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Birch Activities - December 2020MAEBirchLodge's31 Days UNDAY1st2nd3rd4th5th6thZoom Sing AlongChristmas CraftsChristmas Concert"Cliff Richard"Birch Bar withMulled WineChristmas CarnivalGamesSundayNewspapersMChristmas CardMakingAChristmas LightsTourEChristmas LightsSwitch onOnline ChurchServiceReindeerColouring InDecorating Roomsand DoorsAmanda's ChairChristmas CarnivalDaniel Brewerton Based Exercises &Games &Rat Pack Singer Christmas Pied DayChristmas Fair(pie the managers)Decorating TheChristmas TreeFamily Catch UpChristmas Album"Andy Willams"

SUNDAY7th8th9th10th11th12th13thHarry KersleyTenor SingerMaking theChristmas Cakefor theCompetitionChristmas ArtProjectGroup StoryReadingChristmas JumperDay and Birch BarChristmas Concert"Elvis Presley"Sunday PapersMJohn LennonTribute ActivitesOnline Bingo /West Hall CakeCompetitionChristmas JumperHot Chocolate and Day / Amanda'sBalloon ThrowingChair BasedExercisesWalk to ChristmasWonderlandIntergenerationalMusic ChristmasPartyADecorating TheChristmas TreesChristmas Film"The Santa Claus2" with HotChocolateChristmasCrosswordsFestive sChristmas PuzzlesHot Chocolate

AY14th15th16th17th18th19th20thBirch BarChristmas CardWritingSundayNewspapersZoom Online SingAlong / ChristmasCookiesMBirch ChristmasParty (Elliott)AEChristmas SongsChristmas PaperAeroplaneGingerbread HouseDesigning andDecoratingThrow!Decorating theChristmas Cakefor thecompetitionCS1 ChristmasCake CompetitonChristmas Film Miracle on 34thStreetChristmas CardWritingBean BagThrowingMulled Wine andMince PiesNAPA Connect by Christmas Themed Santa Claus PaperConnectlight OnlinePlant PotCup Art ChristmasColouring InFestiveGentlemen's ClubMAE

MoMMONDAY21stA Very SensoryChristmas(sensoryChristmasActivities)AA Very SensoryChristmas(sensoryChristmasActivities)EOur thZoom Sing AlongChristmas SongsPyjama DayFamily Catch UpManagementChristmas Musical A Christmas Carol Christmas SingersBingoat the Old Vicand Mince PieMaking !Family Catch UpChristmas MocktailsFamily Catch UpFRIDAY25thChristmas Day!Family Catch Up /Songs and Musicwith Mark 3pmChristmas Songs /Family Catch UpSATURDAY26thSUNDAY27thFamily Catch UpNewspapersMBoxing Day SingAlongOnline ChurchServiceA"Christmas Movie:White Christmas"FestiveGentlemen's ClubE

ta's SkittlesZoom Sing AlongFestive PamperMorningBirch Bar: Last oneof the Year!MAFestive Musical Walk to ChristmasBingoWonderlandMusic andMovementStaff Fancy DressParty / 2021 CakeAFamily Catch upNew Years EveCountdown /Family Messages /MusicEEChristmasColouring InOne to ones

Maple Activities - December Guess whoNew Years Our Winter Walk tomade the NewYesterdaylook at theMYearssessionGarden LightsResolutionNew YearsA Resolutions onpaperEChristmas TVwith a HotChocolateRelaxing musicand asherry/FamilyMessagesMFestive SingalongSanta Clause 2the MovieStaff FancyDress party/2021 cakeARelaxing Chatwith a cuppaand a biscuitFestive PuzzlesNew Years EveCountdownE

MAEMapleLodge's31 Days UNDAY1st2nd3rd4th5th6thZoom SingAlongWinter Walkto Look at thelightsChristmasDecorationMakingRelaxing toTraditionalChristmas asLights SwitchonFestive Film Miracle on 34thStreetAmandasChristmasOnline Church Daniel Brewton Christmas ChairChristmas CardCarnival GamesServiceRat PackBased Exercise &Making& Christmas FairPie the managersMusic andDanceChristmas Film "Last Christmas"with Hot Chocolateand SnacksOne to OneChristmas TV awaiting TVlistingsNewspaperReadingMAE

