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Because of this lack of legal analysis applying the law to the client's unique circumstances, these letters do not meet the definition of legal assistance (legal advice is a subset of legal assistance) set forth in Section 2.2 of the 2008 CSR Handbook which reads: For CSR purposes, legal assistance is defined as the provision of limited service

to legal aid, as distinct from the right to legal assistance,2 and are intended to build on and give effect to the international norm that a person is entitled to defend himself or herself through legal assistance.3 The definition of "legal aid" includes both the service provided—legal advice, assistance and representation4—and the pro-

Legal practice is an exercise in interpretation not just when lawyers interpret documents or statutes but also generally. Propositions of law are not simply descriptive of legal history, in a straightforward way, nor are they simply eval-uative in some way divorced from legal history. They are interpretive of legal

legal services to Veterans. The VALOR Guide addresses that need by bringing together a network of law firms, clinics and other providers who are dedicated to providing free legal services for Veterans. Not every legal clinic or military legal assistance office can handle every type of legal problem, but by working together, they can provide the right service in the right location. Getting Into .

Six legal clinics are available in Alberta to provide free legal help to those who do not qualify for Legal Aid. To attend a clinic you must book an appointment by phoning or emailing the offices listed below. Calgary Legal Guidance Phone: 403-234-9266 (Calgary area only) Email: [email protected] Edmonton Community Legal Centre www .

Legal services programs, often called “legal aid societies,” provide direct civil representation, for free or at a reduced cost, to low income and elderly clients. Legal services attorneys ensure equal access to the justice system for people who could not otherwise afford attorneys. Much of a legal services lawyer’sFile Size: 800KB

agencies, permission must first be obtained from Legal Aid Western Australia. This Kit provides information about the law only and does not constitute legal advice. You should seek legal advice if you have a specific legal problem. Every effort is made to ensure that the information contai

About Legal Aid NSW The Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales (Legal Aid NSW) is an independent statutory body established under the Legal Aid Commission Act 1979 (NSW). We provide legal services across New South Wales through a state-wide network

History of Civil Legal Aid in Oklahoma 1940’s Some county bar organizations provided legal aid to veterans & their families. 1950’s The Oklahoma Bar Association and local United Ways created funding for free civil legal aid. 1964 Legal Aid became part of the U.S. War on Poverty and rec

provides legal aid to defend the accused.”33 State-Subsidized Legal Aid China’s state-subsidized legal aid program is substantial and detailed. Under the Regulations on Legal Aid, the PRC legal aid system has four levels.34 At the national

Legal pluralism was the main characteristic of the legal order. In the eyes of a European legal historian, when considering medieval legal categories, the only way to deal with such matters as the granting of fundamental rights to indigenous peoples

Legal history in Australia: The development of Australian legal/historical scholarship Professor Horst Lu cke* Australian concern with legal history began in earnest in the 1920s. At first scholars focused almost exclusively upon English legal history, understandably s