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Full Bore Fire Safe Flanged Ball Valves - Flowserve

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WORCESTER CONTROLS F519/529/819/829Full Bore Fire Safe Flanged Ball Valves

The Flowserve Worcester flanged full bore valve range provides customers with specificationcompliant product with long service free life resulting in low cost of ownership. All valves comply with the requirements of ASME B.16.34 with a one piece 519/529 design up to 1½” and thetwo piece design extending the range from 2” to 8”Anti-blowout stemInserted from inside of valve body for greater safetyActuator MountingConforms to ISO 5211 for ease of actuationAnti-static stem designEnsures electrical continuity between ball and bodyBallParallel ported 316 stainless steel as standard withpressure equalizing hole to balance cavity pressurewhen the valve is openBody sealsPTFE with metal to metal secondary seal on onepiece valves and PTFE coated graphite on two pieceeliminating potential media contamination whilstproviding fire rated integrityGland packingGraphite provides fire rated integrity and combinedwith the body seals ensures Fugitive Emission compliance to ISO 15848WrenchErgonomically designed tamper proof lockabledesign on one-piece valves and multi position fitwrench on two-piece valves to suit space requirementsLocking clipMaintains position of gland nut during actuation forlong leak-free performanceActuationValve assembled ready for actuation with no changes to stem build required maintaining valve integrityBoltingStainless steel as standard meeting the requirements of ASME VIII Div 1 pressure vessel codesLocking Device2Tamper proof design ensures the padlock cannot beremoved or over-ridden when locked either open orclosed (North America & Canada only)

Parts/Materials 5119Series 519/52932121845620Series 819/8297Item1&2DescriptionBody & Insert/ConnectorMaterialStainless Steel ASTM-A351 CF8MLow Temp Carbon Steel ASTM-A352 LCBItem14DescriptionGland nutMaterialZinc Plated Stainless Steel. Carbon Steel3BallStainless Steel A479 316, ASTM-A351 CF8M15Gland Nut Locking ClipStainless Steel4StemStainless Steel A479 31616Stop PinStainless Steel5SeatTFE Virgin, Polyfill (see page 6)17WrenchStainless Steel, Carbon Steel6Body SealPTFE / PTFE Coated Flexible Graphite18Wrench HeadStainless Steel, Carbon Steel7Body Connector ScrewStainless Steel ASTM A193M, B8 CL2/B8M CL219Wrench attachment BoltStainless Steel, Carbon Steel8Stem Thrust SealTFE, Polyfill20Anti-static Spring & PlungerStainless Steel9Secondary Stem SealTFE21Locking /deviceStainless Steel10Gland PackingTFE, Flexible Graphite22WasherStainless Steel11Stem location ringStainless steel 31623LockwasherStainless Steel12Indicator StopStainless Steel24WasherStainless Steel13GlandStainless steel 31625NutStainless Steel3


Valve Dimensions 819/829 inch/mmXØSTEM DIMENSIONS F ACROSS FLATSSTEM DIMENSIONS ‘F’ ACROSSFLATSON G DIAMETERON ‘G’ DIAMETERMOUNTING PLATFORM TO ISO 5211MOUNTINGBRACKET TO ISO 5211KLocked Open*EDJPORT ØPORTCLocked Closed*BA* Padlock not supplied with valve.819 (ASME Class 150)829 (ASME Class 421.721.630.5243.841.513.114.020.0 156.0 225.0 55.0F070.660.590.837.91 13.78 2.17F07F10A/FDia.Max. 93" 201.0 350.0 7F0714.020.0 9.327.2 214.0557.070.0F102.872.781.111.051.31 10.8333.463.35F1273.070.328.226.633.2 275.0850.085.0F12A/FDia.Max. 02.202.09229.0117.0140.6139.855.953.221.819.327.2 235.0 557.0 70.0F10305.0 0 12.20 33.46 3.35F1216.07.667.633.052.941.151.201.49 6.633.1 310.0 850.0 85.0F12403.0 179.0194.6193.877.474.729.230.437.9 0.0F14502.0 231.0256.2255.388.485.535.034.542.6--130.0F16DN100 102.36"6.0DN150 152.08"8.0DN200 203.39.25 21.93 2.767.09.15

Pressure/Temperature RatingsVirgin PTFE is the most common sealing material and is suitablefor almost all media as it has excellent chemical resistance.POLYFILL / FLUOROFILL (P)Carbon and graphite filled PTFE material an excellent seatmaterial for higher pressure and temperature applications.Temperature ( sure (psi)100150200250300Pressure (psi)101550Pressure (bar)-4611600050Temperature ( Class 29015014510145404352123023924825720-510½"122"322" - 80-51½" - 1580580Pressure (bar)TFE SEATS (T)2010321222123023924825720Temperature ( F)Temperature ( F)KEY: A Carbon steel body ratingB Stainless steel body ratingPressure Torque Curves519/529 TFE & POLYFILL SEATS819/829 TFE & POLYFILL SEATSDifferential Pressure (bar)3506.913.820.727.6Differential Pressure 9160006786"5000"5.6"00100200300400500Differential Pressure 30900040001"100Torque (in-lb)22.3200Torque (Nm)Torque (in-lb)8"100001 "13562"0100200300400500Differential Pressure (psi)Note: Please apply safety factors as recommended in the Worcester Controls Actuator Sizing Manual6007001130,0Torque (Nm)0

