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The NetworkFind alumni relevant to you byfiltering by class year, location,college, major, employer or industry.Be a MentorShare career advice andpersonal experiences with analumna/alumnus looking forprofessional guidance.Find a MentorGain insights from accomplishedalumni who can help you achieveyour professional goals whilebuilding your network.The Punahou Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Relations invite you to joinPunahou Connect, an online professional community, mentoring program and job boardfor Punahou School alumni.Job BoardView or post employment opportunitieson the job board.Connect TodayGo to punahou.peoplegrove.com to createan account and build your alumni profile.The Punahou Connectjob board featuresemployment opportunitiesacross a wide range ofindustries andgeographical locations.60Punahou Bulletin

Alumni NotesAlumni Notes Policy» Send alumni updates and photographsdirectly to Class Correspondents.» Digital photographs should behigh-resolution jpg images (300 dpi).» Each class column is limited to 650words so that we can accommodatenine decades of classes in the Bulletin!» Bulletin staff reserve the right toedit, format and select all materialsfor publication.Class of 193780th R E U N I O NJUNE 5 – 11, 2017James Case3757 Round Top Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822JamesHCase@aol.com 808.949.8272Class of 1941Gregg Butler ’68 (son of Laurabelle Maze ’41 Butler)1260 Nonchalant Dr., Simi Valley, CA 93065gregg.butler@yahoo.com 805.501.2890We received sad news in late December fromCathy Thorup, daughter of Barbara “Barby”Turnbull Thorup. Cathy wrote: “Your mom(Lulu Maze Butler) was such a dear friend of mymom’s that I wanted to write you a note to letyou know that my mom passed away onDecember 27 just 10 days shy of her 93rdbirthday. My mom had some serious healthchallenges this past year, but she alwaysmaintained a positive outlook and remainedsharp as a tack right up until the end. She wasable to participate in someThorup familytraditions around Christmas and then passedaway two days later.”Thorup.There was a problem though. Lulu didnot have a dress for the occasion. In fact, as aWAVE during wartime, she was prohibited fromwearing civilian garb. But that didn’t deterBarby and Lulu. A beautiful dress was found,Mom changed into it just before the ceremony(which was beautiful) and changed back into herNavy uniform quickly after the reception. Upuntil the writing of these Class of 1941 Notes,this serious violation of Navy regulations was awell-kept secret.Dr. Dick Dinmore was another lifelong friend ofBarby and Dr. OscarThorup. Dick, too, had afond memory of the Charlottesville days. WhenWWII ended, Dick wanted to enroll at theUniversity of Virginia to complete his undergraduate work and attend medical school. But inthose post-war days, housing was very, veryscarce. Dick and his wife had nowhere to liveand Barby, with extended Charlottesville family,came to the rescue. Quarters were found for theyoung couple and Dick was able to enroll and,eventually, became a well-renowned physician.Barby and Oscar’s partnership took them tomany locations across the country and overseas, but wherever she lived, Barby carried thespirit of aloha and fond memories of Punahouwith her. Barby’s obituary, published in the faraway Charlottesville Daily Progress concludesCongratulations to longtime Maui conservationist,Mary McEldowney ’40 Evanson, who celebrated her95th birthday on December 20, 2016.To honor hermany contributions and endeavors protecting Maui’senvironment, Mayor Alan Arakawa proclaimedDecember 20 as “Mary Evanson Day” in Maui County.My mom, Lulu, took the news with sadness,but soon recalled for me one of her favoritememories from her lifelong friendship withBarby. After WWII broke out, Lulu joined theNavy WAVEs and was stationed in Washington,D.C. Meanwhile, Barby’s father, Colonel HaroldTurnbull, went to war and Barby settled inCharlottesville, Virginia, with her mother for theduration. Charlottesville was just a short trainride from Washington, D.C., so Lulu and Barbywere able to visit frequently. On one visit toCharlottesville, Barby asked my mother to beher maid of honor in her marriage to aUniversity of Virginia medical student, OscarIn the spring of of their senior year, ’41ers BarbyTurnbullThorup, Lulu Maze Butler and Peggy MumperWilson posed for the camera. Barby passed away in December 2016, 10 days before her 93rd birthday.Spring 201761

