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FRANCHISE AGREEMENTTHIS CABLE FRANCHISE AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and betweenTHE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF CARROLL COUNTY, MARYLAND, a bodycorporate and politic of the state of Maryland, THE TOWN OF HAMPSTEAD, THE TOWNOF MANCHESTER, THE TOWN OF MT AIRY, THE TOWN OF NEW WINDSOR,THE TOWN OF SYKESVILLE, THE TOWN OF UNION BRIDGE, THE CITY OFTANEYTOWN, AND THE MAYOR AND COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY NIA/WESTVIRGINIA,LLC(hereinafter called “Franchisee”), a Delaware limited liability company.WITNESSETHWHEREAS, Franchisee is providing cable service to subscribers within the corporatelimits of the Franchisors pursuant to a cable franchise originally granted to PrestigeCommunications of NC, Inc., dated May 2, 2000 (the “Prior Franchise”); andWHEREAS, Franchisee wishes to continue to provide Cable Services within thecorporate limits of Franchisors and has requested a Franchise Agreement in order to do same;andWHEREAS, Franchisors are authorized to grant one or more non-exclusive franchisesfor the provision of cable service within their corporate boundaries by means of a cable system;andWHEREAS, Franchisors have reviewed Franchisee’s request and have considered theterms and conditions of the Prior Franchise; andWHEREAS, Franchisors have conducted a community needs assessment and havedetermined that the granting of this Franchise to Franchisee will assist in meeting their cablerelated needs and interests; andWHEREAS, Franchisors have determined that granting of a Franchise on the terms setforth herein is in the public interest and in the interest of the Franchisors and their residents.NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the Franchisors' grant of a Franchise toFranchisee; the promise by Franchisee to provide Cable Services to residents of the Franchisorspursuant to and consistent with the applicable Cable Ordinances; the terms and conditions setforth herein; and the mutual covenants and promises herein contained, the parties hereto agree asfollows:1

1.DEFINITIONSExcept as otherwise provided herein, the definitions and word usage set forth in theapplicable Cable Ordinances are incorporated herein and shall apply in this FranchiseAgreement. In addition the following definitions shall apply:1.1.Additional Insureds shall have the same meaning as “Indemnitees” in Section6.2 of this Agreement.1.2.Basic Service Tier shall mean the Franchisee’s lowest tier of Cable Service,which shall include local television broadcast signals and the PEG Channels.1.3.Cable Gross Revenues or Gross Revenues shall mean, as interpreted inaccordance with generally accepted accounting principles, any and all cash,credits, property or other consideration of any kind or nature, and all of theamounts earned or accrued, arising from, attributable to, or in any way deriveddirectly or indirectly by Franchisee, or an entity in any way affiliated withFranchisee, from the operation of the Cable Television System to provide CableServices.1.3.1Cable Gross Revenues shall include, without limitation, all subscriber andcustomer fees and revenues earned or accrued net of bad debts, includingfees and revenues for basic cable services; additional Cable Service tiers;premium Cable Services; late charges; pay per view; program guides;installation, disconnection, reconnection, change in Service or service callfees; fees for the provision, sale, rental, or lease of converters, remotecontrols, additional outlets and other customer premises equipment; latefees and administrative fees; barter; fees paid by subscribers; revenuesfrom the use of leased access channels; advertising revenues from theSystem; and revenues from home shopping programming. Cable GrossRevenues shall not include the value of free services not required by theFranchise Agreement; nor any taxes on services furnished by Franchiseewhich are imposed directly on any subscriber or user by the state,Franchisors, or other governmental unit and which are collected byFranchisee on behalf of said governmental unit. A Franchise fee is notsuch a tax.1.3.2Advertising revenues and other revenues identified herein whose sourcescannot be identified with a specific subscriber shall be allocated toFranchisors based upon the percentage of subscribers residing in theFranchise Area compared to that served from the head-end serving eachFranchisor.2

