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Infection Control and Winter Planning General Infection Control Measures

Module #1—General Infection Control Measures c Escalation to emergency care Information about mpox September 2022 Protecting yourself and others Building community partnerships Infection Control Sanitation considerations Signs and symptoms 2

Escalation to Emergency Care Staff should call emergency medical services if a resident has severe warning signs of a medical emergency, including: November 2022 Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath Difficulty speaking in full sentences Persistent pain or pressure in the chest New confusion or an inability to rouse Lightheadedness Blue discoloration of lips, face, or nail beds Dehydration (dry mouth and skin, dizziness, headache, fever and chills, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, or muscle cramps) Infection Control 3

Protecting Yourself and Others Against Infection Prevent transmission September 2022 Stay Home Infection Control Wash hands 4

Cleaning Considerations for Physical Spaces Cleaning Surfaces September 2022 Cleaning Practices Infection Control Laundry Plan 5

What Is Mpox (Formerly Known as Monkeypox)? Mpox is a virus that causes flu-like symptoms and a rash. How it spreads: Hugging, kissing, other intimate contact September 2022 Shaking hands Infection Control Touching personal items 6

What To Do if You Think You Have Mpox People who think they might have mpox should be medically evaluated and tested. They should also: Isolate and distance September 2022 Wear a well-fitting mask Infection Control Cover any skin lesions 7

Isolation Recommendation for Residents With Mpox People with confirmed mpox should isolate until all rashes or lesions have fully healed, which could take more time than other infections. During isolation, residents will need additional support. Clinical safety and monitoring September 2022 Mental health support Infection Control Technology 8

Teach Residents To Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Mpox, COVID-19, and the Flu Public health information September 2022 Facility requirements Infection Control Handouts and resources 9

Access Flyers about Mpox, COVID-19, and the Flu For access to flyers and handouts, please visit HUD Exchange’s Resource Library at Click ESG in the filter feature on the left-hand side. Then, write "flyers" in the “Browse the Resource Library" search box. This will bring you to flyers and resources that you can share with residents and shelter staff. For more information about communication strategies, please review module 2 in this training series. September 2022 Infection Control 10

Next Steps: Building Community Partnerships Partner with local organizations. Equitable vaccine distribution September 2022 Education about vaccines Infection Control Identify additional isolation space 11

Winter Planning Resources Winter Planning Guide Overview Winter Response Activation and Communications Planning Guide and Template Read the good, better, and best approaches to shelter for a review of isolation and quarantine space. To learn about mpox, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) landing page or read National Healthcare for the Homeless Council’s (NHCHC’s) fact sheet. HUD has developed an mpox Q&A, a planning guide, and an informational flyer for people experiencing homelessness. NHCHC’s COVID-19 landing page provides information and resources to support people experiencing homelessness. To stay informed about COVID-19, visit the CDC landing page or read the latest guidance about isolation. September 2022 Infection Control 12

November 2022 Infection Control 3. Protecting Yourself and Others Against Infection September 2022 Infection Control 4 Prevent transmission. Stay Home. Wash hands. Cleaning Considerations for Physical Spaces September 2022 Infection Control 5 Cleaning Surfaces. Cleaning Practices. Laundry Plan.

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NCDHHS/DHSR/HCPEC Module 7 Infection Control and Prevention July 2021 1 NCDHHS/DHSR/HCPEC Module 7 Infection Control and Prevention July 2021 1 . 1.Define vocabulary words related to infection control 2.Describe the history of infection control 3.Discuss the importance of infection control measures, such as hand

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Infection Control Committee A multidisciplinary Infection Control Committee (ICC) is a key element of a facility’s infection control and prevention program. The ICC should: Provide input on facility-wide infection control and prevention, policies and procedures, and surveillance processes Evaluate data obtained through surveillance

1. The hospital has an infection control team, which coordinates implementation of all infection prevention and control activities. The team is responsible for day-to-day functioning of infection control program. 2. Periodical training of all category staff about Infection Control Protocols and Policies. 3.

V Acronyms and abbreviations ABHR alcohol-based handrub AMR antimicrobial resistance COVID-19 coronavirus disease HAI health care associated infection IPC infection prevention and control IPCAF Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Framework IPCAT2 Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Tool 2 MMIS multimodal improvement strategies PPE personal protective equipment

Aug 30, 2013 · Hospital infection control officers are often referred to as hospital epidemiologists (HEs), infection control professionals (ICPs) or IP APIC calls them Infection Preventionist or IP and June 7, 2013 CMS added IP to tag 748 CDC has defined “infection control professional” as “a person whose primary training is in either nursing,

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