Alumni Noteswith this request from Barby: “In lieu of flowers,contributions may be made, if desired, toPunahou School ’41, 1601 Punahou St., Honolulu,Hawaii 96822, or to a charity of choice.”Aloha Barby, we will miss you.Class of 1942Class of 1944Mary Day Wilson5746 Hauiki Rd., Kapa‘a, HI 96746kauaimary@yahoo.com 808.822.3863 808.651.2204 (c)HAPPY NEWYEAR!th R E U N I O N75JUNE 5 – 11, 2017Nancy Dew ’74 Metcalf(daughter of Barbara Fritschi Dew)4211 Waialae Ave., #9000, Honolulu, HI 96816nmetcalf@cbpacific.com 808.738.3907Class of 1943Irwin “Win” Rosa1015 Aoloa Pl. #256, Kailua, HI 96734winrosa@comcast.net 808.262.4390Just before Christmas, I received a delightfulsurprise from Joe Musser in the form of a book hepublished called, “Celebrating 60 years ofChristmas Cards 1954 – 2014.” In it, he recordedhis art, Santa Claus cartoons, members of thefamily that he and late wife Shirley raised andevents over that period. Each card that he sentwas the joy of the spirit of Christmas to familyand friends.WWII really fragmented the Class of 1943. Iremember the early days of 1942 as a time whenclass members silently slipped away. One dayyou saw them in class, and the next day theywere gone. It was all very secret. As a result, ourclass ended with 68 members at graduation,about one-half of the number from a year earlier.Still, we enjoy the loyalty of all who had a part inPunahou ’43.It has been an active year for Punahou, started175 years ago, and for America, especiallyHawai‘i, it was 75 years ago that WW II beganright here at Pearl Harbor. Many of us rememberthat first day. We were shocked when it was theJapanese. Governor Poindexter cried when hespoke on the radio, military rule was ordered,black out – no lights at night, fill bathtubs withwater, curfew at 6 p.m., 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. (oursenior prom started at 5:30 p.m. and ended at9:30 p.m.!)The Army Corps of Engineers tookover, thinking they were at the University ofHawai‘i. After a few weeks of classes in privatehomes, we took overTeacher’s College at UH.We were the only class that missed our senioryear at Punahou. We have moved forward and,on December 27, 2016, the Prime Minister ofJapan and President Obama together laidwreaths on the Arizona Memorial.Today,Punahou is thriving with a full enrollment,excellent teachers and administrators underthe leadership of President Jim Scott ’70.If any of you have tidbits about December 7,please write to me. Many stories have surfacedand I would like to put them in the next issue.Tim Yee said that if we ever wanted to have asmall, morning reunion we should gather atCafé Laufer in Kaimuki.They open at 10 a.m.Tim, Janet and family go most Saturdays asdoes Dee Haglund Smyser and her family.Aloha and best wishes for 2017.Our entire Class was very sorry to learn thatRichard Morgan passed away on December 29,2016. We all remember the wonderful time wehad at the Morgan Ranch in Kualoa. For our 70thReunion, Richard arranged a lovely lunch for usby the water and, after lunch, we toured theranch. Richard had a collection of old cars, builta 1922 model and drove it around town. He alsoloved to play the piano. He met his wife, Lucy,whose maiden name was also Morgan, on aship while playing the piano in the lounge! Wesend our love and sympathy to his children,Dianne, Carolyn and Andrew ’83, and grandchildren. Aloha Richard.Class of 1945Betty Spangler Nolen9 Camino Vista Court, Belmont, CA 94002-2124Robert7774@sbcglobal.net 