Building Resilience To Prevent Supply Supply Chain Risk Chain .

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Agenda Introduction – Bio - Michelle WrightAPICS UNT Student chapterAPICS Certification opportunitiesSupply Chain TrendsSupply Chain RiskSupply Chain Disruption including Natural Disasters / Catastrophes / DigitalTechnologyBlack Swan of 2020Supply Chain Risks / Disruption due to the CoronavirusPreparing for Supply Chain Disruption with RESILIENCE!ClosingCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc2

APICS UNT STUDENT CHAPTER APICS North Texas is working with Dr Michael Savoie from the MLOM department Re-establishing the APICS UNT student organization Register via instructions from your MLOM instructors or give me your card for emailinstructions Free membership – free use of APICS dictionary and SCOR app APICS North Texas will organize a student chapter kick-off meeting Look forward to meeting new friends, tours, professional development meetings,social events, and other educational opportunities Network with SCM professionals Student leadership opportunities




APICS CSCP DESIGNATIONModule 1 – SCM – overview, strategy, product design,managing, improvingModule 2 – Procure & Deliver Goods, DemandManagement, S&OP, Supply Chain partner relationshipsModule 3 - Measure, analyze & improve the SupplyChain, Best Practices, Continuous Improvement


Supply Chain TRENDS I Globalization – the interdependence ofglobal economies Outsourcing / Offshoring - obtaininggoods / services from another companyin place of an internal source Supply-base rationalization shrinking by reducing the number ofactive suppliersCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc11

Supply Chain TRENDS II Just-in-time deliveries – strategy tofacilitate speedier order fulfillment Superior customer serviceexpectations - proactive customer servicewith better use of reviews/ feedback Sustainability- focus on activities thatprovide benefit today withoutcompromising the needs of futuregenerations.Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc12

Supply ChainTRENDSCONSEQUENCES Trend towards reducing costs Trend towardsoutsourcing/offshoring Trend towards JIT Trend towards supplierconsolidation Global – More complex Loss of control Efficiency vs. effectiveness Supplier failureRESULTS INCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc13

Brittle Supply ChainsBrittle Supply Chains aremore susceptible todisruption.Non-brittle Supply Chainsembrace change in a waythat harnesses disruptionto drive innovation.Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc14

Turbulent timesChange is ConstantDisruption is EverywherePlanned vs. UnplannedComes from Every DirectionPositive or Negative ImpactRISKCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc15

Risk - Definition An uncertainty that might endanger the accomplishment of aprofessional or personal objective Is a cost – reward is the benefit Not always bad Always uncertain Positive(Opportunity) Negative(Threat) All personal and professional investment involves risk and uncertainty Not every reward is worth the riskCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc16

2020 Supply Chain Risks Climate change Increasing social inequity Unfair avoidable differences from poor governance, corruption, etc. Increasing global population Increased global insolvencies Not being able to pay back monies that you owe Global democratization movement Give world citizens a say in voting for the UN Secretary - General Increased terrorism Tariff wars like US – China trade policy whiplash, Brexit, etc. Social media threats – privacy and security - cyberattacks Slavery Aging population Talent shortageCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc17

Planned Disruption of the Supply Chain - LocalCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc18

Planned Retail Disruption of the Supply Chain - Local 'Market By Macy's' launched Thursday 2/6 in Southlake, TX,The first-ever location for Macy’s new retail concept.Not located in a mall.A lifestyle center. Feels like a boutique.New social shopping space that celebrates discovery, community& convenience. A model that is still relevant five to ten years from now. Macy’s just announced it'll close one-fifth of its stores in the nextthree years.Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc19

Disruption is Everywhere - Supply ChainsZurich Insurance – 40% supply chaindisruptions caused by levels belowtier 1Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc20

ANGRY MOTHER NATURE –NATURAL DISASTERSFire’s impact on wildlife inAustraliaHeatwave’s impact onenergy consumptionMid-west floodings impacton corn & soybean cropsTyphoon’s impact on life &economic activities will beprolonged.Impact on crops due towater shortageFires impact on Brazil’srainforest – overall negativeimpact on climate change

THE FREQUENCY OF EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS IS RISINGNumber of World Natural Catastrophes, 1980-2018 Source: 2019 Munich Re, Geo Risks Research, NatCatSERVICE. As of February 2019.

DEVASTING TORNADOES IN MIDDLE TENNESSEE –MARCH 2020 Monday night 3/2/20, two powerful tornadoes tore through Nashville, Tennessee &its surrounding counties Left power & transportation systems in disarray Dell is fundamentally the only significant-technology footprint in Middle Tennessee Dell operates corporate offices & fulfillment centers out of this region A number of Dell’s corporate suppliers are located in the Nashville area A building run by FedEx, which manages the company’s Custom Factory Integrationservices and also housed Dell retail inventory, was heavily damaged by the storm. Multiple fulfillment centers run by Ceva Logistics were supposedly damaged but notyet confirmed as damaged by Ceva Logistics. Could present a significant challenge to Dell’s supply chain, & might result in much ofits retail volume being routed through other cities Nashville’s mayor: "The city is a resilient city“ on 3/2/20 after the storm.Credit to

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTIONsocial media is going from a “nice tohave” to an essential component of anybusiness strategyMore people own amobile device than atoothbrushSocial network penetration isconstantly increasingworldwide and as of January2019 stood at 45 /number-of-worldwidesocial-network-users/every minute more than 30million messages onFacebook and almost 350,000tweets.