1.4.Cable Ordinance shall mean: the Carroll County Cable TV Ordinance, as wellas any similar ordinance adopted by the Franchisors other than Carroll County.1.5.Cable Service or Service shall mean:1.5.1The one-way transmission to subscribers of (i) video programming or (ii)other programming services; and1.5.2Subscriber interaction, if any, which is required for the selection or use ofsuch video programming or other programming service.1.6.Cable Television Business shall mean the provision by Franchisee of CableService solely by means of the Cable Television System.1.7.Cable Television System or System shall mean a facility consisting of a set ofclosed transmission paths and associated signal generation, reception, and controlequipment that is designed to provide Cable Service which includes videoprogramming and which is provided to multiple subscribers within the FranchiseArea, but such term does not include (i) a facility that serves only to re-transmitthe television signals of one or more television broadcast stations; (ii) a facilitythat serves subscribers without using any public right of way; (iii) a facility of acommon carrier which is subject, in whole or in part, to the provisions of Title IIof the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, except that such a facility shallbe considered a Cable System (other than for purposes of Section 621 (c) of suchAct) to the extent such facility is used in the transmission of video programmingdirectly to subscribers, unless the extent of such use is solely to provideinteractive on-demand services; (iv) an open video system that complies withSection 653 of Title VI of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended; or (v)any facilities of any electric utility used solely for operating its electric utilitysystem.1.8.Carroll Cable Regulatory Commission, or CCRC, means the entity of thatname formed by the Franchisors and governed by an IntergovernmentalAgreement dated December 18, 2008, or any successor entity.1.9.Community Planning Area shall mean areas designated on the County-wideMaster Plan where the majority of residential, commercial, and industrialdevelopment is concentrated.1.10.Drop shall mean the cable or wire that connects the distribution portion of aCable System to a subscriber's premises.1.11.Event of Default shall have the meaning defined in Section 11 of this FranchiseAgreement.3

2.1.12.FCC shall mean the Federal Communications Commission, its designee, or anysuccessor governmental entity thereto.1.13.Franchise Agreement shall mean this document and any amendments, exhibitsor appendices hereto.1.14.Franchise Fee shall mean the fee defined in Section 7 of this FranchiseAgreement.1.15.Franchise Area shall mean the area within the corporate limits of Franchisors.1.16.Franchisee shall mean Comcast of California/Maryland/Pennsylvania/Virginia/West Virginia, LLC, a Delaware corporation.1.17.Franchisors shall mean the Commissioners of Carroll County, the Town ofHampstead, the Town of Manchester, the Town of Mt. Airy, the Town of NewWindsor, the Town of Sykesville, the Town of Union Bridge, the City ofTaneytown, and the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Westminster.1.18.PEG shall mean public, educational and governmental.1.19.PEG Channels shall mean the Channels made available by Franchisee for public,educational and governmental access use, as more fully described in Section 5 ofthis Franchise Agreement.1.20.Public Ways shall mean all dedicated public rights-of-way, streets, highways,and alleys of the Franchisors. “Public Ways” shall not include property ofFranchisors which is not a dedicated public right-of-way, street, highway, oralley.1.21.Transfer shall have the meaning defined in Section 10 of this FranchiseAgreement.1.22.Uncured Event of Default shall have the meaning defined in Section 11 of thisFranchise Agreement.GRANT OF RIGHTS2.1Permission/Franchise. Subject to all terms and conditions contained in thisFranchise, the laws and generally applicable ordinances of Franchisors as fromtime to time in effect, Franchisors hereby grant Franchisee permission to erect,construct, install, operate, and maintain a Cable Television System to provideCable Service in the Franchise Area and to transact a Cable Television business insuch area. This Franchise shall grant no authority for the Franchisee to use the4