650.591.2415Happy Spring!I enjoyed a week at the Hale Koa Hotel for theNaval Order of the U.S. (NOUS) NationalCongress in October 2015. NOUS was foundedin the late 50s to preserve Naval history.The San Francisco chapter, of which I am amember, sponsored the meeting in Waikiki.While in Honolulu, I enjoyed a visit with MandyBlake ’47 Bowers.I spentThanksgiving with my sister, Barbara ’47,who moved to Los Banos, California fromIllinois.Three of Barbara’s four sons live in LosBanos. It is so neat to be close to my sister!Please give me a call or send an email to passon any news for our Class Notes. Would love tohear from any and all! Aloha, BettyClass of 1946Bud Schoenbudshane@hawaiiantel.net 808.262.5600Betty LooTaylor sadly left us on December 21,2016, at age 87. A child prodigy who played thepiano at age 3, her musical abilities, even whenshe was with us during Punahou days, were sooutstanding that everyone knew she wasdestined for greatness. Betty was the favoriteaccompanist of the late Hawaiian singing starJimmy Borges, and the Honolulu StarAdvertiser noted she was “widely recognizedby local musicians as Hawai‘i’s ‘First Lady ofJazz.’” Betty won several awards for musicalachievement and, in 2003, was the subject of adocumentary: “They Call Her Ladyfingers –The Betty LooTaylor Story.” Many whoremembered Betty spoke not only of hermusical genius, but her great sense of humor.She is survived by husband Kenneth, daughterKaren Keenum ’73 Lindsay and a grandson.Sissie Fuller ’44 Fink (middle) and Eppy Cantlay ’44 Kerr (right) gathered in Maui just before Christmas for amini-reunion.They are pictured with Sissie’s daughter, Patty Chaney, and Eppy’s son, Keoki Kerr ’85.TheKerrs were on an interisland cruise and stopped on Maui for lunch.62Punahou BulletinOn a more “up” note, have you ever had abuilding named after you? Homer Maxey has.If you are cruising down Ala Moana Boulevard,look over at Pier 2 (don’t do this if you aredriving, keep your eyes on the road)! You willnote that the InternationalTrade ResourceCenter has Homer’s name right over the top.Homer worked for a number of years to get

Alumni NotesForeign-Trade Zone No. 9 established inHonolulu and deserves the recognition.If any other ’46er has anything named afterthem, please let me know.All you remaining ’46ers, keep in mind: Gettingolder is good, not getting older is bad.Class of 194770th R E U N I O NJUNE 5 – 11, 2017Mandy Blake Bowersmblake47@punahou.edu 808.988.5362I hope that your Christmas was merry andbright. I had a nice phone visit with Addie GibbJensen. She says that she is doing well. Herdaughter lives nearby.They were lookingforward to watching the flotilla of vessels withtheir Christmas lights as they sailed down theriver. Both of her sons live in other states.Those of us who still live in Honolulu were overwhelmed by the many visitors and cars whocame for the 75th anniversary of the Japaneseattack on Pearl Harbor.The newspaper andTVcoverage was extensive and very informative.Unfortunately, we lost two more classmatesrecently. Our condolences to their survivors.Alan Lloyd passed away on November 22, 2016.Alan, an engineer with Hawaiian Electric, wasawarded a number of lifetime achievementawards. Early in his career he developed thefirst sugar mill crusher for McBryde SugarCompany, eventually adopted by the entiresugar industry. Alan, through Westinghouseand HECO, enabled hotels, hospitals, etc., tolower the cost of water heating. And we recallthat he gave shipboard lectures on cruise shipsbetween Australia, Hawai‘i and Alaska.Alan willed his body to the University ofHawai‘i’s John A. Burns School of Medicine.He continues to teach and share information,as he has for so long. His family will eventuallyscatter his ashes, as per his request, off ofLanikai Beach. He is survived by daughtersLori ’78 and Gail ’81 and sister Gainor ’50.Word came from Lawrie Gordon that Dick Libbeypassed away on December 1, 2016, inConnecticut. Dick was with us from 7th