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STATE OF ALASKADEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICESDivision of Behavioral Health303 “K” STREETANCHORAGE, AK 99501-2083STATEWIDE: 907-264-0735Directory of Private Substance Abuse Treatment Agencies Approved by DBH toReceive ASAP and other Criminal Justice ReferralsUPDATED**December 2020**All other directories are INVALID as of this date.

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020State Approved Private ProgramsThe State of Alaska, Department of Health & Social Services, and Division of BehavioralHealth approves private treatment programs to receive criminal justice referrals. All statefunded programs (grantees) are approved unless otherwise specified. Only those privateprograms listed below are currently approved for these referrals. Any questions regardingthis directory should be submitted to the Division of Behavioral Health, ASAP Office at907-269-3600 or in writing at:Division of Behavioral Health3601 C Street, Suite 878Anchorage, AK 99503Note: All agencies on this list are currently approved unless otherwise indicated. Agencieswishing to be on this list should contact the ASAP Program Coordinator at 907-264-0735 oremail to dbhasap@alaska.govClick on name of community to go directly to that page. “Control/Home” to return to top.Table of ContentsAlaska Statewide Alcohol Safety Action Program Contacts . 4Approved Private Substance Abuse Treatment Providers . 5Anchorage . 5AEON Counseling . 5Alaska Wisdom Recovery. 5Alyeska Counseling Group . 6Cornerstone Recovery . 7Discovery Cove Recovery & Wellness Center . 8Genesis Recovery Services . 8Jett Morgan Treatment Services, LLC . 9Mountain Minds Matter, Cornerstone Counseling .10Pinnacle Community Health, LLC .11Providence Breakthrough .11Renew Your Mind .12Anchorage Vet Center .13Page 2 of 24

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020Veterans Affairs.13Anchorage-Active Military .13ADAPT (JBER) .13Army ASAP (JBER) .13SUDCC (JBER).14Delta Junction .14Hats of Wisdom .14Eagle River .15Discovery Cove Recovery & Wellness Center .15Fairbanks .15Fresh Start .15Pacific Rim Counseling .16Restore Incorporated .17Seven Secrets Counseling .18& Social Skills .18Turning Point Counseling Srvcs.19Girdwood.20Mountain Minds Matter .20Ninilchik .21Ninilchik Traditional Council .21North Pole .22Seven Secrets Counseling & Social Skills .22Palmer .23Delta Recovery Services .23Soldotna .24Soldotna Vet Center .24Wasilla .24Wasilla Veterans Center .24Page 3 of 24

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020Alaska Statewide Alcohol Safety Action Program ContactsAnchorage ASAP Misdemeanor Services; Basement of the Boney Courthouse303 K Street, Anchorage AK 99501Phone: 264-0735 Fax: 264-0786Email: dbhasap@alaska.govAnthony Piper, Alaska ASAP Program Manageremail: tony.piper@alaska.govAnchorage Juvenile ASAP2600 Cordova StAnchorage, AK 99501Phone: 907-223-0811Alternate phone: 279-1906Fax: 907-279-0148Fairbanks ASAP, Adultand Juvenile Twyla Cruger,Administrator315 Wendell Ave.Fairbanks, AK 99701Phone: 907-452-6144Fax: 907-452-1001tcruger@fairbanksnative.orgLouis Imbriani, Alaska ASAP Program Coordinatoremail: Louis.Imbriani@alaska.govKetchikan ASAP, Adultand JuvenileMat-Su ASAP, Adultand JuvenileVeronika Kline, Administrator805 Frontage Rd., Suite 200BKenai, AK 99611Main: 907-283-6586Fax: 907-283-4029Email: ASAP monitorsKetchikan cases)Steve Brunger,Administrator1825 S. Chugach, St.Palmer, AK 99645Phone: 907-746-6260Fax: 907-746-6272Email: SteveB@akafs.orgBethel ASAP, Adult andJuvenileJuneau ASAP, Adult andJuvenileKodiak ASAP, Adult andJuvenileNome ASAP, Adult andJuvenileKerri Fox, Program DirectorBethel CourthouseAttention Kerri FoxP.O. Box 130,Bethel, AK 99559Phone: 907-545-0170Fax: 1-866-642-6671, Attn.Kerri FoxEmail:betheljasap@gmail.comWalt Sisikin, ProgramCoordinator3406 Glacier HighwayJuneau, AK 99801Phone: 907-463-6804Fax: 907-463-4399Email: walts@jamhi.orgKimberley Katelnikoff,Program Coordinator717 E. Rezanof DriveKodiak, AK 99615Phone: 907-481-2413 or907-481-2400Fax: nda Schneider,AdministratorDebbie Weston, ASAPContactBox 98Nome, AK 99762Phone: 907-443-5259Fax; 907-443-2990Email:deweston@nomecc.orgDillingham ASAP, Adultand JuvenileKenai ASAP, Adult andJuvenileKotzebue ASAP, Adultand JuvenileVictoriano Solis, ASAPContactBBAHC (Bristol Bay AreaHealth Corp.)Box 130Dillingham, AK 99576Phone: 907-842-9433Fax: 907-842-5174Email: Vsolis@bbahc.orgVeronika Kline, Administrator805 Frontage Rd., Suite 200BKenai, AK 99611Main: 907-283-6586Fax: 907-283-4029Email: vkline@akeela.orgLainey BeaverP.O. Box 256Kotzebue, AK 99752Phone: 907-442-7691Fax: 907-442-7749Email:Lainey.beaver@maniilaq.orgSeward ASAP, Adultand JuvenileMarlee Ross, ProgramCoordinatorP.O. Box 1045Seward, AK 99664Phone: 907-224-5257Fax: 907-224-7081MRoss@SEaviewSeward.orgPage 4 of 24