What is DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION?Disruptive innovation - is a product or service that initially takeshold at the bottom of a marketplace, but relentlessly expands until iteventually displaces established competitors.Some well-known examples include1. personal computers supplanting mainframes,2. mobile phones replacing hard-wired lines, and3. subscription streaming services overtaking video rental stores.It is a phrase coined in 1995 by Harvard Business School ProfessorClayton ChristensenCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc25

BLACK SWAN EVENTS26 An unexpected surprise that Has a major impact on society “It was bound to happen” Historical significance – maychange a civilization’s life style Undirected, unpredicted Unknown unknowns Large Scale, Large Impact, RareEvents (LSLIRE’s)

Is the Coronavirus the Black Swan of 2020?

TOP 2 SUPPLY CHAIN RISKS AMID THE CORONAVIRUSOUTBREAK Lockdowns cause labor & supply shortages infactories Workers can’t reach factories due to quarantines, temperature & vehiclechecks Regulatory uncertainty slows the restart of factoryoperations Chinese manufacturers challenged by different and variable regulationsCredit to Resilience360@DHL.comCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc28

NEXT 3 SUPPLY CHAIN RISKS AMID THE CORONAVIRUSOUTBREAK Public health requirements impact industrial operations vianeed to apply for permission to reopen Foxconn ok in Zhengzhou but waiting to reopen in Shenzhen Authorities require drivers to remain 14 days inself-quarantine depending on the truck’s licenseplate & the driver’s registered province.Credit to Chinese suppliers invoking force majeure clauses thatshield them from legal and financial liability China’s provincial border checks aggravatetrucking shortageCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc29

NEXT 3 SUPPLY CHAIN RISKS AMID THE CORONAVIRUSOUTBREAK Closed borders delay movement from & to both Vietnam &Hong Kong Export goods from Vietnam are congesting border points as truckscannot easily cross into China with priority being given to medical andperishable cargo. Labor shortage causes congestion at airports and seaports Congestion has started to build at air cargo terminals and warehousesInbound shipments have not been customs cleared or delivery/pick-upservices could not be arranged Blank sailings reduce ocean freight capacity out of China Happens when a carrier cancels a scheduled port stop or an entire routeCredit to Resilience360@DHL.comCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc30

FINAL 2 SUPPLY CHAIN RISKS AMID THECORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK Limited air and rail cargo capacity to increase prices Multitude of passenger & freighter flights cancelled &operations restarting will cause air freight capacity shortages Ripple effects felt across global overseas supply chains Auto parts shortage in China and elsewhere caused major automanufacturers to halt factory operations (ex Hyundai, Kia andNissan)Friday 2/31/20 Hyundai stopped building the Palisade SUV aftera factory worker tested positive for the Coronavirus.Credit to Resilience360@DHL.comCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc31

Denton Coronavirus news Denton County and city of Denton officials said Thursday 2/27 that they’re continuing tomonitor reports of the new coronavirus, of which the Center for Disease Prevention says anoutbreak in the U.S. is inevitable. City of Denton spokesman Ryan Adams said the city is coordinating with the Denton CountyPublic Health department on the virus. Denton county’s health department has also created a page on their websiteat to follow up on the coronavirus.Credit to Denton Record-Chronicle 2/27/20Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc32

THE ANTIDOTE – RESILIENT SUPPLY CHAINResilience - “the ability of a supply chain to preparefor disruptions, leverage disruption and recover /improve operational capability quickly afterdisruptions occur” And readiness to grab market leadership from rivalsPreparePlanBe ProactiveRecoveryStabilizeContain

WAYS TO BE PERSONALLY RESILIENTTaiwan experts recommend:Japanese doctors recommend:1) Take a deep breath and hold it formore than 10 seconds. If youcomplete it successfully withoutcoughing or discomfort, stuffiness,tightness, etc. it is a sign that thereis no fibrosis in the lungs, thereforeno infection.3) Everyone should ensure his/her mouth &throat is moist & never dry. Take a few sips ofwater at least every 15 mins.Why? Because even if the virus enters yourmouth, drinking water or other liquids willwash it down into the stomach where thestomach acids will kill the virus.2) Do this self-check EVERYmorning in an environment withclean air.4) Wash your hands regularly for 20 secondsusing soap & water, or using an alcohol-basedsanitizer that contains 60-95% alcohol,to avoid passing the virus (if present) fromyour hands to the eyes, nose or mouth viadirect contact.