through12th grade. He was involved with sports,particularly football, and was an ROTC captain.Dick graduated from Caltech. and became alicensed structural engineer. After completinghis education and military service, he returnedto his place of birth, Honolulu. He opened hisown office and was the structural engineer for anumber of the buildings in Honolulu. We stilladmire the results of his work, the restoration ofPunahou’s Dillingham Hall, the restoration ofthe Halekulani Hotel, the PacificTrade Center,Duty FreeWaikiki and the condo OneWaterfrontTower. After about 20 years, Dick withdrew fromhis practice and spent his last years betweenHonolulu, Connecticut and Vermont. He issurvived by his wife, Meredith, with whom hetraveled extensively, often with Lawrie and hislate wife, Betty. A Honolulu celebration of hislife is tentatively planned for June.Three Class of ’48 alumni served consecutively as president of the Arcadia Residents’ Association inHonolulu: Elva Uyeno Yoshihara, Peg Deschwanden Foster and Vonnie PrattTurner.Beadie Kanahele Dawson acquired anotherhonor. She was named one of the 2017 HonpaHongwanji Mission of Hawai‘i LivingTreasures.In addition to her advocacy on behalf of ‘IolaniPalace, Beadie serves on a number of boards, toinclude the John A. Burns School of Medicine,Native Hawaiian Bar Association, SocialScience Association and others.We are looking forward to seeing a number ofyou at our upcoming 70th Reunion. AlohaClass of 1948Elva Uyeno Yoshihara1434 Punahou St. #1137, Honolulu, HI 96822elvayosh2@gmail.comTita Marks Stack missed Lois CarpenterNottage’s wonderful lunch in October becauseTita was on a Danube River cruise.Tita said itwas a wonderful trip and said, “the Balkanswere beautiful at that time of the year and thosewho have visited Budapest may recall thebeauty and magic of that city.” We all had agreat time at Lois’ “castle by the sea” andenjoyed a delicious culinary feast. But just thesame – I have to admit, we were all a little bitenvious ofTita’s river cruise.For all those who subscribe to Honolulu’s newmagazine, Luxury, they would have spied a greatpicture of Lois and Peter Nottage ’46 enjoyingthe Sunset Jazz fundraiser at La Pietro.Friendships made at Punahou last a lifetime.This is true of Junee Crabb Staggs and FloraTimberlake Thompson. Junee said they don’tsee each other often, but keep in close contactwith one another. Junee keeps busy withvolunteer work at her church and visiting herchildren and six grandchildren. Flora is veryactive and seemingly tireless. She attributesher energy to the 80 laps she swims every day.She continues to do volunteer work at churchand helps to provide support to military familiesin need. In addition, Flora says her seven greatgrandchildren keep her busy.Seven great-grandchildren would be a classrecord, if it weren’t for Bev Ross Johnston.Beverly’s eighth great-grandchild is due verysoon and she is making plans to fly to Las Vegasfor the event. In addition to her communityservice, Bev assists as a teacher’s aide for thirdand fourth graders.Kenneth Richardson and his wife, Charlotte,now live in Santa Barbara and made a short visitto Honolulu.They had lunch with all his (Pratt)first cousins to include: Vonnie Pratt ’48Turner,Betty Bowers ’48 Evensen and Joan Pratt ’47.There were 14 in all. He had just spent a week onKaua‘i with his entire family. Being on Kaua‘iwith all that sun and surf must have given himall that vim and vitality. He looked the picture ofhealth and energy.Speaking of Vonnie, six years ago Vonniewas the president of the Arcadia Residents’Association (ARA).Two years later, PegDeschwanden Foster succeeded her aspresident of the ARA. When Peg’s term endedtwo years ago I, Elva Uyeno Yoshihara, filled therole as president. My term just ended and we aresomewhat saddened because there is no onepresent from our class to carry on 1948’s legacy.We are often asked what we do in our retiredstate at Arcadia. None of us are wheelchairbound. As you know, Peg still hikes everymountain that challenges or dares her to climb.Vonnie keeps busy with the Garden Club,Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.)and just recently retired her golf clubs and, untilthe time I took office, she volunteered at church,played tennis and golf and participated in theArcadia Follies.Vonnie and I have been in the Follies for thepast few years, and have learned a great dealSpring 201763

