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OUR VALUE OVERVIEWHire the right fit,faster, every time.See how we’re different.

The WizeHire differenceEverything you need to make a great hire — all in one place.Free JobBoardLow PriceQualityCandidatesApplicantTrackingLocal MarketExpertiseHiring CoachesJob tform

Get better results and grow yourbusiness with WizeHire100 35%1/1020Industry-testedjob templates*Higher qualitycandidatesAverage costper hireDays fasterto hireOutrank your competitors ontop job boardsExtends offers withconfidenceGet unbeatablevalueSave time hiring with ourrecruiting system

How WizeHire worksWizeHire is an easy-to-use online recruiting systemmade for busy business owners like you.Create a high-performingjob adAttract morequalified candidatesIdentify topcandidates fasterManage your hiringprocess with easeExpert-approved andcustom job templates hiringcoach supportAds posted on 100 jobboards for you over 100pre-screening questionsDISC personalityassessment candidatefiltering/tagging#1 rated applicant trackingsystem personalizedhiring experience

Watch a 3-minute demoSee how easy it is to hire great people.

Create yourtop-performing jobad

ADD A JOB IN 3 MINUTES OR LESSChoose the right jobtitle for your businessType in the role you’re looking to fill.We have over five-hundred jobs inover 20 different industries.Detailed job descriptions help younarrow down the best title so youattract the right candidates.Create your top-performing job ad

Get the right candidates withexpert-approved job templatesUse our templates that are industry proven and optimized for job boards.Higher QualityFaster HireDisc OptimizedTemplates attract 35%more quality candidatesat 1/10 of the averagecost per hire.Managers hire 20 daysfaster with templates onWizehire.Templates are written forthe ideal personality typein mind.

Attract qualifiedapplicants fromtop job boards

Hiring coaches help you rank higher on job boardsOnce you submit your job, coaches review and optimize your ad for the best results.Hiring coaches help you pick the right jobtitle, select a competitive salary range, andgive you expert advice on attracting topcandidates.Coaches have learned a lot from our clientsabout what makes job ads work. They usetheir expertise to adjust your ad for the bestperformance. (But they’ll give you a heads upif they do).They’re available to answer any questions youhave via chat, text, and email from 7am to7pm CST Monday - Friday.Attract more qualified applicants

Your ad goes live on 100 job boards in one clickCandidates can apply on their favorite site.Hiring coaches post your ad to100 job sites including Indeed,Zip Recruiter, Monster, andmore.Job seekers apply directlythrough our partner sites.Follow-up is handled for youwith a series of automatedemails asking candidates tofinish their applications.Attract more qualified applicants

Identify topcandidates faster

NARROW DOWN CANDIDATES FASTERAdd screeningquestions thatmatch your criteriaAsk only what really matters toyou. Their answers can help youdecide who moves forward.Identify top candidates faster

DISC helps you find the right personality fitNarrow down your applicants faster with valuable insights you won’t find on a resume.31122Identify top candidates faster3Find the right personality fitUsing the DISC personality assessmenthelps you determine if an applicant is theright fit for you.Understand candidate motivationSee how applicants are motivated towork to make sure their values alignwith your company.Download 54-page reportGet valuable information a resume can’tprovide so you can make smarter hiringdecisions.

Know who your qualified applicants are fasterOrganize your candidates with tags and filters.Candidates are ranked for youOnce candidates finish the DISC assessment, they’re scored, compared,and ranked for you in your jobdashboard.Tags and filters help you hire fasterEach applicant is automatically tagged foryou by personality fit and their answers toyour screening questions. Filter and sortcandidates by the tags that matter most toyour business.Identify top candidates faster

Manage yourhiring process

Manage all your jobs, all in one placeSee your active jobs, new candidates, messages, and moreall from your dashboard.WizeHire’s #1 rated applicanttracking system makes hiringfaster and easier.Manage your hiring process

Communicate with candidates right from your dashboardMessaging features make it easy to stay in touch.Secure communicationNo need to exchange email addresses.Just connect with candidates under themessaging tab in their profile.Bulk messagingLet multiple candidates know as soonas it’s a yes or a no with the click of abutton.No-hassle interview schedulingScheduling interviews is easy. Justconnect your calendar and setyour availability. Candidates pick atime that works for them.Manage your hiring process

Make the right hire everytime, with WizeHire!

#1 Rated applicant tracking systemWe make it easy to hire top talent.

READY TO HIRE?Hire great peopleat a fraction of the priceMonthly plan 199 per monthunlimited jobs in your marketAnnual plan 165 per month(one-time annual payment of 1980)Recommended if you hire during certain times of the yearRecommended if you hire all year aroundRecommended if you need flexible spending optionsRecommended if you’re looking for great savingsRecommended if you want to pause anytimeRecommended if you want to hire anytimeStart hiring now: wizehire.com

expert-approved job templates Use our templates that are industry proven and optimized for job boards. Faster Hire Managers hire 20 days faster with templates on Wizehire. Disc Optimized Templates are written for the ideal personality type in mind. Higher Quality Templates attract 35% more

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Andreas Wagner1, Wolfgang Wiedemann1, Thomas Wunderlich1 1 Chair of Geodesy, Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany, a.wagner@tum.de .