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020Approved Private Substance Abuse Treatment ProvidersAnchorageAEON Counseling4325 Laurel St #245Anchorage, AK 99508907-562-4606Fax:562-4608Tyrone CharlesTalcharles@aol.comAEON CounselingCounselor: Tyrone Charles, MA; Juvenile, DOC, and SBIRT specialistAEON counseling uses cognitive behavioral didactic and mindfulness approaches to assistthe client to recognize the effects and consequences of their substance use, high riskbehavior. Every individual who participates in any of our substance use programs is treatedwith respect and understanding. AEON counseling believes there is a requirement to provideproper working tools to each participant to assist in making internal changes in thoughtpatterns to open up their understanding of their issues leading to use, facts, thoughts,feelings, wants and finally the actions of using. There is no condemnation or blaming, only anacceptance and recognition of personal responsibility to change.Alaska Wisdom Recovery 907-562-4540 Michael DeMolinaFax: 562-4503401 W International,#27Anchorage AK 99518Alaska Wisdom RecoveryAlaska Wisdom RecoveryMichael DeMolina, Master Addiction CounselorAdult & & Adolescent Programs Office Based Opioid Treatment/MAT medically managed care; inductions; stabilization andtapering and coordination of integrated care.Outpatient (OP) – meeting one time a week for 12 weeksIntensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – meeting 3 times a week for 8 weeksPhase I: Continuing Care – meeting one time a week for up to 6 months or as needed.Phase II: Extended Continuing Care: Relapse Prevention Program (RPP) – following theoriginal CENAPS model of RPP as taught by Terrence Gorski to our Program Director.Mental Health individual and family therapies.Neuro-psych testingPage 5 of 24