Alumni Notesfrom Jack Cione, our director. Arcadia keeps usbusy and active. If you want to retire to a rockingchair, don’t plan on coming here. Everyone isvery involved in something and more!2018 is just ahead. Please start planning tocome for our 70th Reunion. It would be awonderful time to show your children or grandchildren what your old alma mater looks like. Iam certain you will be surprised at what youfind. It is a glorious campus, one you would bevery proud to “show off” to your family. So planto make the 70th Reunion. We would love towelcome you back. E Komo Mai!Class of 1949Beverly Blom4567 El Dorado Way, Unit 219,Bellingham, WA 98226-1200BevHawaii@msn.com 360.647.5223Nalani Warren Morris101 Kanani Rd. #309, Kihei, HI 96753nalaniknw8@gmail.com 808.268.7652Janet Grout Chilberg writes that she loves hernew home in North Carolina where all thefamily is now living. She feels like she has goneback in time after living so long in the SanDiego area. However, the big plus is excellentdoctors and nearby hospitals that are veryimportant to all of us now.Alice TuckerWathne wrote that after visitingSalem last fall to visit with their son and viewthe ocean, they returned with their new pet andsixth Sheltie from Connecticut.The Wathes areplanning a summer 2017 trip to visit with NancyGibson Harlocker in Coeur d’Alene, Idahobefore stopping here in Bellingham to visit me.We all enjoyed our first visit last year inBozeman so much that we want a repeat!Jane Wylie was featured on Hawaii News Nowon November 2, 2016, as that week’s KupunaAchiever Awardee. Honolulu’sTV channelfilmed and interviewed Jane showing her workstitching together quilts. Jane has been doingthis creative work since the 1970s, giving awayhundreds of these bright and colorful blanketsto friends and grandchildren. No two quilts areever the same as each is a unique design,according to Jane. Congratulations, Jane!Carole Muirhead Makinney died on September11, 2016, in Mesa, Arizona. Her three daughters,Colleen ’75, Michelle and Mele, were there withher. Arizona was where Carole had retired afterworking for Pan American Airlines. We allremember Carole as a vital part of our swimteam and the aquacade productions at Punahou.Anna Derby Blackwell died on October 18, 2016,in Honolulu. She had been seen the nightbefore at a hula performance at Hawai‘iTheater.Anna was active in St. Clements Church, serving on their board as well as being a big part oftheir food bank activities. She was also verysupportive of our Class of ’49 efforts and hadplanned to come to the next gathering. Ourcondolences to her family and friends.64Punahou BulletinNalani and I are very dependent upon yourcontributions to our column.Thanks to JeanneLane Davis, Izzy Lamb Ryan and Kathie O’BrienMuirhead for their help with this issue. Nalaniwrote that she was able to get over to Hana forher family holiday gathering. I continue mytravels to places I have never been. I was ableto take my sister, Barbara Blom ’52 Ward, thispast February to New Guinea andTaiwan.Aloha, BeverlyClass of 1950Jean Matsukage Eldredge95-1050 Makaikai St., #17-E, Mililani, HI 96789davelovesjean@yahoo.com 808.626.2667Marion Schattenburg Pickens reports she had anice visit with Whitney Gordon before attendinga workshop in Phoenix. Whitney now resides ata retirement home called Friendship Village.They had an enjoyable time reminiscing aboutPunahou friends and events. We welcome anynews from our “nifty ’50ers.”Philip “Packy” Maxwell Jr. died of brain cancer onApril 19, 2016, inTwain Harte, California. Packywas born in Berkeley