Standards of ComplianceValve SpecificationFace to Face LengthsASME B.16.34 / ISO 17292519/819 (Class 150)ASME B16.10 Column 19 Short ½” - 4”ASME B16.10 Column 18 Long 6” - 8”EN558 Table 2 Series 3½” - 4”EN558 Table 2 Series 12 6” - 8”529/829 (Class 300)ASME B16.10 Column 8 Short ½” - 6”ASME B16.10 Column 7 Long 8”EN558 Table 2 Series 4 ½” - 6”ISO 9001Quality AssuranceFire ratingAPI 607ISO 10497(Graphite build only)API 598EN 15848(Graphite build only)NACE MR.01.75 / ISO 15156(Internal Only)ASME B.16.5 Class 150 & 300BS EN 1759-1 Class 150 & 300Pressure TestFugitive EmissionSour GasApplicationsFlangesTechnical InformationValve 529519529519529819829819829819829819829819829½” DN15¾” DN201” DN251½” DN402” DN503” DN804” DN1006” DN1508” DN200Limiting Stem TorqueFlow 63993377889Cv - Flow in US GPM Pressure psi Kv - Flow in M3/hr Pressure - 7.088.0117.0176.0236.0How to Order (Typical)A - SizeB - Std Variant½" 15mm05 Fire rated¾" 20mm071"25mm1½" 40mmC - SeriesF 519 SeriesD - Main PartsGland PackingSecondayStem SealThrust SealBody /ConnBBodyAE - Seat & SealsFGFlangeBuild VariationF - FlangeG - Build Variation519 Low-Temp Carbon Steel5Virgin TFETClass 150 150 V3 - Vented Ball529 Series529 Stainless Steel6Polyfill/FluorofillPClass 300 300 V32 - Oval Handle10819 Series819GraphiteZ15829 Series829V38 - Assembled DryV46 - Silicone Free2" 50mm20V66 - European C of C3" 80mm30V72 - PED Compliance4" 100mm40V73 - Cavity fillers6" 150mm60V91 - API 608 Compliance8" 200mm807

Flowserve CorporationFlow Control Division1978 Foreman DriveCookeville. Tennessee38501 USATelephone: 931 432 4021Fax: 931 432 5518Flowserve Flow ControlA Division of Flowserve GB Ltd.Burrell Road. Haywards HeathWest Sussex RH16 1TLUnited KingdomTelephone: 44 (0)1444 314400Telefax: 44 (0)1444 31440Email: wvukinfo@flowserve.comFCD WCENBR0032-00 AQ 08/2016 Printed in USA.Contact:Flowserve CorporationNo. 35. Baiyu RoadSuzhou Industrial ParkSuzhou 215021Jiangsu Province. PRCTelephone: 86 512 6288 1688Fax: 86 512 6288 8737Email: monsu@flowserve.comFor more information about FlowserveCorporation. visit www.flowserve.com or callUSA 1-800-225-6989.FCD WCENBR0032-01 AQ 04/17 Printed in USA.Flowserve Corporation has established industry leadership in the design and manufacture of its products. When properly selected. this Flowserve product is designed to performits intended function safely during its useful life. However. the purchaser or user of Flowserve products should be aware that Flowserve products might be used in numerousapplications under a wide variety of industrial service conditions. Although Flowserve can (and often does) provide general guidelines. it cannot provide specific data and warnings for all possible applications. The purchaser/user must therefore assume the ultimate responsibility for the proper sizing and selection. installation. operation. and maintenance of Flowserve products. The purchaser/user should read and understand the Installation Operation Maintenance (IOM) instructions included with the product. and trainits employees and contractors in the safe use of Flowserve products in connection with the specific application.While the information and specifications contained in this literature are believed to be accurate. they are supplied for informative purposes only and should not be consideredcertified or as a guarantee of satisfactory results by reliance thereon. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as a warranty or guarantee. express or implied. regarding anymatter with respect to this product. Because Flowserve is continually improving and upgrading its product design. the specifications. dimensions and information containedherein are subject to change without notice. Should any question arise concerning these provisions. the purchaser/user should contact Flowserve Corporation at any one of itsworldwide operations or offices. 2016 Flowserve Corporation. Irving. Texas. USA. Flowserve and Worcester Controls are registered trademarks of Flowserve Corporation.8

BS EN ISO 5211 (SEE DIMENSION TABLE) PADLOCK NOT SUPPLIED PADLOCK HOLE: Ø 7.0 E C D J M M T2 T2 . 131.7 197.0 22.3 25.0 32.5 29.5 F05 50.0 M6 10.0. Valve Dimensions 819/829 inch/mm Locked Open* Locked Closed* * Padlock not supplied