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Digital Access of State Adopted Instructional Materials - ELAInstructional materials used in Oregon’s classrooms need to reflect the most current information and research and bealigned to academic content standards. To this end, these instructional materials are subject, by law, to a review processand must meet established specifications and criteria in order to be approved by the State Board of Education for use inclassrooms. Districts are required to adopt basal instructional materials in order to teach to the academic contentstandards. Basal instructional programs is defined as “a major instructional vehicle may include such instructionalmaterials as a hardbound or a softbound book or books, or sets or kits of print and non-print materials, including electronicand internet or web-based materials or media (OAR 581-011-0050(2)).How to use this document:With this document, districts can confirm if the program they have adopted and purchased gives students digital access tocontent materials on a personal computer or device at home of their adopted program. Every listed instructional programin the table below has an online student edition that can be accessed by a student on a personal computer or device athome. Teachers should be able to continue to assign chapters, units, or lessons for students to access and learn fromduring school closures. Any vendor or publisher information about digital resources may be used to supplement yourbasal and adopted instructional program.If districts independently adopted instructional materials not listed below, or not approved by the Oregon State Board ofEducation, they may need to contact and work with their publisher representative. The Oregon Department of Educationcannot ensure digital access to a student edition for any basal instructional program not listed here, nor any instructionalprogram independently adopted by your school board. You may contact any publisher listed below to find out if they offerfree access to any of these basal/core instructional programs.

Category: Subject &Grade BandName/PublisherCategory 1: ELA K-5/6 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Journeys Grades K-6(Submission 100)Access toDigital il AddressMindy Hawleymindy.hawley@hmhco.com971-282-6231Tosha k Education Company - BenchmarkLiteracy Common Core K-6 Whole & Small Groupwith Resources Oregon Edition (Submission 101)YesMcGraw Hill Education - Reading Wonders GradeYesK-6, Reading Wonderworks Grade 1-6 (Submission102)877 - 236 - 2465techsupport@benchmarkeducation.comErin esa Kahrsteresa.kahrs@mheducation.com503-314-9002

Pearson Education, Inc. - Scott Foresman ReadingStreet - Common Core (Submission 103)YesCengage Learning Inc. - Reach for Reading(Submission 106)YesHolly O'Neilholly.oneil@pearson.comChristine Starkchristine.stark@cengage.com360-450-1463Gail Larsongail.larson@cengage.com702-758-6941Category 2: ELA 6-8Pearson Education Inc. - Pearson Common CoreLiterature (Submission 200)YesHoughton Mifflin Harcourt - Houghton MifflinCollections Grades 6-8 (Submission 201)YesHolly O'Neilholly.oneil@pearson.comMindy Hawleymindy.hawley@hmhco.com971-282-6231Tosha Kirkhamtosha.kirkham@hmhco.com503-720-2398

EMC Publishing, LLC - EMC Publishing Mirrors &Windows Connecting with Literature Common CoreState Standards Edition Level I, II, III ty, Inc. - CCSS ELA Grade 6, CCSS ELAGrade 7, CCSS ELA Grade 8 (Submission 204)YesSupport line:877.202.0338The College Board/Springboard - SpringBoardYesEnglish Language Arts Grade 6-8 (Submission 205)Category 3: ELA 9-12Support line: 866-6309305Scholastic Inc. - Scholastic Common Core Code XCourse I, II, III (Submission 207)YesSupport line:1 (800) 724-6527Holt McDougal, a division of Houghton MifflinHarcourt - Holt McDougal Literature Grades 6-8(Submission 208)YesSupport line:(800) 225-5425Pearson Education Inc. - Pearson Common CoreLiterature, Literature: An Introduction to Readingand Writing, Writing America: Language andComposition in Context (Submission 300)YesHolly O'

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Houghton MifflinCollections Grades 9-12 (Submission 301)YesMindy Hawleymindy.hawley@hmhco.com971-282-6231Tosha Kirkhamtosha.kirkham@hmhco.com503-720-2398EMC Publishing, LLC - EMC Publishing Mirrors &Windows Connecting with Literature Common CoreState Standards Edition Level IV, V, AmericanTraditions, British Traditions (Submission 302)Yesinfo@carnegielearning.comThe College Board/Springboard - SpringBoardEnglish Language Arts Grade 9-11, SpringBoardEnglish Language Arts Senior English (Submission304)YesSupport line: 866-6309305Holt McDougal, a division of Houghton MifflinHarcourt - Holt McDougal Literature Grades 9-12(Submission 306)YesSupport line:(800) 225-5425If you have any questions about the instructional materials, the state level adoption, or independent adoption ofinstructional materials, please contact Aujalee Moore, ODE Instructional Materials Coordinator.

EMC Publishing, LLC - EMC Publishing Mirrors & Windows Connecting with Literature Common Core State Standards Edition Level I, II, III (Submission 203) Yes . m Edgenuity, Inc. - CCSS ELA Grade 6, CCSS ELA Grade 7, CCSS ELA Grade 8 (Submission 204) Yes .

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