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020 Integrated Behavioral Health/Primary Care services Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) variable length stay to assist with stabilization andseamless transition to and from higher levels of careCoordination of care with local and national network of medical and recovery programsservices.Seamless transition to and from national residential treatment facilities in the lower 48and Hawaii to serve the very acute and the very chronic cases What sets us apart? Internationally accredited with Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF) Trauma responsive care and a structured curriculum Individualized attention with small group size and low counselor/client ratio Weekly individual counseling sessions and family therapy available (if needed) Emphasis on the “Three Pillars of Recovery” as established in national studies: (1) FamilyInvolvement, (2) Participation in long-term Continuing Care and(3) ongoing participation ina 12 Step or other Sober support group The inclusion of evidenced-based treatment, with an emphasis on Rational EmotiveTherapy (RET) and Energy Psychology (EFT) have been shown to be especially effectivewith Anxiety spectrum and PTSD co-occurring disorders.Our clinicians are a combination of Master’s level therapists and Chemical DependencyCounselors who work together to provide many perspectives on recovery. We havecomprehensive understanding of both Stage I and Stage II Recovery issues. Stage II Recoverygroups can include Men’s and Women’s Groups, a boundaries/Coda Group, DBT skills group,MRT, and self-development weekend workshops.Alyeska Counseling Group701 W. 41st Ave, Suite 104Anchorage, AK 99503907-782-4553Monique AndrewsMS, CDCIIAlyeska Counseling GroupAlyeska Counseling GroupCounselors: Monique Andrews MS, CDCIIDamito Owen, LPC-SPhoebe Proudfoot LCSW CDCIOur mission is to provide a safe and supportive place for the individual to address what isimportant to them. We believe that if you are having difficulty coping with life's problems, orexperiencing a sense of unhappiness, choosing counseling is a brave choice. Alyeska CounselingGroup, LLC is a team of dedicated professionals reaching the Anchorage community through theprovision of integrated mental health and substance abuse assessments and treatment. Ourintegrated screening seeks to answer "Is there sufficient evidence of a substance use and/or othermental disorder to warrant further exploration?" Providers use empirically proven best practicePage 6 of 24

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020treatment including Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and the Matrixsubstance abuse approach to address client goals and objectives for treatment. Integratedassessment seeks to (1) establish formal diagnoses; (2) evaluate level of functioning to identifyfactors that could interfere with the ability to function independently and/or follow treatmentrecommendations, (3) determine the client's readiness for change, and (4) make initial decisionsabout appropriate level of care. Our approach is client centered taking into accountcultural, social, medical, and life circumstances. We understand that the individuals perception ofhis or her problem(s) and the goals he or she wishes to accomplish are central to the assessmentand treatment plan recommendations. Our licensed and registered Play Therapist effectively usesclinically proven tools to counsel and help children work through problems that are difficult to talkabout. Examples of some of those issues are trauma, depression, low self-esteem, school issues,and anger. Our team of licensed and master level providers offer mental health, substance useand financial counseling services. We offer licensed Family and Couples counseling and certifiedfamily mediation, Biblical counseling and coaching for those who request such services. Our teamof professionals include two State of Alaska Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Supervisors(LPC-S}, offering Masters level individual and group supervision for the LPC.Cornerstone Recovery1825 Academy DriveAnchorage, AK 99507907-339-8760Fax: 339-4901Tonie Protzman, MSCornerstone RecoveryCORNERSTONE RECOVERYProgram Director: Tonie ProtzmanCounselors: Mary Patterson LPCNancy Gehm LPCCornerstone Recovery is a faith based program using holistic, integrated bio-psycho-socialspiritual model of treatment. We utilize therapies with evidence based underpinnings foraddiction and co-occurring mental health concerns. We endorse the 12 step approach torecovery, and offer Alcohol and Drug Information Schools and OutpatientTreatment. Cornerstone Recovery is affiliated with Cornerstone Counseling and CornerstoneMedical Clinics which provide additional services here on our campus under the umbrella ofChristian health Associates.Our program offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family and Couples Counseling,Individual and Group Therapy, and psychoeducational groups and presentations. We providegrief and trauma counseling and offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), ahighly effective trauma therapy. Clients enrolled in our program will meet regularly with amaster’s level therapist and attend process and psycho-educational groups where peers andcounselors provide feedback and support to assist the recovery process. We are client centeredand our treatment plans are individualized to fit the unique needs and situation of eachperson. Our mission is to support our clients as they work to live by their highest values, meettheir personal goals, and live a responsible, productive and satisfying life.Page 7 of 24