Y7th8th9th10th11th12th13thHarry KersleyTenor singerZoom SingAlongWinter Walk tosee the gardenLightsChristmas CakeMaking for corationMakingMChristmasJumperDay/AmandaChair BasedExerciseChristmas Carolsand a cuppaIntergenerationalMusic ChristmasPartyAMocktail EveningChildhoodChristmasreminiscenceRelaxing musicand a chatEChristmasColouring/craftADecorationMakingJohn LennonTributeActivitesWest Hall CakeCompetitionChristmasDancingELadies zzlesChristmasCrosswords

AY14th15th16th17th18th19th20thGarden Strollto look at thelightsZoom SingAlong/ChristmasCookiesChristmasBunting MakingChristmas BallGamesMakingChristmas CardsSunday PapersMGingerbreadHouseDecoratingNAPA connect bycandlelight livestreamFestive NailsWritingChristmas CardsAChildhoodChristmasReminiscenceChristmas Movie"SurvingChristmas"Christmas TV awaiting ratingLodgeChristmas CakeChristmas PartyDecorating forwith Mark intheBistro & CS1competitionChristmas CakecompetitionChristmas StoryFestiveETimeNeedleboards

AY21st22nd23rd24th25th26th27thNewspaperreading withstaffSunday PapersMFestiveNeedleboardsAFestive TVESensoryActivites DaySensoryActivites DayWinter Walk inPyjama Daythe Garden to Letters to santaFamily Messagesview the lightsChristmasColouring/craftA ChristmasCarol at the OldVicChristmasRelaxation andMulled WineMovie - ArthurEreflection timeand Mince PiesChristmasManagementChristmasSingers andMince PiesMakingChristmas Day!Music with Mark3pmSherry Social &Boxing daybuffetChristmas TV Christmas storyAwaiting TV Mocktail Eveningtimelistings

OAK Activities - December 2020MOakLodge's31 Days ofA NDAY1st2nd3rd4th5th6thZoom Sing AlongMarks ChristmasReminisenceChristmasCrosswordsChristmas "LiveAid" YouTubeConcertChristmas CarnivalGamesSundayNewspapersChristmas Lights SwitchonChristmas GuessThe SongChristmas Album"Bing Crosby,Christmas CardsWhite Christmas"MChair BasedChristmas CarnivalDaniel BrewertonExercises &Writing ChristmasGames &Rat PackChristmas Pied DayCardsChristmas Fair(pie the managers)AElvis "BlueChristmas Lights Christmas" Album Winter Wonderlandon tabletTour!EChristmas SongsChristmas TV

DAY7th8th9th10th11th12th13thMWord Wizard /Harry KersleyTenorPerformanceZoom Sing AlongCultural ChristmasAround The WorldASnowflakeDecorationsJohn LennonTribute ActivitesEWriting ChristmasChristmas PuzzlesCardsChristmasCrosswordsChristmas JumperDay/ Christmas Resident Christmascake making for theWishescompetitionSunday PapersMOnline Bingo /West Hall CakeCompetitionChristmasCentrepieceMakingChristmas JumperWalk to ChristmasDay / Chair BasedWonderlandExercisesIntergenerationalMusic tmas Film"Last Christmas"with Hot ChocolateDecoratingResidentsRoom/DoorsECard GamesChristmasCrosswords

ld Style ChristmasNewspaperMWalk to ChristmasWonderlandChristmas CardsAOne to OneChristmas Film "It'sA Wonderful Life"EChristmas WordWizard - LauraGuess TheZoom Online SingChristmas Carols /Along / ChristmasTrue or FalseCookiesTraditions- LauraChristmas WordSearchesChristmas Partywith LauraChristmas CakeChristmas BuntingDecorating for theAMakingcompetitonEChristmas TV Awaiting TVlistingsChristmas CardWritingCS1 VirtualChristmas CakeCompetitionGingerbread HouseDecoratingChristmas PuzzlesOur YesterdaySessionChristmasMocktails

