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Language ArtsAssessment and Curriculum NightRamblewood Middle SchoolNovember 2, 2017

The Florida Standards prepare ourstudents with the knowledge and skillsthey need to be ready for careers andcollege-level coursework. In order to prepare our students forsuccess and make them competitive inthe global workplace, we must providethem with a set of clear, consistent andstrong academic standards.Florida State Standards Having the best and highest academicstandards for our students today willprepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Language Standards– Grammar– Vocabulary Reading Standards for Informational Text– Key Ideas– Text Complexity Reading Standards for Literature– Key Ideas– Text Complexity Standards for Speaking and ListeningFlorida State Standards– Collaboration in Discussions– Diverse Media Writing Standards– Type and Purpose– Research– Writing Process



Collections helps students developabilities to analyze complex texts,determine evidence, reason critically,and communicate thoughtfully—themust-have skills for college and career. Developed around rigorous new statestandards. What Collections looks like:Curriculum– Uses a blended digital and print approach toteach the standards– Provides complex texts including fiction,nonfiction, and informational texts– NEWSELA

Your child can access theirtextbook and any onlineassignments from home. Broward SSO: Launchpad MY.HRW– User id: Student NumberBroward SSOMY HRW Online Textbook– Password: PMM/DD/YYYY

The FSA test is the newest Florida statestandardized test that replaced the readingand writing FCAT. FSA ELA Writing – Grades 4-11 FSA ELA Reading, Language, and Listening –Grades 3-11 Writing Reading Language, Listening One ScoreFlorida State Assessment(FSA)Overview Students must be a level 3 or higher in order tobe considered proficient.

There are online practice tests that yourchild can complete.– State Assessment(FSA)Practice Test– On the right side of the screen, click onPRACTICE TESTS– Click on TAKE THE COMPUTER-BASEDPRACTICE TEST– Sign in and take the test

What does the FSA Reading, Language andListening Test consist of? The test will consist of the following typesof questions:– Multiple Choice– Multi-SelectFlorida State Assessment(FSA)Reading– Open Response The test will take place during two, 80minute sessions. The test will be computer based.

Florida State Assessment(FSA)Reading How is your child being prepared for theFSA Reading test?– The appropriate standards are being taught inthe classroom using the Collections curriculumand ancillary materials– The students are being taught and arepracticing how to cite textual evidence– Students are being taught grade appropriatevocabulary

What does the writing test look like? Overall Task Description:– Students will be asked to write an informative orargumentative essay.– Students will read a stimulus about a single topic.– A stimulus consists of two to four texts written on a singletopic.Florida State Assessment(FSA)Writing– The stimulus will consist of informational or literary fictionor nonfiction texts and can cover a wide array oftopics.– After reading the given texts, the student will respondto a writing prompt.– The test will take place during one, 120 minute session.– 6th & 7th grade students will take the test using paperand pencil– 8th grade students will take the test using computers totype their essays.

Informational Essay The stimulus will be presented along with awriting prompt that asks students to writean essay about the topic.Florida State Assessment(FSA)Writing The students will be required to synthesizeand analyze ideas and evidence from thestimuli to support a controlling idea.

Argumentative Essay The stimulus will be presented along with awriting prompt that asks students to writean essay about the topic.Florida State Assessment(FSA)Writing The students will be required to synthesizeand analyze ideas and evidence from thestimuli. They will use these ideas to argue andsupport a claim and address an alternateand opposing claim.

RubricsFlorida State Assessment(FSA)Writing

Questions?Thank you!

(FSA) The FSA test is the newest Florida state standardized test that replaced the reading and writing FCAT. FSA ELA Writing –Grades 4-11 FSA ELA Reading, Language, and Listening – Grades 3-11 Writing Reading Language, Listening One Score Students must be a level 3

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