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020Discovery Cove Recovery &Wellness Center11901 Business Blvd. Suite 204Eagle River, AK 99577907-694-5550 Ken McCartyFax: 694-5570Discovery CoveDiscovery CoveCounselors:Ken McCarty, LMFT; Juvenile and DOC specialistEdward Zeff, MD, DLFAPA; Juvenile and DOC specialistMission: To provide a treatment place of healing for individuals, families, and community whohave mental and substance use intrusions, whereby health and balance is achieved in mind,emotions, physical, relations, and spirit.Providing an integrated treatment approach that involves the Total Awareness Approach model.Treatment modalities include: Systems (structural/strategic), Cognitive Behavior, Eyemovement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectic Behavioral Therapy,Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Massage/Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Psychiatric Services andNeuro-genesis.Treatment Programs include: Mental Health (Individual & Group), Family Therapy, AngerManagement, Substance Abuse Assessment, Comprehensive Mental Health Assessments,Alcohol/Drug Education Classes (ADIS/Prime for Life), Outpatient Therapy (Level I & LevelII.I), Medication Assisted Treatments (e.g. Opioid Dependence, Alcohol).Treatment Programs are recognized by the State of Alaska, DHSS, Division of BehavioralHealth and Department of Corrections. Provider accepts most insurance.Genesis Recovery Services2825 W. 42nd Ave.Anchorage, AK 99517907-243-5130Fax: 248-8350Debra FieldsGenesis Recovery ServicesGenesis Recovery Services (Medicaid Certified)Clinical Director: Debra FieldsThe program is based in foundations that define psychology: a belief in people, respect for theindividual, a non-blaming/non-shaming environment, a belief in the dignity of the individualand supportive confrontation of behavior vs. a combative confrontation of the personhood of theindividual.Page 8 of 24

DBH Private Provider Approval December 2020The mission of Genesis Recovery Services, Inc. is to target adult men, women, and familiesneeding behavioral health services. Services are provided for those experiencing substanceabuse/ disorder, dual diagnosis, lack if safe housing and family dysfunction. Genesis providesservices according to the needs of the individual(s). Treatment is provided at the residential, IOP,OP and after care levels and is based on the Gorski model of treatment providing care to thewhole person (bio/psycho/social/spiritual). Genesis provides 24-hour monitored care, transitionalliving, family treatment and/or assessment and referral to assist the achieving and maintenanceof abstinence. Our goal is to assist in the achievement of quality of life including the areasinvolved in a well-rounded life style: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health; economicsecurity, employment, positive social and family interdependence and positive self- identification.Jett Morgan Treatment Services, LLC400 W Tudor Rd. #A-400Anchorage, AK 99501907-677-7709Michelle Jett Morgan TreatmentJettServicesJett Morgan Treatment Services, LLCCounselors: Michelle Jett, AAS, CDC II, DOC specialistAmanda Rosita Valenzuela, ADIS Instructor, DOC sp

MRT, and self-development weekend workshops. Alyeska Counseling Group 701 W. 41 st Ave, Suite 104 Anchorage, AK 99503 907-782-4553 Monique Andrews MS, CDCII Alyeska Counseling Group Alyeska Counseling Group Counselors: Monique Andrews MS, CDCII Damito Owen, LPC-S Phoebe Proudfoot LCSW CDCI

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Alaska Airlines Inflight Magazine. Economics 300: Economy of Alaska, Notes-Introduction to Alaska Geography, page 9 Alaska Census Areas For purposes of collecting and reporting economic and social Alaska data, Alaska is divided into 27 “census areas.” These census areas are shown in the map below.

Alaska Native Language Materials . in the . Alaska State Library . Historical Collections . Compiled by . James Simard . Alaska State Library - Historical Collections . Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums . P.O. Box 110571 Juneau Alaska 99811-0571 (907) 465-2925 Fax: (907) 465-2990

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In addition to DEC, the slate agencies named as Defendants are: Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Alaska Energy Authority, and Regulatory Commission of Alaska. 2 Kanuk v. State, 335 P.3d 1088, 1090 (Alaska 2014). 3 4 Id. at 1103. Id. at 1097. 1

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HIGHWAY SAFETY MANUAL FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA Prepared by: Prof. Osama Abaza, PhD., C. Eng. University of Alaska Anchorage College of Engineering 2900 Spirit Drive, EIB 301 L Anchorage, Alaska 99508 907.786.6117 December 2016 Prepared for: Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities Statewide Research Office 3132 Channel Drive

Alaska’s official state song, Alaska’s Flag, begins with a description of Alaska’s flag: “Eight stars of gold on a field of blue ” John Ben “Bennie” Benson, Jr., a 13-year-old Aleut boy, created the design for the state flag contest. Raising the Alaska State Flag The Alaska