Resilience: It’s Not About Bouncing Back book by Jennifer Eggers & Cynthia BarlowCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc35

Leverage Disruption it challenges you beyond currentcapacity & will enable you to Do 40 to 50% more with what you have Come back stronger & more effective faster Progress on complex challenges –engage the people aroundyou Stay alive – contain burn out & keep focusedSomething big is coming Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc36

Why Is Resilience So Hard? Prework vs. Rework- don’t want to waste time reacting withoutpreparation Not even talking about Resilience yet – even though it is the #1characteristic required of leaders today Assume employees are aligned with strategic direction – 70%are unknowingly misaligned We expect old school leadership to handle adaptive challengeseffectivelyCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc37

Difference between Technical and AdaptiveChallenges TechnicalUnderstand the problem Can be resolved by applyingexpertise and through theorganization’s currentstructures, procedures & waysof doing things. “Better, faster, & cheaper”solutions Processes must changeTell People What to Do AdaptiveNever seen before No expertise Problem may be unclear Addressed through changes inpeople’s priorities, beliefs,habits and loyalties (thinkingdifferently) Hearts and minds must changeMobilize People to Solve –Be a servant leaderCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc38

2 Ways to Build Resilience1. go through a bunch of MUCK and it makes you stronger 2. prepare ahead of time to make sure you’re prepared39when disruption hits.Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc

2 Ways to Build ResiliencePreparation fills the tank (ofenergy) so the reserve is therewhen you need it.It is crucial to have a framework inplace so that when disruption hits,you are already resilient. And yourorganization knows what to do !!!!Initial jolt of panic becomes acatalyst.Photo by Oliver SkitterphotoTeammates become energizedinstead of hysterical.Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc40

Questions to be ANSWEREDDo we have the rightMINDSET for what weare up against?Are we clear on howthe CHOICES getmade?Are we aligned around theunderlying CORE BELIEFS?Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc41

Why Don’t Organizations Invest in Resilience? Takes too much time They like internal competition Costs too muchCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc42

The Good NewsEvery day, a shift occurs in the marketplace.Disruption is inevitable.Either :1. Harness / leverage its power and becomeeven more resilient,OR2. Let it become something to cope with andresistBy the way, it has nothing to do withBouncing Back.Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc43

Remember These Three Take-awaysIf you want to create resilience on your team and drive results inthe face of rapid, disruptive change:1. Know what kind of challenge you are dealing with and the kindof leadership required2. Create alignment3. Build your resilience framework before you need itCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc44

ClosingThanks you for your time and attention.Feel free to connect with us via LinkedIN or via email with :Michelle Reilly Wright – presenter and APICS North Texas board member –mwright827@gmail.comVince Mozik – VP Education for APICS North Texas – Vince.mozik@gmail.comDesiree Ballard – APICS North Texas Admin – info@ntxapics.orgAPICS North Texas website 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc45

CreditsJennifer pyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc46

SUPPLYCHAINRISK Supply Chain RiskManagement 2020MANAGEMENT2020 Pat Tarver - cpim,cscp,cltdPat Tarver – CPIM,CSCP, CLTD6Packed Conference, San Antonio,January 23, 2020Copyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc47

Other CreditsSlide 20 APCQ HBR.ORGSlide 26 The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas TalebCopyright 2019 LeaderShift Insights, Inc48


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The "Resilience and Climate Smart Agriculture" section of this guide suggests a working definition and roadmap for measuring climate resilience in smallholder supply chains. The "Guiding Steps" section recommends common climate resilience approaches to measuring risk and resilience at the smallholder farmer and farmer

1. Share information and knowledge to promote supply chain resilience. 2. Promote disaster risk management and hazard mapping to better understand potential risks to supply chain resilience. 3. Support planning and business continuity management to improve global supply chain resilience. 4. Promote best practice policy, regulations, and .

2.2 Global and UK action for building ocean resilience and recovery 18 2.3 Environmental impacts and trends on UK seas 19 2.4 The concept of resilience 20 2.5 Defining marine resilience 22 2.6 The mechanics of ecosystem resilience 24 3. Building resilient ecosystems in W

in the Swiss manufacturing industry to share their thoughts on how supply chains had been impacted, how they had adapted and what they consider to be the most important ways to build supply chain resilience, beyond COVID-19 and into the future. Our research identified 5 key considerations in building supply chain resilience: 01.

Building Infrastructure Resilience Planning Guide for Commercial Real Estate will be published in 2019, to coincide with the City of Toronto's announcement of its Resilience Strategy. We are very pleased to publish this Technical Guidance Note on Resilience. We would like to thank the Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure's

Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology is a series of reference handbooks designe fodr an international audience of upper-level undergraduate and graduate students and , professional archaeologist ands archaeologica l scientist isn universities, museums, research laboratorie and fields units. Each book include a surve oysf current archaeological practice alongside essential referenc on contemporare .