Franchisors’ Public Ways for any purposes other than provision of Cable Service,and the Franchisors reserve the right to require the Franchisee to obtain additionalfranchises or comparable grants of authority for the provision of non-cableservices. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Franchise shall bedeemed to prevent the Franchisee from providing any non-cable service by meansof the Cable System, to the extent permitted by applicable law.2.2Nonexclusive. This Franchise and all rights granted hereunder are nonexclusive.Franchisors reserve the right to grant such other and future franchises for similaruses or other uses of the Public Ways, or any portions thereof, as they deemappropriate. This Franchise does not establish any priority for the use of thepublic rights of way by Franchisee or by any present or future franchisees or otherpermit holders. In the event of any dispute as to the priority of use of the publicrights of way the first priority shall be to the public generally, the second priorityto Franchisors in the performance of its various functions, and thereafter, asbetween franchisees and other permit holders, as determined by Franchisors in theexercise of their powers, including the police power and other powers reserved toand conferred on them by the State of Maryland.2.3Additional Franchise Grants.2.3.1The Franchise and the right it grants to use and occupy the Public Ways toprovide Cable Services shall not be exclusive, and the Franchisors reservethe right to grant other franchises for similar uses or for other uses of thePublic Ways, or any portions thereof, to any Person, or to make any suchuse themselves, at any time during the term of this Franchise Agreement.2.3.2If the Franchisors grant a franchise that authorizes a third party to provideCable Service in Carroll County (the “Competitive Franchise”) and, in thereasonable opinion of the Franchisee, contains more favorable or lessburdensome terms or conditions than this Franchise Agreement withrespect to (i) the amount, basis and method of computation of thefranchise fee; (ii) the amount, basis and method of computation of anyPEG capital grant payments; (iii) the number of PEG channels; (iv) therespective service area of the two grantees; or (v) line extensionrequirements, the Franchisee may notify the Franchisors that it wishes torequest the amendment of any provisions of the Franchise Agreementaddressing those subjects. To request amendments, the Franchisee shallfile a petition seeking to amend the Franchise. Such petition shall: (1)identify the competitor; (2) identify the basis for Franchisee’s belief thatcertain provisions of this Agreement and the Competitive Franchise placeFranchisee at a competitive disadvantage; and (3) identify the provisionsof this Agreement to be amended in order to eliminate the competitivedisadvantage.5

2.3.3Upon receipt of Franchisee’s written notice, both parties shall negotiate ingood faith, and either party to this Agreement may request changes toamend this Agreement so that neither this Agreement nor the CompetitiveFranchise contains terms that are more favorable or less burdensome thanthe other. Such negotiation will proceed and conclude within a onehundred eighty (180) day time period, unless that time period is reduced orextended by mutual agreement of the parties. If the Franchisor andFranchisee reach agreement on the Franchise modifications pursuant tosuch negotiations, then the Franchisors shall amend this Franchise toinclude the modifications insofar as permitted under applicable law. If theFranchisors and Franchisee fail to reach agreement in such negotiations,Franchisee may elect to shorten the remaining term of this Franchise to notmore than 36 months and shall be deemed to have timely invoked theformal renewal rights and procedures set forth in §626 of the FederalCable Act.2.3.4For purposes of this section, the franchises must be viewed as a whole, noton a provision-by-provision basis, and the franchises must be comparedwith due regard for the circumstances existing at the time each franchisewas granted.2.4Cable Services. Franchisee shall provide a basic tier of Cable Service over theCable System throughout the term of this Franchise.2.5Emergencies.Franchisors or their agents (including police, volunteerfirefighters, and emergency medical services personnel) may remove or damagethe Cable Television System in the case of fire, disaster, or other emergenciesthreatening life or property, as determined by the Franchisors. In such eventneither Franchisors nor any agent, contractor or employee thereof shall be liableto Franchisee or its customers or third parties for any damages caused to them orthe Cable Television System, such as for, or in connection with, protecting,breaking through, moving, removal, altering, tearing down, or relocating any partof the Cable Television System.2.6Alert System. Franchisee shall install and thereafter maintain on the CableTelevision System an emergency alert system as prescribed by the FCC and the1992 Cable Act, as amended.2.7Compliance with Applicable Law. Franchisee shall comply in all respects withall applicable codes, including the National Electrical Safety Code (latest edition);National Electric Code; the requirements of other utilities whose poles andconduits it uses; and all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, including,without limitation, local zoning and construction codes and laws.6