MoMMONDAY21stA Very Y22ndGuess TheChristmas CarolWEDNESDAY23rdTHURSDAY24thChristmas SpiritPyjama DayBoard To BeChristmas Film "It'sDisplayed!A Wonderful Life"AA Very ity Play OnJohnny MantisYouTube"Christmas Songs" Christmas CardsA Christmas CarolManagementSilent Night Partyat the Old VicChristmas SingersTheatre (1st Floor) and Mince Pies!Silent Night PartyFRIDAY25thChristmas Day!Family Catch Upand Music withMark 3pmChristmas Film"Scrooge"SATURDAY26thSUNDAY27thFamily Catch UpOnline ChurchServiceMBoxing DayWordsearchTrue Or FalseChristmas QuizAChristmas TV awaiting TV listingsChristmas CardWritingE

MONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAY28th29th30th31stNew YearsThemed WordWizardChristmas Musical Marks New YearBingoReminisienceAFestive PamperAfternoonEChristmas SongsMResident's 2021PredictionsMMulled WineOld NewspapersArticles fromChristmas PastRemembering1966 Reminisice /Staff Fancy DressParty 2021 CakeARelaxingColouringNew Years EveCountdownE

Christmas Card Writing 27th Christmas Film "Scrooge" Silent Night Party Pyjama Day Christmas Film "It's A Wonderful Life" 24th 25th 26th SUNDAY Family Catch Up Online Church Service M A Very Sensory Christmas (sensory christmas activities) Silent Night Party Management Christmas Singer

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9-12am & 1.30-4pm 8am & 2pm 8am & 2pm 2-6pm MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 20-1-2020 21-1-2020 22-1-2020 23-1-2020 24-1-2020 25-1-2020 Aircraft systems Business Management and Entrepreneurship T. DE TROYER M. GOLDCHSTEIN Oral Written USQ.G.2.D G13 D 002 D 008 8am-5pm 1pm-5pm MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY

cfOtaf/ ;f]daf/ d \unaf/ a'waf/ laxLaf/ z'qmaf/ zlgaf/ Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday ebf} @)& Aug./Sept. 2019 c;f]h @)& Sept./Oct. 2019 cfOtaf/ ;f]daf/ d \unaf/ a'waf/ laxLaf/ z'qmaf/ zlgaf/ Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Workin

27 Tuesday Marathi Rajbhasha Day 28 Wednesday National Science Day. MARCH 2018 Date Day Event 1 Thursday 2 Friday 3 Saturday 4 Sunday 5 Monday 6 Tuesday 7 Wednesday 8 Thursday 9 Friday 10 Saturday 11 Sunday 12 Monday Commencement of BA /BS

Brunel Boxing Thatcher Rock around the clock Rock Walk Stair Climb Stay Strong Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Sea Legs Brixham Pirate’s Treasure Chest Press Seven Hills Heel Raises Agatha’s Arm Curls Stretch and Flex Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Churston Chest Stretch Harbour .

Yom Kippur Ends at Sundown District Work Period 17 District Work Period 18 19 20 Votes Postponed until 6:30 PM 21 Votes 22 Votes 23 Votes 24 Last Votes 3:00 PM 25 26 27 Votes Postponed until 6:30 PM 28 Votes 29 Votes 30 Votes . Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Last Votes 3:00 PM 2 3 4


December 2014 Monday December 1. Tuesday December 2. Wednesday December 3. Thursday December 4. Friday December 5. Saturday December 6. Sunday December 7. Monday December 8. Tuesday December 9 - Fall Semester Ends. Wednesday December 10- Reading Day. Thursday December 11- Final Examinatio

Christmas Carol will take place on The Coca-Cola Stage. Courtenay's Cabaret will take place on The Hertz Stage. December 2019 November '19 January '20 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Christmas Carol 2:30 PM (Student Matinee) 7:30 PM 10:00 AM (Student Mat) (Student Matinee) 2:30/ 8:00 PM 6 7

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 7:30-8:30 Planning Planning Planning 8:30-9:00 Synchronous class meeting lesson . Teacher Planning Template Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday . Collaborate to fill out a

