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part 1 insight into crate-training 1. a definition of crate-training 15 2. the necessity of a dog crate 16 part 2 preparations 3. the breeder's part 24 4. reducing a dog crate's size 26 5. places for dog crates in the house 29 part 3 the first day and night 6. transport 35 7. introducing the dog crate 38 8. the first day(s) and night(s) 49

2 THE OTHER DOOR GENERATION II STEEL CRATE PG5927B/PG5936B/PG5942B PARTS LIST CRATE ASSEMBLY Step 1. Remove from box and carry bag. Step 2. Place crate on ground as shown, so the PET GEAR logo on the bottom (black part) is facing toward you. (Figure A.) Top Locks. One on each side. Crate Matching Bolster Pad Wheels Handle A. B.

Introducing your dog to the crate Top tips: Make the crate comfortable before showing it to your dog. Introduce the crate as a step-by-step process, over several days if possible. Handle your dog gently throughout the crate introduction process, and keep your voice kind and positive.

A 40-kg packing crate is pulled by a rope as shown. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the floor is 0.35. If α 40 , determine (a) t he magnitude of the force P required to move the crate, (8 ) (b) whe ther the crate will slide or tip. (9 ) (c ) the friction force between the packing crate and the floor. (3 )

of your new Diggs Crate Training Aid , contact our customer service department at Usi Groov » For guidance on how to use Groov effectively in crate training, jump to page 14. » Once Groov is secured to the crate, it is ready to help with training! » Allow your dog to lick the treat at his or her pace. IMPORTANT:

Crate training uses a dog's natural instincts as a den animal. A wild dog's den is his home, a place to sleep, hide from danger, and raise a family. The crate becomes your dog's den, an ideal spot to snooze in or take refuge during a thunderstorm. We recommend that you provide a kennel/crate throughout your dog's entire lifetime.

For an escape artist, either a plastic crate or a rugged (not collapsible) metal crate would be best. Both plastic and metal crates can be fortified using strategically placed zip ties. If you are looking for a crate that matches your dec

If the dog is crate trained, please use the crate for calm confinement. Have him sleep in the crate at night in your bedroom. Ask us for our advice if he is not crate trained. Go for long, on-leash walks for the purpose of brisk exercise. Start a training class with your new dog.

Crate HEMI kits may not be used in place of a regulated or certified nonroad engine (such as in marine applications). Installation of a Crate Hemi engine in violation of these Instructions will void any applicable MOPAR warranty. 5.7L & 6.4L engines from 2013-2016 Challenger/Charger/300 may be comparable to a Crate

ship or on the deck. For easy passage of a crate through the average hatchway and into the hold, the outside dimensions should not exceed 41 feet in length, 9 feet in width, and 7 feet in height. Any crate larger than this will likely be placed on 2 the deck. A sheathed crate with a waterproof top

Code, enabling auditors instant access to information about the Transport Operator and crate. QR Coded tags should be fitted to the crate on the driver's side, just behind the cab. 2.2.1 Crate Certification Programme Requirement All crates must be certified under the Road Transport Forum Crate Accreditation Programme.

The crate structure fills when the flow rate exceeds the agreed discharge rate. All storm water flows into the crate structure and infiltrates into the surrounding ground as and when saturation allows until the crate structure is empty. The design of the crate structure is required to ensure a half empty time of 24 hours or less.