovin’ Lit: tAnd by Amy Groesbeck fonts: sbeckClip art and fonts from Dancing Crayon Dancing-Crayon-DesignsBackgrounds created by Hidesy’s Clip Art: lipart

A note for younger players:Because I cannot put photographs of movies or artists on this document due to copyright purposes, Iencourage younger players who cannot read to work with a partner or grown-up to help them mark thecorrect box. For instance, if the younger learner knows the song, he/she can tell the name of the songand an adult can mark the box for them.Typically, when playing with players who struggle with or cannot yet read, I give them 30 seconds toguess the song. Even if they cannot guess the song, I still tell them the answer and help them find thecorrect box.For older players, you can have them guess and mark their own boxes.I hope you find this resource fun, especially for home learning!Best,Lauren

BINGOSenioritaShawn Mendes, CamillaCabello- Kids BopI’m Still StandingTaron EgertonSINGI Like ItKids BopUptown FunkBruno MarsKids BopYou’ve Got a Friend InMeToy StoryYou’re WelcomeMaui (from Moana)Can’t Stop the FeelingJustin TimberlakeOld Town RoadLil Nas XKids BopFinesseBruno MarsKids BopBeautiful PeopleEd SheeranKids BopYou Ain’t Never Had aFriend Like MeAladdinSuckerJonas BrothersKids BopFREE SPACETry EverythingShakiraZootopiaI Don’t CareEd SheeranKids BopTruth HurtsLizzoKids BopSome things neverchangeFrozen 2One Last TimeAriana GrandeRemember MeCocoMiguelThere’s Nothing HoldingMe BackShawn Mendes, Kids BopInto the UnknownFrozen 2Me!Taylor Swift, BrandonUrieKids BopThe MiddleKids BopYou’re WelcomeMoanaUnder the SeaThe Little Mermaid

BIInto the UnknownFrozen 2Idina MenzelOld Town RoadLil Nas XNGOCan’t Stop the FeelingJustin TimberlakeRadioactiveImagine DragonsKids BopShake it OffTaylor SwiftYou’re WelcomeMaui (from Moana)24K MagicBruno MarsKids BopFeel it StillPortugal the manKids BopFinesseBruno MarsKids BopBeautiful PeopleEd SheeranKids BopBetter When I’mDancingMeghan TrainorHavanaCamilla CabelloKids BopFREE SPACEHaloBeyonceKids BopPhotographEd SheeranTruth HurtsLizzoKids BopA Whole New WorldAladdinOne Last TimeAriana GrandeNo Tears Left to CryAriana GrandeKids BopThere’s Nothing HoldingMe BackShawn Mendes, Kids BopSome things neverChangeFrozen 2Thunder

Uptown Funk Bruno Mars Kids Bop You’ve Got a Friend In Me Toy Story You’re Welcome Maui (from Moana) Can’tStop the Feeling Justin Timberlake Old Town Road Lil Nas X Kids Bop Finesse Bruno Mars Kids Bop Beautiful People Ed Sheeran Kids Bop You Ain’tNever Had a Friend Like Me Aladdin Sucker Jonas Brothers Kids Bop FREE SPACE Try .

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