and moved to Honolulu in1937, when he was six. He had many interestingstories of being a young boy in the islandsduring WWII. He left Punahou in his sophomoreyear to attend Phillips Academy in Andover,Massachusetts. He met his wife, Nancy, atStanford where he was a member of theThetaChi fraternity. In Honolulu, he had his ownbusiness, Maxwell and Associates inc., wherehe represented all types of building materialscompanies. He was chairman of Child andFamily Services and the Pacific Club. In 1991,he retired toTwain Harte in the Sierra Nevadaswhere he served on the community servicesdistrict board for a number of years andvolunteered at Christian Interfaith and Mealson Wheels. Packy loved to travel, read, ski, playcribbage and strum his ‘ukulele. Friends willremember his sense of humor, friendship,and humanity. His was a life well lived. Ourcondolences to his wife of 58 years, Nancy,children Patrick ’77 and Libby Maxwell ’78Patterson, and grandsons Alex, Max and Sam.Nancy can be reached atPackymax@gmail.com, 209.352.8862.We also extend our sincere condolences to thefamily of Sam Stewart, who passed away onJuly 21, 2016. Sam was born and raised inHonolulu, where he enjoyed exploring thecaves behind his home with his dogs, Rap andPete, summers at the Parker Ranch, andattending Punahou from 1938 to 1949. Movingto San Francisco before his senior year, Samgraduated first in his class from Lowell HighSchool. As an undergraduate at Harvard, hemajored in English, and was president of theHarvard Advocate. After serving in the U.S.Army in Germany, Sam pursued his interest inthe anti-Vietnam war movement and a careerin book publishing. Sam loved to travel.During certain administrations, he consideredrelocating his family to such favoritedestinations as Vancouver, the highlands ofScotland, Reykjavik, and even atop Mauna Kea.He enjoyed renovating and landscaping twohomes – an 1820 Greek Revival farmhouse with70 acres in Mettacahonts, NewYork, and an1895 Victorian farmhouse in Willis Wharf,Virginia. One of the high points in Sam’s lifecame onboard the USS aircraft carriersNewport, Guadalcanal and Nassau when hetaught young U.S. marines English literature,calculus, and real estate. He was a devotedmember of the Carnegie Institution for Scienceand believed that the growth of science, firstand foremost, be encouraged. Sam leaves hiswife, Nancy Holley Stewart, daughters Holleyand Pamela, and his two grandsons, Samueland Galileo Spione.Class of 1951Mary E. Friel Ciacci41-1010 Malolo St., Waimanalo, HI 96795mefciacci@aol.com 808.259.7738This last quarter of the year went quickly, as alldays go nowadays!Sad, sad news – our classmate and Punahou’sretired alumni coordinator, Joan Cooper Kaaua,passed away in Hilo on Sunday, November 6,2016. Nani Kong ’58 Ho, Dido Kekoolani Barrettand I went to her services on December 1, atHilo Bay under the Keakaha Canoe Hale. DavidPenhallow, who now lives in Hilo, also attended.The day was storming, cold and visibility wasaround 100 yards, so when they scattered theashes it was hard to see the canoes from theshore. We were in ankle deep water, but about40 people weathered the weather with a doublehulled canoe with two other canoes to give dearJoan her sending. All can remember Joan wasalways surfing at Waikiki – the time when just afew wahine, like our classmates Anita BergWhiting and Helen Haxton Bode, rode thewaves with the guys.Those days the boardswere very heavy. Joan is survived by daughterMaka ’72, sons Drea Kaaua ’78, Alika Kaaua ’84,grandson Keali‘i, former spouse Archie Kaauaand the family of late brother Bob Cooper ’49,Jan, Peggy, Eric, Beth and Robin. A scatteringof some of Joan’s ashes was also held on O‘ahuin February.Hope all had a Merry Christmas and a healthyNewYear. Please let us know any news.Much aloha. Mary E.Class of 195265th R E U N I O NJUNE 5 – 11, 2017Hugh Wang2086 Mohawk Dr., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523wanghousej@comcast.net 925.945.6599Class email: Punahou52@yahoogroups.comI’m sad to report that John Bowles passed away.Our hearts go out in sympathy to Gay and theentire Bowles Family. John had been in declining health for the past three years and we aregrateful for his editing and publishing of “TheDay Our Lives Changed.” Most of us know that