3.2.8Maintenance and Repair. Franchisee shall keep and maintain a proper andadequate inventory of maintenance and repair parts for the Cable TelevisionSystem and a workforce of skilled technicians for its repair and maintenance.2.9Other Permits. This Franchise does not relieve Franchisee of the obligation toobtain permits, licenses and other approvals from Franchisors necessary for theconstruction, repair or maintenance of the Cable Television System, provision ofCable Services, or compliance with right-of-way permits, building permits and thelike.2.10Subject to Exercise of Police Powers. All rights and privileges granted hereinare subject to the police powers of the Franchisors and their rights underapplicable laws and regulations to exercise their governmental powers to their fullextent, including, but not limited to, the right to adopt and enforce generallyapplicable additional ordinances and regulations as the Franchisors shall findnecessary in the exercise of their police powers, the right to adopt and enforceapplicable zoning, building, permitting and safety ordinances and regulations, andthe right to adopt and enforce ordinances and regulations containing right-of-way,telecommunications, utility and cable television consumer protection and servicestandards and rate regulation provisions. The foregoing is expressly subject toSection 14.7 of this Franchise.2.11Franchise Agreement Contract Rights. The provisions of this FranchiseAgreement constitute a valid and enforceable contract between the parties. If theFranchisee determines that any amendment of the Cable Ordinance enacted afterthe Effective Date of this Agreement has the effect of materially impairing theFranchisee’s rights under this Agreement, then the Franchisee may request thatthe parties modify this Agreement to the mutual satisfaction of both parties toameliorate the impairment. If the parties cannot reach agreement on such amodification to the Agreement, then the Franchisee may elect to advance therenewal term by thirty-six months (36) to begin negotiations on the nextfranchise. The Franchisee retains any and all other remedies that are available.2.12Continuity of Service. Franchisee shall provide all available Services to allsubscribers upon request as long such subscribers' financial and other obligationsto Franchisee are honored. Franchisee shall interrupt System Service only inaccordance with the provisions of the Cable Ordinances, and shall maintainrecords of such interruptions. In the event of a revocation or termination of theFranchise, Franchisee shall act so as to ensure that subscribers receive continuous,uninterrupted service, as specified in Section 3.12.PUBLIC WAYS3.1.Use of Public Ways. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in thisFranchise Agreement and the Cable Ordinances, Franchisee is granted the right7

and the obligation during the term of this Franchise to erect, construct, install,operate and maintain its Cable Television System in, over, under, along andacross the Public Ways within the Franchise Area, for the sole purpose ofproviding Cable Service.3.2.No Burden on Public Ways. Franchisee shall not erect, install, construct,repair, replace or maintain its Cable Television System in such a fashion as tounduly burden the present or future use of the Public Ways. If Franchisors intheir reasonable judgment determine that any portion of the Cable TelevisionSystem imposes an undue burden on the Public Ways, Franchisee shall modifyits system or take such other actions as Franchisors may determine are in thepublic interest to remove or alleviate the burden, at Franchisee’s expense,provided, however, that if Franchisee believes that the manner of erection,installation, construction, repair, replacement or maintenance is consistent withgeneral cable industry standards or practices for comparable facilities atcomparable locations, Franchisee may request relief from this provision.Franchisee shall submit a request for relief in writing, specifically explainingwhich industry standards and practices apply and why it should not be requiredto modify the system or remove or alleviate any burden. The affectedFranchisor shall consider this request reasonably and in good faith and shallgrant Franchisee a waiver if it determines that Franchisee has acted inaccordance with industry standards and practices, and that the burden onFranchisee of any modification or other action would exceed the burden on thePublic Ways. Any modification or other action to be performed by Franchiseepursuant to this section shall be completed within the time period establishedby Franchisors.3.3.Minimum Interference. The Cable Television System shall be erected andmaintained by Franchisee so as to cause the minimum interference with the use ofthe Public Ways and with the rights or reasonable convenience of property ownerswho adjoin any of the Public Ways.3.4.Restoration of Property. Franchisee shall promptly restore at its sole cost andexpense, in a manner approved by Franchisors, any portion of the Public Waysor private property that is in any way disturbed by the construction, operation,maintenance or removal of the Cable Television System to as good or bettercondition than that which existed prior to the disturbance, and shall at its solecost and expense restore and replace any other property, real or personal,disturbed, damaged or in any way injured by or on account of Franchisee or byits acts or omissions, to as good or better condition as such property was inimmediately prior to the disturbance, damage or injury. Such a restoration shallstart promptly but no more than fifteen (15) days from the date that Franchiseebecomes aware of the problem in question. In the event of a failure byFranchisee to complete any work required for the protection or restoration ofthe Public Ways, or any other work required by law, within the time specified8