Athol area YMCA 545 Main Street Athol MA 1331 Jennifer Gordon (978) 224-1399 jgordon@ymcaathol.org Exempt Emergency GSA Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 7:30 AM 5:45 PM 3/22/2020 Pre-K Kidz 464 Main Street Athol MA 1331 Rebecca Lanoue (978) 413-2418 blanoue1@gmail.com Exempt Emergency GSA Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 6:30

taire et de la saison. Open to the public : Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 am-5 pm. Tuesday, Thursday : 9 am-12 pm. . Mon-day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 4 pm-6:30 pm. Wednesday : 1:30 pm-6:30 pm. During school holidays, schedules may be modified. . (closed during weekends from November to March) July-August : daily 9 am-12 :30 pm and 2 .

Tessa Goddard – 0.4 (Monday and Friday) 6 Year 6 Diane Fraser 7 Music Tessa Goddard – 0.6 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 8 PE/STEM Jason Bradley – 0.8 (Tuesday to Friday) Languages/ STEAM John Bass 3 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Dee Dixon – 0.4 (Tuesday and Thursday)

Oct 03, 2021 · Thursday in St. Agnes Church Friday in Sacred Heart Church Tuesday in St. Agnes Church 5:30 pm Saturday in St. Boniface Church 7:30 am Confessions Wednesday—Friday before daily Mass Saturday 8:30-9:30 am St. Boniface Saturday 3:30-4:15 pm St. Boniface or by appointment 812.423.1721 Parish Center 1626 Glenda

April 2012 Sunday 1 PALM SUNDAY Monday 2 HOLY WEEK FOR A FULL LIST OF SERVICES PLEASE SEE LATER IN THE MAGAZINE Tuesday 3 Wednesday 4 Thursday 5 MAUNDY THURSDAY Friday 6 GOOD FRIDAY Saturday 7 HOLY SATURDAY Sunday 8 EASTER DAY Monday 9 We remember prisoners of conscience arou

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10-5 Wednesday 10-6 Sunday and Monday - Closed Friday and Saturday 10-4 Sunday and Monday - Closed Snow Library Wellfleet Public Library 67 Main Street, Orleans 508.240.3760 55 West Main Street, Wellfleet 508.349.0310 Hours: Hours: Monday, Thursday, and Friday

Miami, FL Saturday, October 5 Houston, TX Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12 New York, NY Friday, October 18 Atlanta, GA Friday, October 25 San Francisco, CA Saturday, November 2 Chicago, IL Friday, November 8 Boston, MA Saturday, November 16 Los Angeles, CA Applying to law school requires planning. LSAC is here to guide you every step

Barrington Blvd. Tuesday Red Barsha Fields Ln. Tuesday Yellow . Everett Pointe Ln. Tuesday Yellow Excellence Way Tuesday Blue Exeter Court Friday Red Fairlawn Circle Tuesday Blue . Magnolia St., N Tuesday Blue Magnolia St., S Thursd

Maths GCSE Group E Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Room S4 S4 S4 S4 Time 0930-1030 1200-1300 1400-1500 1500-1600 Teacher MARIOS AMERICANOS MARIOS AMERICANOS GAETANO FARRUGIA GAETANO FARRUGIA Maths GCSE Group F Monday Tuesday Tuesday Friday Room S5 F8 S5 S5 Time 1100 -1200 1100

Sep 02, 2018 · Reconciliation Tuesday 5:30 PM - 6:40 PM PM or by appointment; don’t hesitate to call for an appointment! Weekend Schedule for Holy Mass Saturday 4:00 PM Sunday 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM EF/TLM Latin Mass 2nd Sunday of Month 12:30pm First Saturday of the month 9:00 Tuesday 7:00 PM Wednesday- Friday 8:30 AM Eucharistic Adoration of Our Lord Tuesday 5 .

September 2019 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Month 1 Courses Month 1 Courses Month 1 Courses . Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Break Add/Drops September 9 October 7 November 4 December 2 N/A September 3 December 24 September 30 October 1 October 28 October 29 November 25 Novembe