Alumni Notesa portion of the proceeds are donated to the ’52scholarship fund. Gay has written that she andher family would welcome words of support atJohngaybowles@gmail.com.Ced Hustace sent in a Christmas newsletter.He and Carol made their annual pilgrimage toUniversity ofTexas, El Paso, for Ced’s undergraduate reunion.There, he unveiled “TheLhakhang atTwilight,” a major painting forUTEP.The Kingdom of Bhutan donated theshrine, Lhakhang, to the U.S. and it sits in themiddle of the UTEP campus on a hill.This year,Ced is scheduled to present another majorpainting to UTEP’s College of BusinessAdministration for their 50th anniversary. InJune 2017, our Class of ’52 will present a majorwork by Ced to Punahou during Reunion Week.We are so proud and honored to present thisdonation.So, Harry Jefferson is now on the Big Island. Isthat just an ugly rumor or true? Harry, are youhiding out, since you have not posted anythingon Pun52 for a long time.Maud Ching Chang wrote to say “hello.” I’vemaintained contact with Maud over the years,since I was her “big brother” when she firststarted at Punahou in the seventh grade. Ivaliantly tried to get her to write about her timeas the Punahou admissions director, but shemust have taken an oath like physicians have todo. Her lips are sealed, and I have to settle forweather reports and golf scores, plus a wordabout her husband’s gardening exploits.Mariette Hiu Newcomb and I shared somegardening stories. Of course, she’s on the EastCoast running her organic farm when it was notfashionable. I think I recall her saying thatneighbors thought she was a “hippie” in theearly days. She started a worm bin, which ratsdecimated. Her son-in-law rat-proofed it, butshe has not repopulated it yet. I can’t competeI have aPlanI have a charitable gift annuity with Punahou School thatpays me back and benefits Punahou. I want to ensurethat students will always be encouraged to seek knowledge beyond a text book, enabling them to becomeCOMMUNITY LEADERS who will make a difference.What’s your plan?Jerry Fuller ’52Gift Planningat PunahouA planned gift to Punahou from your trust counts toward yourReunion Class Gift and supports the School’s current fundraising goals.To learn more about the benefits of gift planning, contact Carrie Ogamiat 808.944.5845 or visit campaign.punahou.edu/giftplanning.with her on a farming scale, but I’ve managed tokeep my worms alive, growing and reproducingwith some luck, despite freezing weather anddrowning half of them in downpours in nondrought years.Class of 1953Lois Bruce’s son, Robert ’79, took some amazinglava flow photos at Kalapana that I haveforwarded to our ’52 email subscribers. If you arenot a subscriber, consider joining, because youhave missed a lot of “stuff” not only from myforwarding Ced Hustace’s paintings, Mal Ing’ssurfing wins, Kit Smith’s marathons, FredHundhammer’s musicals in Florida and variousinspirational contributions of content from ourclassmates.I hope this Spring issue finds you somewherewarm. At winter press time, Chitie GamboaEdgett was looking forward to escaping fromNewYork winter, as was Ena Marie Sroat fromeight inches of snow in Colorado.The NewYear’s classmate check-in was prompted by a“group site very quiet” note and 2017 hauoliwishes from Ted and Zelie Rogers Harders.Mal Ing was interviewed by Jay Fidell on“ThinkTech Hawaii.”The interview is posted onYouTube and Malcolm discusses using hisSCENAR treatment to help many patients whohad not responded to conventional medical care.Jackie Young’s wrist was treated by Mal, but I amsworn to secrecy, so you’ll have to ask her aboutthe amazing experience. Here’s theYouTube link:http://bit.ly/2kJ0EF5.Dorinda Stagner Nicholson7236 