by and to the reasonable satisfaction of the Franchisors, the Franchisors,following notice and an opportunity to cure, may cause such work to be done,and Franchisee shall reimburse the Franchisors the cost thereof within thirty(30) days after receipt of an itemized list of such costs; or the Franchisors mayrecover such reasonable costs from the performance bond provided byFranchisee.3.5Tree Trimming. Franchisee may trim trees upon and overhanging the PublicWays so as to prevent the branches of such trees from coming into contact withthe Cable Television System. Franchisee shall limit the trimming of trees totrimming only those trees which are essential to maintain the integrity of theSystem. No trimming shall be performed in the Public Ways without previouslyinforming the affected Franchisor and trimming shall conform to all applicablelocal, state and federal laws. All trimming of trees, except in an emergency, onpublic property shall have the prior approval of the affected Franchisor and exceptin an emergency all trimming of trees on private property shall require the consentof the property owner.3.6Relocation of Facilities. Franchisee shall at its own cost and expense, protect,support, disconnect or remove from the Public Ways any portion of the CableTelevision System when required to do so by Franchisors due to street or otherpublic excavation, construction, repair, grading, regrading or traffic conditions;the installation or repair of sewers, drains, water pipes, or publicly-ownedfacilities of any kind; or the vacation, construction or relocation of streets or anyother type of structure or improvement of a public agency or any other type ofimprovement necessary for the public health, safety or welfare. However, to theextent any other users of the Public Ways are compensated for the requiredrelocation of the facilities, Franchisee shall also be compensated in a similarfashion, to the extent required by applicable law3.7.Private Property. Franchisee shall be subject to all laws and regulationsregarding private property in the course of constructing, installing, operating ormaintaining the Cable Television System in the Franchise Area. Franchisee shallcomply with all zoning and land use restrictions of Franchisors as may hereafterexist or may hereafter be amended.3.8.Underground Facilities.3.8.1In those parts of the Franchise Area where transmission or distributionfacilities of all utility companies are underground or hereafter may beplaced underground, Franchisee shall likewise construct, operate andmaintain all of its transmission and distribution facilities underground3.8.2In those portions of the Franchise Area where the utility facilities areabove ground at the time of installation of the Cable Television System9

and are subsequently placed underground by the utility companies or arerequired to be placed underground, Franchisee shall likewise place itsfacilities underground within one hundred twenty (120) days at its solecost and expense.3.9New Developments. Upon notification by power or telephone companiesFranchisee shall install its Cable System in accordance with Section 5.9(excluding Drops to individual dwelling units) in all new subdivisions anddevelopments in coordination and cooperation with such companies, using its bestefforts to combine trenching and to minimize disruption to private property andthe Public Ways. After Cable System installation, Franchisee shall be capable ofproviding Cable Service to any dwelling unit in such subdivision or developmentsolely by the construction of a Drop to the subscriber premises when suchdwelling unit is constructed.3.10.Temporary Relocation. Upon fifteen (15) business days’ notice, Franchiseeshall temporarily raise or lower its wires or other equipment upon the request ofany person including, without limitation, a person holding a building movingpermit issued by Franchisors. Franchisee may charge a reasonable rate for thisservice not to exceed its actual costs.3.11.Vacation. If a street or Public Way where Franchisee has facilities is vacated,eliminated, discontinued or closed, after notification to Franchisee of same, allrights of Franchisee under this Franchise Agreement to use the street or PublicWay shall terminate and Franchisee shall immediately remove the Cable Systemfrom such street or Public Way unless Franchisee obtains all necessary easementsfrom the affected property owners to use the former street or Public Way or acourt orders the provision of such easements. Where reasonably possible and tothe extent consistent with the treatment of other utility facilities in the formerstreet or Public Way, Franchisors shall reserve easements for Franchisee tocontinue to use the former street or Public Way. Franchisee shall bear the cost ofany removal or relocation of the Cable System unless the vacation is primarily forthe benefit of a private party, in which case the private party shall bear such costs.Franchisee shall be provided thirty (30) days’ notice of any proposed vacationproceedings involving its Cable System facilities.3.12.Discontinuance and Removal of the Cable Television System. Upon therevocation or termination of this Franchise, the Franchisors may requireFranchisee to remove its Cable Television System, including all supportingstructures, poles, transmission and distribution system and other appurtenances,fixtures or property from the Public Ways, in, over, under, along, or throughwhich they are installed, at Franchisee’s expense, within six (6) months of therevocation or termination of this Franchise; or the Franchisors may permitFranchisee to abandon such facilities in place. The Franchisors also may requireFranchisee to restore promptly any property, public or private, to a condition10

comparable to that which existed prior to the installation, erection or constructionof its Cable Television System, including any improvements made to suchproperty, including, but not limited to, the Public Ways, in accordance with thedirections and specifications of Franchisors, and all applicable laws, ordinancesand regulations, at Franchisee’s sole expense. If such removal and restoration isnot completed within six (6) months after Franchisee is so directed by theFranchisors, all of Franchisee’s property remaining in the affected Public Waysshall at the option of Franchisors, be deemed abandoned and shall, at the option ofFranchisors, become its property or Franchisors may obtain a court ordercompelling Franchisee to remove same. In the event Franchisee fails or refuses toremove its Cable Television System or to satisfactorily restore all areas to thecondition in which they existed prior to the original construction of the CableTelevision System, Franchisors, at their option, may perform such work andcollect the costs thereof from Franchisee. No surety on any performance bondshall be discharged until Franchisors have certified to Franchisee in writing thatthe Cable Television System has been dismantled, removed, and all other propertyrestored, to the satisfaction of Franchisors.Notwithstanding the above,Franchisee shall not be required to remove its Cable System, or to relocate theCable System, or to sell the Cable System, or any portion thereof as a result ofrevocation, denial of renewal, or any other lawful action to forbid or disallowFranchisee from providing Cable Services, if the Cable System is actively beingused to provide any other lawfully authorized services not governed by the CableAct.4.PERFORMANCE BOND4.1.Performance Bond.4.1.1Franchisee shall provide Franchisors, no later than the Effective Date, anirrevocable performance bond substantially in the form set forth in ExhibitA attached hereto, in the amount of Seventy-Five Thousand Dollars( 75,000), as security for the faithful performance by Franchisee of theprovisions of this Agreement, and compliance with all orders, permits anddirections of any agency of Franchisors having jurisdiction over its acts ordefaults under this Franchise, and the payment by Franchisee of anyclaims, liens or taxes due Franchisors which arise by reason of theconstruction, operation, maintenance or repair of the Cable TelevisionSystem or provision of Cable Services.4.1.2The condition of such performance bond shall be that if Franchisee fails toperform any of the requirements of this Franchise Agreement or the CableOrdinance; or fails to make timely payment to Franchisors or theirdesignee of any amount or sum due under this Franchise; or fails to repay11

to Franchisors within ten (10) days of written notification that suchrepayment is due in accordance with Section 14.2, any damages, costs orexpenses which Franchisors shall be compelled to pay by reason of any actof default of Franchisee in connection with this Franchise; or fails, afterFranchisors have complied with the applicable notice requirements of thisAgreement, to comply with any provisions of this Franchise whichFranchisors reasonably determine can be remedied by the payment ofmoney (including, without limitation, the assessment of liquidateddamages), then Franchisors may demand and receive payment under suchperformance bond.4.2.Letter of Credit.4.2.1. The Franchisee shall file and maintain with the Franchisors, no later thanthe Effective Date, an irrevocable letter of credit from a financialinstitution licensed to do business in Maryland and acceptable to theFranchisors, in the amount of Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ( 25,000) toserve the same purposes as set forth in Section 4.1. The form and contentof the letter of credit shall be approved by the Franchisors.4.2.2. No later than thirty (30) days after any withdrawal from the letter of credit,the Franchisee shall restore the letter of credit to the total amount specifiedin Section The letter of credit shall provide for thirty (30) da

4 1.12. FCC shall mean the Federal Communications Commission, its designee, or any successor governmental entity thereto. 1.13. Franchise Agreement shall mean this document and any amendments, exhibits or appendices hereto. 1.14. Franchise Fee shall mean the fee defined in Section 7 of this Franchise Agreement. 1.15. Franchise Area shall mean the area within the corporate limits of Franchisors.

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perform each and every condition of said franchise as memorialized in this Agreement, and further to faithfully perform all acts required of it as the purchaser of said franchise. 6. This Franchise Agreement memorializes the agreement between the parties contained and embodied in the Ordinances and shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of

1.15. Franchise: The franchise granted by this Agreement as defined in Section 10-1-101(b)(16) of the Cable Law. 1.16. Franchise Area: The unincorporated area (entire existing territorial limits) of the LFA and such additional areas as may be included in the territorial limits of the LFA during the term of the Franchise. 1.17.

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franchise do not apply to starting your own business or buying a business that is not a franchise. The level of this risk will depend on the nature of the franchise business, the size and characteristics of the franchise group offering the franchise and whether the franchise business is an established franchise business operated by a previous

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1.15. Franchise: The franchise granted by this Agreement as defined in Section 10-1-101(b)(16) of the Cable Law. 1.16. Franchise Area: The unincorporated area (entire existing territorial limits) of the LFA and such additional areas as may be included in the territorial limits of the LFA during the term of the Franchise. 1.17.

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