Woodson Rd., Kansas City, MO 64133-6929dorinda@pearlharborchild.com 816.356.6375December 2016, found me on a nostalgic trip toattend Pearl Harbor’s 75th commemorativeanniversary events. Highlights were to meet fourof the last five living U.S.S. Arizona survivors,plus the two oldest Pearl Harbor survivors, oneat 104 and a younger guy at 103, who had justpublished his newest book and autographed acopy to me.Connie Hale ’75 Ganahl, launched her books,“The Natives are Restless,” plus a children’sbook. She had book signings in San Franciscoand Larkspur, California. We wish her success.We greet and meet every October at Na LeiHulu’s extravaganza for which Jeannine is alead costume seamstress.During a pilgrimage through Spain, Patricia Engel ’02,Margie Craig ’53 Sheehy and Helen Craig ’55 Lynch,pause for a picture at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.Kit Smith, Jackie Young, Lois Bruce, Lois Thom Mui,Pat Fox, Mal Ing and Corinne Kong are spearheading the plans for our 65th Reunion in June. Comeand join us in this celebration. We’re working tomake it hard for you to resist coming to see andhug our all-star cast of characters.Me ke aloha pau‘ole, HughDorinda Stagner ’53 Nicholson and news reporter LeeCowan, following a CBS Sunday Morning News interview that aired December 3, 2016.Spring 201765

Alumni NotesIt was a thrill to be interviewed for my favoriteTV show, CBS Sunday Morning News, and bymy favorite correspondent, Lee Cowan.Thecrew filmed down on the Harbor’s edge at PearlCity peninsula just a few blocks from our oldhouse. Didn’t know till years later that KarenIkeda Masaki lived in the same area. In fact, itwas when we were all contributing Pearl Harborevent stories for our 60th Reunion book that Ifound out that Karen and I lived only blocks apart.Margie said Ian Birnie was very always very niceto her, as a new student feeling lost in a bigschool. Well he is still a really guy nice to allthose who are lucky enough to have him as adocent at the Pacific Aviation Museum wherehe donates his services and was my escort inSeptember and December 2016. We didn’t takepictures together as he says he is pictu

Cathy wrote: “Your mom (Lulu Maze Butler) was such a dear friend of my mom’s that I wanted to write you a note to let you know that my mom passed away on December 27 just 10 days shy of her 93rd birthday. My mom had some serious health challenges this past year,

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RESEARCH ON WESTLAW NEXT WESTLAW NEXT PATRON ACCESS L-368220.qxp 5/19/11 9:05 AM Page 1. GETTING STARTED Getting Started . Each headnote is classified under one or more topics and key numbers in the West Key Number System, which West editors use to index case law. 8 L-368220.qxp 5/19/11 9:05 AM Page 9.

man, I write Boy Meets Girl to celebrate God’s way in romance. I’ve seen just how good it is. And I want you to know that as you entrust your dreams of finding true love to His care, you will too. Introduction 9 BoyMeetsGirl_int:Boy Meets Girl.intr-fnl 2/15/11 3:09 PM Page 9

PUBLISHED AT THE CATHEDR AL, PHILADELPHIA, PA SPRING 2017 2010 Part VI RI, WA and WI Associate Editors: The Spring Bulletin Official Organ of the United Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,

1) Explain the term ‘Spring Boot’. It is a Spring module that offers Rapid Application Development to Spring framework. Spring module is used to create an application based on Spring framework which requires to configure few Spring files. 2) Mention some advantages of Spring Boot Here are som

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awakening joy and beauty. On the Equinox, the Vase will be planted in Crete’s fertile soil to seed a new story for these times and connect with a global mandala of healing, protection and renewal for the Earth. The Practice of the Earth Treasure Vases Almost 30 years ago, on a life-changing pilgrimage to meet a 106-year-old lama living in a remote cave in Nepal, Cynthia Jurs met the great .